Monday, May 15, 2023

America's Nightmare #44 Times Over
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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Joe Biden and I did a lot together. We helped save the global economy, made record investments in clean energy. We put guardrails on our financial system. We helped turn the auto industry around, repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
- Barack Hussein Obama, April 5, 2022

If certain events hadn't been unfolding right before our collective eyes one would believe themselves to be enveloped in a nightmare that one simply could not wake up from. And that nightmare seems never ending as day turns into night for the substance of said nightmare has not yet gone away.

And while today's nightmare has a number of components attached to being Joe Biden; another being the sum total of the Democrat party hierarchy itself; and yet still another being a now Republican controlled House who while talking the good talk still walks like one afraid of the dark..the true maestro of our nation's nightmare remains as it has always been...Barack Hussein Obama...#44 himself.

How and why so? First, while Joe Biden is indeed a nightmare of his own doing...most self-serving career politicians usually are...and while many have awarded him the dubious honor of replacing Jimmy Carter as the worst U.S. president in modern day history, in my opinion that honor actually belongs well into perpetuity to Barack Hussein Obama alone. And why...because it was Obama who set the stage for all that has followed for it was he who actually began the process of dismantling our beloved America on the very day he first took the oath of office. Stating publicly that he would immediately begin instituting his promised campaign platform of “change”...what he called the “fundamental transformation of America”...said “change” did came fast courtesy of social and demographic upheavals coupled with dangerous shifts in government policies both foreign and domestic. And here we saw what is our capitalism based free market economy turning into a socialist's dream, and where our hold on being the world's number one superpower started to slip precariously.

Simply, with malice intended, it was Obama himself who orchestrated then and continues to orchestrate now the collective nightmare we still cannot wake up from. And while Obama might use the word “we” when speaking of his anything but accomplishments, his then VP Joe Biden simply went along for the ride, after all “the big guy” was too busy with his now being exposed “pay for play” agenda.

And with Obama being unable to finish said “change” in his allotted eight years in office, the man who had once counted on Hillary being his third term in office, saw instead, four years later, Joe Biden becoming his more easily manipulated shill...a true puppet on a very short string if you will. And Biden has served Obama and his socialist agenda well for Hillary might not have so easily acquiesced to each and every one of his whims. But in dementia ridden Joe Biden, Obama found a shill who would do exactly as he was told, and do so minus any questions being asked. And as long as the leftist controlled mainstream media continued to dictate both the political narrative and the accompanying public discourse, Obama via Joe Biden, saw not only his third term in office coming to fruition, but come 2024 could well get his now hoped for fourth term in office...a nightmare our beloved America might never wake up from.

Remember, with Hillary unexpectedly losing to Donald J. Trump, in 2016, Obama seemed to politically lay low for awhile...actually he was regrouping if you will...and in 2020 he publicly endorsed Joe Biden for president... a man he knew was totally clueless to reality that even some in his own party deemed then as they do now, to be both mentally and physically unfit to hold office. But as long as meds could keep Joe at least semi-awake... as long as there were folks nearby who can help keep him physically upright and control his senseless wandering...Joe Biden could and would continue doing Obama's bidding. And this bidding included Biden continuing to apologize for America's past, its present, and now America's future as the countdown to the newest surge at our southern border has indeed come to fruition with Obama's so wanted “browning” of America now moving forward as planned.

Sad indeed for when America elected its first black president...actually America's first mixed-race president as Obama's mother was white...we as a nation bore hopes for a future finally devoid of racial animosity and disparity, after all the old hatreds had already started to wane in the years before Obama took office. But instead of that hoped for future what we got under Obama was a multitude of deliberately instigated race baiting actions...his “If I had a son...” words immediately comes to mind. And courtesy of Obama we saw America being racially divided even more so than, in my opinion, she was during the time of “segregation” itself...when the rule of law dictated the misnomer of “separate but equal.”  

And it was these three words alone that whether knowingly or unknowingly helped to fuel not only generations of hate but helped to lay the foundation of what morphed into the call for “reparations”...a call that started in earnest on Obama's watch.

Remember, under Obama we witnessed “Black Lives Matter” instigators being welcomed into the White House where we heard not only the first rummages of “reparations”...the paying of large sums of money to ancestors of black slaves who themselves were never slaves by white folks alive today who never owned slaves. And Obama did say that “reparations” were indeed “justified”...but we also heard the first calls for “equity” as well, which under Biden has overshadowed what was the rightfully hard fought battle for black “equality.”

And dare not forget that it was under Obama when America's growing black middle class slowly and deliberately began being in being thrown under the proverbial an influx of Spanish speaking foreigners. “Immigrants” and/or “migrants” they were and still are erroneously being called as these folks have proven to be, courtesy of their numbers alone, but an “invading army” of “illegals” whose hands are out for the Obama and now Biden promised “free stuff”...”free stuff”...that drove them here in the first place. Just cross our southern border they were told...the red carpet is already laid out...the rule of immigration laws be's still all free for the taking and all Obama asked for as #44 is exactly what Biden continues to ask in their vote...votes which would help keep Democrats in power for generations to come. It was, it is, and will always be about garnering Democrat votes.

Our border is not open. Those who arrive at the border after Title 42 expires at midnight tonight will be ineligible to claim asylum.”

- Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorrkas, May11, 2023 at 2pm EST 

Yet more lies about our border being told, for the sheer numbers of those now daily crossing into our country are what speaks the truth...a lie being pushed forward by an administration rife with both Obama loyalists and holdovers...a lie trying to pass itself off as truth while Biden continues to merrily dance the dance of a puppet on a string.

And if that's not enough to help feed into our collective nightmare, also know that it was Obama's failed border policies that gave birth to what became the “sanctuary city” movement...policies which Joe Biden has happily kept in place. And with neither man caring that with an influx of “illegal” law breakers...knowingly crossing our border illegally is a direct violation of our immigration laws after all...comes an increase in crime especially in cities with the do-gooder moniker of being a “sanctuary city.” And increase it did under Obama as it does now under Biden...or should I say O'Biden...with murder rates continuing to rise in said cities courtesy of a usually illegally gotten inanimate object...a firearm...a inanimate object deemed by both Obama and Biden to be the root cause of all criminal actions committed.

But what both men willingly ignore is the fact that the pullers of said inanimate object's triggers are the true perpetrator not the object itself. But I guess under Biden that doesn't matter as bought and paid for liberal DA's routinely give out “get out of jail” free cards...that is if said criminals are even charged at all. That and of course the reality being to disarm we law abiding citizens while giving criminals a free pass to do as they will...gun control nonsense fueled on by the left's overtly partisan agenda. 

Simply, what did start under Obama now continues under Joe Biden...they truly are one and the same...for dare not be foolish enough to still think that Obama is not pulling Biden's strings. If you still have any lingering doubts just remember Obama's “apology tour”...a tour where as president of these United States he played footsie with the enemy; traded five Taliban terrorists for American traitor Bowe Bergdahl, and was both directly and indirectly responsible for reigniting mid-East unrest with his infamous words to the affect of “standing with his muslim brethren.” And Biden's “apology tour” of sorts came in the guise of our disastrous Afghan pullout where not only did we leave allies behind but American military equipment as ripe for the enemies picking. And picking they did and still continue to do with no one from America's now “woke”military able to stop them.

Want more Obama instigated reality that helps feed our still ongoing nightmare? How about the fact that under Obama the very foundation for “cancel culture” was laid what with the sanctity of marriage and family now being relegated to second place as single-sex couples were officially allowed to marry; where single-parenting along with a multitude of “baby daddies” became the dare not to be questioned new norm; along with black radicals who “took a knee” to help fuel on the Obama originated racial hatreds. And all this morphed into Joe Biden's what's now called “wokeism”... kumbaya nonsense taken to the nth degree where boys pretend to be girls and girls pretend to boys...genetically impossible you know...and where the misuse of one's preferred pronoun trumps both common sense and logic while mandates in the guise of fool hearty laws dictate that we must play along.

No...America's nightmare haunting many of our nights...and our days if truth be told... started with Obama...was tempered back when Donald Trump was in office only to be reignited under Joe Biden. Simply, in my opinion, the fact is that Barack Hussein Obama is indeed not only pulling Biden's strings but is actually running the show... actually the sham called the Biden administration now operating in the guise of a nightmare that America might never wake up from. Prove me wrong if you can, and with that I say, case closed.

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