Friday, September 27, 2019

Initial Poll Numbers and Reports: Public Opposition to Impeachment Hasn't Yet Budged

Initial Poll Numbers and Reports: Public Opposition to Impeachment Hasn't Yet BudgedA few caveats are in order, right out of the gate: First, as I've been saying, beware of confident predictions of how the Ukraine/impeachment story will pay out politically in the medium-to-long term.  The dynamics are unpredictable, and both sides of the aisle are reportedly expressing doubts and concerns in private.

Second, relatedly, it's very early in this process.  This whole matter has been moving at warp speed, with new and significant developments still breaking.  Putting too much stock in initial reaction is premature.  This thing needs to breathe and marinate for a few weeks.

The trajectory of public opinion will be far more significant in mid-October than it is right now.  With those points in mind, very early indications suggest that the public is thus far relatively unmoved by the new controversy:
In Southern Iran, Was It the Beginning of the End?

By Hugh Fitzgerald / Jihad Watch

In Southern Iran, Was It the Beginning of the End?
As tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia could break out into war at any time, here is some background on how tensions got this high. It has now been a year since “at least 29 people were killed and 70 wounded in an attack on a military parade in the Arab Ahvaz region” of southern […]
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Boycott the Jews (BDS) Movement Exploits “Global Climate Crisis” To Attack Green Israel

Palestinian terrorists are responsible for the destruction of over 8000 acres of Israeli agriculture fields and nature reserves. Yet the leaders of the BDS Movement have the audacity to lecture us on “climate justice” in their attempts to demonize Israel. What a joke.

Here is the irony. Israel is one of the most “green” friendly countries on the planet. Israel is also a world leader in developing technology for environmental protection. Israel gladly shares this technology with the developing world as well.

Sadly, Israel’s stellar record of environmental protection will not prevent America’s “Green” movement from supporting the anti-Semitic BDS Movement. That is how you know that this movement is fraudulent. Just like the Feminist Movement.

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Netanyahu...Keeping Israel the Jewish State
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
Israel...the now and forever Jewish State of Israel...the land God Our Father gave to his chosen people...the Jews. Israel today...a country literally risen from the ashes of six million dead...a land rightfully mandated by U.N. law to be the Jewish homeland. Yet it's a land never seeing a true day's peace for the islamic wolves at her door continue to salivate as they not so patiently wait to lay claim to land that was never and will never be theirs.

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