Sunday, December 27, 2015

In the first audio statement in several months, the Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, threatened Israel and taunted the United States. I know–what else is new? Al-Baghdadi promised that Palestine will become Israel’s grave, and that the United States refuses to fight on the ground because we "were defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan." We’ve heard similar rhetoric over the years from radical islamic leader, and bashing Israel is a must within these circles.

In all, ISIS wants to bury Israel–and feels that Americans are cowards because we don’t fight them with ground troops. So, Happy New Year, everyone! (Via the Hill):
Baghdadi said the U.S. and its allies have "learned from" recent lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
"Crusaders and Jews don't dare to come on the ground because they were defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.
He also threatened ISIS attacks in Israel, saying the terror network would attempt to establish a stronghold there as well.
"Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine, which will become your grave," Baghdadi reportedly said.
"The Jews thought we forgot Palestine and that they had distracted us from it," he added.
"Not at all, Jews. We did not forget Palestine for a moment. With the help of Allah, we will not forget it."
The message said that a U.S.-led coalition military campaign and Russian air strikes have failed to weaken ISIS.
"Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well. The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets," the leader said.
Hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a massive cyber attack against Turkey that took down hundreds of thousands of websites in the country.

Anonymous claimed to have carried out the attacks over Turkey’s support of the Islamic State, despite the fact that the government has repeatedly denied helping the terror group.

"Dear government of Turkey, if you don't stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your Internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down,” said a voice a video posted to an Anonymous YouTube channel, which has since been removed.

"After the root DNS we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections,” it added. “We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure."
Earlier this month, Turkish servers were bombarded for more than a week with some of the most intense cyberattacks in the country’s history.
The servers were under fire from a series of distributed denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, in which hackers attempt to crash websites with massive volumes of fake traffic.
“The attack left more than 400,000 websites down in Turkey,” said security research firm Radware in a blog post this week.
World’s oldest Qur’an supports claim that an existing text was changed to create the Islamic holy book

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


World’s oldest Qur’an supports claim that an existing text was changed to create the Islamic holy book
“This gives more ground to what have been peripheral views of the Quran’s genesis, like that Muhammad and his early followers used a text that was already in existence and shaped it to fit their own political and theological agenda, rather than Muhammad receiving a revelation from Heaven.” Or that others later used a text […]
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Muslim Mastermind in Garland jihad attack tied to ISIS

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

The more we learn about the Garland jihadis, the more catastrophic the intel failure. And while Garland saved lives, the Feds dropped the ball. There is more than one connection to the San Bernardino massacre, and Gd only knows who and what would have been the target if we hadn’t held our free speech event.

The Garland jihad was an ISIS operation. That is who the media was standing with in their relentless attacks on my work and me.

Had it not been for our event, this mastermind would still be plotting —

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem was charged on Wednesday with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, in addition to his indictment earlier this year on conspiracy and weapons charges in connection...