Monday, November 16, 2020

Michigan Voters Call Into Question More Than One Million Ballots

Beth Baumann / Townhall Tipsheet

Four Michigan voters filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, in hopes of having roughly 1.2 million ballots tossed out in Wayne, Ingham and Washtenaw Counties. The three counties are Democratic strongholds where voters favor Biden 2-to-1 over Trump. 

According to the lawsuit, there's "evidence that sufficient illegal ballots" were counted in the three counties. There are other issues including "transparency, fraudulent changing of dates, a software glitch, clerical errors, illegal votes, and many other issues and irregularities."

The plaintiffs pointed to the Michigan Legislature's ongoing investigation into why 6,000 votes were switched from President Trump to Joe Biden in Antrim County. It was originally thought to be a software glitch. Once a hand-count took place, those 6,000 votes went to President Trump. The Michigan Secretary of State, however, said it was "human error" that led to the mixup, not a "software glitch."

 President Trump Adds Sidney Powell to Election Legal Effort

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT
Sidney Powell has enough evidence to launch a massive criminal investigation.
“We are fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.”

“President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. He was fully briefed on it.”

“Every state that bought Dominion should have a criminal investigation of the officers of the State who bought the software. We even have evidence of kickbacks.”

“We have so much evidence I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

“I never say anything I can’t prove. The evidence is coming in  so fast we cant process it all. Hundreds of thousands have stepped forward with their experiences of voter fraud.”

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