Monday, June 13, 2022

Channeling 44
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

It's been dubbed “PoliOptics” by the media but what it simply is, is political theater being used almost on a daily basis to try and hide what is both the failed Biden presidency and his gaffe ridden persona. A modern day art form has now become the hallmark signature of what is really the unconstitutional third term of the Obama presidency.

And it started with the fake Oval Office set that Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, exposed via his tweeting a “wide shot” photo of Biden receiving his (supposed) covid booster with both reporters and media equipment clearly visible in the photo. And while the excuse given for the set being built was so that Biden could easily read teleprompted scripts for formal public addresses, that very set has morphed into the routine destination point for almost, but not all, of Biden's addresses.

But beyond the stage where Biden performs...albeit his being a terrible goes deeper than the superficial to land at policies door...policies controlled, orchestrated, and implemented for and by his puppet master Barack HUSSEIN Obama. So while Biden himself has turned America into a laughing stock no longer truly trusted by our allies and friends alike, it's his channeling Obama's policies where the tangible damage to this country is being done. And here I'll briefly compare and contrast a few policy examples of Obama's with those of Biden on the energy, economic, foreign policy, and most importantly national security front.

So let's start with the “Green Energy” nonsense where Biden, just like Obama, wants to eliminate much needed fossil fuels, ranging the gamut from coal, to oil, to what becomes gas at the pumps. How so...simply, Obama's failed green energy policies have now come back to haunt with the Biden administration channeling the same basic policies just under a different and way more expensive name. An example of this can be seen when one compares Obama's green energy dealings regarding the solar energy company Solyndra with that of the AOC initiated, Biden supported, fiasco known as the “Green New Deal.”

Now, remember back to when in May 2010, Obama claimed that California based Solyndra was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future” with solar panels that were both cost effect and “kinder to the environment” than were fossil fuels. Obama said these words even while knowing well that Solyndra lacked the so-called “financial health” to pull this claim off, and also that Solyndra would simply become a conduit by which he could funnel our hard earned taxpayer dollars into his then “legacy project” no matter that said funding bypassed key taxpayer protections.

Also, remember that it was then Vice President Biden who actually announced Solyndra's receiving hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to develop and bring to market said product no matter that he, Obama, and Solyndra themselves knew they could not deliver on its promises. A disaster from the get-go where in the end, after wasting millions of dollars, Solyndra not only went bankrupt and left 1,100 people without a job, but left we taxpayers “obligated” to pay for the $535 million in federal loans Obama gave to them.

And Biden's reborn version is but Solyndra “on steroids courtesy of AOC's aforementioned disastrous “Green New Deal” which, if it were implemented, would basically bankrupt our nation to a tune of 93 trillion...yes trillion... dollars, and send us living as if we were in the dark ages. Much needed fossil fuels would become but a thing of the past as coal mines would be closed, oil drilling would now come to a screeching halt, with nuclear power plants also being shut down...leaving what were originally designed solely as adjunct energy sources...wind, water, and solar energy...being all that would be left to power our nation, with blackouts and energy rationing becoming our new norm. And who would oversee this new norm but the federal government...after all “big government” was and remains both Obama's and Biden's calling card. So what Obama started with his wanting Solyndra being part of his “fundamental transformation of America,” now continues on with his pulling the strings to Biden's sanctioned “Green New Deal.”

And while most of Obama's “green energy” projects thankfully resulted in failure, albeit to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars lost...his“Cash for Clunkers” being one such failure...Biden now wants to spend trillions of dollars on reinventing“Clunkers” under the guise of “battery powered automobiles and charging stations.” And so Biden, the man who signed the executive order that killed the Keystone Pipeline now has placed even harsher restrictions on oil and gas drilling...restrictions hurting both the oil and gas industry and the adjunct jobs those industries create...knowing well that this would leave even more Americans dependent on government handouts. What better way for Biden to help carry through Obama's “fundamental transformation” than by making even more people dependent on the federal government for all their energy needs.

Now as for Biden's economic policies. It was President Trump who sent our economy soaring with his “America First” initiative encompassing the “Made In America” movement. Starting with his cutting back Obama's out of control regulations on businesses to help make it advantageous for them to bring manufacturing jobs back home; to his creating more jobs for minority groups; to his lowering unemployment numbers by his cutting taxes to where Americans could actually start to save money again; to where inflation became basically a non-issue; now sees Biden reinstating the exact same draconian economic policies of his puppet master Obama.

How so? Remember, it was during Obama's first year in office when our economy was coming out of a recession and where our GDP averaged but a miserly 1.9% recession,  growth rate making it the worst post-recession recovery in history. And if you add in the entirety of Obama's two terms in office his overall GDP growth rate average was but a dismal 2.75%, which is well below the average 3.3% GDP growth rate...a rate seen every year since 1930, including during the Great Depression and every year after a recession since then. And with Biden's economic policies being but a mirror image of Obama's, especially in regards to where spending money is deemed the Democrat's answer to all America's economic woes, Biden is throwing our hard earned taxpayer dollars away on funding both “woke” and gender nonsense, as well as on Obama's generated and ever so divisive “racial inequity” and his faux “climate change initiatives.

And with Joe Biden also reinstating Obama era business regulations, plus his raising taxes on both large and small businesses, this itself has directly led to the current rise in inflation, which is at its highest level in over 40 years. And while some low level jobs are still being created, it's not enough to slow the rate of inflation...which started to rise when Biden (most probably on Obama's orders) ended Trump's sanctions on Russia and the Baltic gas line... nor will the amount of jobs created increase our GDP, which along with the stock market is the key indicator of America's economic success or failure.

So with Biden still on board with expanding ObamaCare, and his wanting to throw even more dollars at the supposed “global climate crisis”...dollars wasted on trying to control the can see that Biden's “fundamental transformative” efforts lack any meaningful incentives for growth, major jobs creation, or for quality based private sector entrepreneurship. In fact, Biden's economic policies, to date, are just another Obama update...with socialism in one form or another still being America's saving grace...or so says the progressive, Obama loyalist far left.

Now as for foreign policy where Obama's “apology tour” both directly and indirectly led to the war in Afghanistan dragging on; to his disaster known as Benghazi which helped lead to the rise of ISIS; his losing the war in Iraq that George W. Bush had won; the Arab Spring gone horribly wrong; coupled with his failing to come to the aid of those involved in Iran's Green Revolution; all seemed to culminate in Russia's 2014 illegal incursion into Crimea and Ukraine...where he did nothing but send blankets...all of which now has rightfully come back to haunt Joe Biden for he was Obama's Vice President when all said occurrences were in play.

Simply, Joe Biden's foreign policy decisions, to date, especially his Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco and his basic inactions regarding Ukraine, mimics those of Obama's with his decisions now also detrimentally affecting our economy, our national security, as well as peace and security both here and abroad especially with Obama's very bad Iranian nuclear deal being back on the negotiating table once again. All Joe Biden has offered us is a return to Obama's globalist style foreign policy initiatives that see freedom being replaced by both abject terrorism and threats of nuclear war in conjunction with an endless cycle of ground wars where we no longer allow our military to fight to win. Even the fiasco at our southern border, which lays at Obama's feet, proves just that.

Our southern border, where we are most vulnerable to manned invasion, where our national security now seems most at risk, sees all of Obama's disastrous policies basically still in play under Joe Biden. Remember back when Obama, a man who loved spouting rhetoric backed up with but empty promises, said that, “We're a nation-state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something a practical matter, is unsustainable.” Well, we all know that all his actions taken proved otherwise for our border remained open under Obama and now even more so under Joe Biden. In fact, Biden in expanding Obama's failed policies has turned our border into an abject “come and get it free for all.”

Simply, Obama failed to enforce our already on the books immigration laws, as does Biden, and he did so by finding legal loopholes that actually incentivized illegal immigration whereas illegals and their children were released from detention after their having been caught. And by allowing them to live in our country on our taxpayer dime while their immigration cases were pending, the outcome of said hearings had little to no meaning at all. And it was this policy act of Obama's that became an open invitation for even more illegals from Central America to make their way to the U.S./Mexico border. And dare not forget that sanctuary cities expanded in number under both the Obama and Biden administration. But worst of all is that Joe Biden...who halted construction of the much needed border basically doing what Obama did...turning a blind eye to the ongoing chaos and surge at the border. After all the more that come, the more Democrat votes garnered...Obama's mindset and now Biden's as well.

And so now the game of political posturing continues to be played, played on a set designed for a man who has no idea of what's really going on, and yet he's more than willing to dance and perform at his puppet master's whim. And he does so while both Russia and China are trying to reset a new world order that's more to their liking...a true “transformation of the global governance architecture and world order,” Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin call it...done so to challenge both U.S. power and influence on the world stage. And if the world's number two and three superpowers did succeed in said endeavor our country, with clueless Joe Biden at the helm, is in deep much trouble that even Obama's puppet master George Soros couldn't buy America's way out of it. Case closed.

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