Last week Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi instructed Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to not attend this September’s Democratic National Convention. Instead, Ms. Pelosi insisted, their time would be better spent campaigning at home, rather than partying in Charlotte, N.C.

Ms. Pelosi’s announcement falls in line with the AFL-CIO, which announced the previous week that it won’t be spending money to bankroll the convention. And Pelosi and her Big Labor friends are in lockstep with Democrat U.S. Senators Jon Tester of Montana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia – all of whom have chosen to avoid Barack Obama’s nomination for a second term.

After three and a half years of Barack Obama radicalizing their party, it now appears that some very powerful Democrats have had a startling realization: the Obama agenda is both dysfunctional and destructive, and has become politically lethal – Americans see that it bares little resemblance to America’s time-honored history and heritage, and they have begun to reject it outright.

Democrat candidates at all levels of government will go about campaigning over these next few months, making promises based upon their party platform without mentioning President Obama’s name. But as they talk about the following agenda items – all of which appear in the “issues” section of Democrats.Org, the national party’s web home – consider asking the candidates the accompanying questions below.

Let’s start with the issue of “energy independence.” Democrats tell us that “President Obama knows we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” and that their party is focused on “developing all of America’s natural resources...” The President himself has said that he is committed to an “all of the above” approach to energy policy, implying that he’s okay with petroleum-based energy, along with the alternative energy development that he’s promoted.

This sounds great- but consider asking Democrats this question: “If President Obama is committed to an ‘all of the above’ strategy, why did he reject the Keystone XL pipeline project that would have produced employment opportunities from the Canadian border all the way to Texas?” In reality, an “all of the above” approach to energy policy means “anything except Big Oil” within the Obama worldview – but Democrats would prefer to ignore this.

Your Democrat candidate may prefer, instead, to tell you about their party’s agenda for “green energy.” On this point, you may wish to ask “how do you feel about CBS News reporting that the Obama Administration has lost $6.5 billion of our money already on what they described as ‘risky green energy ventures?’ Did CBS lie to us?”

You may also hear from your Democrat candidate that the party is fighting for “civil rights” on behalf of LGBT couples –which is to say that they’re working for legal sanctioning of same-sex marriage. Mention to them that Democrats in the California legislature are now working on a bill to expand parental rights to more than two parents per child. Under the California plan, any individual child could have three or perhaps more, legally identified mommies and daddies. Then ask the Democrat, “Why would you limit the structuring of marriages and families to only two adults? Given how President Obama’s position on this issue has evolved, and given the highly evolved position among California Democrats, aren’t you being a bit exclusionary and narrow-minded, trying to limit a marriage or a family to only two adults?”

Concerns about the economy are top of mind for us all, which puts Democrats in an awkward situation. Still, your Democrat candidate will likely remind you that President Obama inherited a bad economy and is now working to “creating jobs.” To this you may wish to simply ask “how is a job created?” Then listen carefully to the response. It will likely be highly amusing.

There are so many other questions to ask of your local Democrat candidate, regardless of the issues the candidate raises. “Why does the so-called ‘healthcare reform law’ expand the force and power of the I.R.S.?” “Why are illegal aliens exempt from the Obamacare tax?” “Is it purely coincidental that the executives of the ‘green energy’ companies that were recipients of President Obama’s grants and loans were also donors to his previous presidential campaign?” “Why has President Obama abandoned the work requirements imposed on welfare recipients by President Bill Clinton?” “Why is 80% of the Department of Agriculture’s budget spent on food stamps, while less than 20% of it is devoted to the farming industry?”

“Why is the Obama Administration ‘collaborating’ with the government of Mexico to give American food stamps to illegal aliens?” Your local Democrat will probably not want to hear these questions, and may have to admit that they disagree with parts of the President’s agenda.

You might even hear your local Democrat say that they’re abandoning the President’s agenda for America altogether – just like so many of them have abandoned the President’s convention in September.