Saturday, January 25, 2020

Report: NYT Killed Story on Obama WH Meeting About Burisma and Hunter Biden

Report: NYT Killed Story on Obama WH Meeting About Burisma and Hunter BidenFox News Host Laura Ingraham told viewers on Wednesday that she uncovered information about a meeting that took place in Jan. 2016 among officials in the Obama White House, the alleged whistleblower and various Ukrainian officials. Discussed during the meeting were concerns about Hunter Biden's position on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings and how Hunter's position would impact prosecution efforts against the company.

Ingraham reportedly obtained a copy of an email conversation between State Department official Kate Schilling and New York Times reporter Ken Vogel. The email chain shows the New York Times reporter was writing a story about the meeting in question, specifically the concerns about Hunter Biden and Burisma.
(Via the Washington Examiner)

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