Friday, April 15, 2022

On this Friday night, the first night of Passover, I'd like to wish all my blog followers of the Jewish faith a very Happy Passover.

DeSantis signs 15-week abortion ban into law 
Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation banning abortions past 15 weeks on Thursday.

The legislation allows for abortions past 15 weeks only in situations involving a “fatal fetal abnormality,” and makes no exceptions for rape or incest. The law limits the time an abortion is legal by nine weeks, as abortions were previously banned in the state past 24 weeks.

DeSantis emphasized that the legislation is not the only aspect of his pro-life agenda, adding that the bill also allocates funds to increase the number of infant mortality review boards across Florida.

“If you’re looking at what we’ve done this week, we’re promoting fatherhood in Florida,” DeSantis said. “We want our kids to have dads in the home. We want the fathers present and to take responsibility. It’s the most important thing you can do is to take responsibility for the upbringing of your kids. Read more, see tweet, and video here.

Oh, So There Were Federal Agents Embedded at the US Capitol on January 6?
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

There were FBI assets around the US Capitol on January 6. That is a fact. It's not new either. The New York Times reported that an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation was inside the building. Did the FBI plan this riot? We don't know. Probably not, but given the hyper-politicization we've seen from this institution coupled with its apparent inability to do its job—I wouldn't be shocked. 

The FBI is ground zero for serial failures as of late. These clowns knew the Steele Dossier, the core of the Russian collusion hoax, was fake. They knew it was a Clinton campaign opposition research project. They still went along with this little game and doctored paperwork to secure spy warrants on Trump campaign officials. They spied on Trump proper with Crossfire Hurricane. These are bad people. 

There were many people on January 6 who tried to stop the mayhem. Of course, that footage isn't shown. It's the ones who did cross the line who are used to paint the usual narrative that the Right is out of control. Left-wing hooligans burned down half our cities in 2020, but this little riot is worse or something. Enough. Read more and see tweet here.