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How Race Relations Got Worse

How Race Relations Got WorseThe election of Barack Obama was a unique moment in the long and complicated history of race relations in America. A huge symbolic barrier had collapsed. Never before was there so much optimism about escaping the grim clutches of the past. We had made a new start that would lead to new heights.

Hope was infectious. Most whites voted against Obama, but on the eve of his inauguration, 55 percent of whites, as well as 75 percent of blacks, thought his presidency would improve race relations. The profound symbolism of a black man in the nation's highest office could hardly be overstated.

"Even in polls taken earlier this year, a majority of African-Americans said that a solution to the country's racial problems would never be found," CNN reported shortly after the election. "Now blacks and whites agree that racial tensions may end." One African-American told CNN, "I've seen this country vindicate itself."

When urban crime declined significantly in Obama's first term, some experts attributed it to the psychological impact of his election. Urban blacks had a new confidence, wrote Ohio State University historian Randolph Roth, and "their greater trust in the political process and their positive feelings about the new president led to lower rates of urban violence."
Despite Hillary‚Äôs Historic Nomination, Democrats Are Kind Of Freaking Out That Trump Will Beat Her Hillary Clinton made history, but that may not be enough to get her to 270. Some Democrats are still worried that Donald Trump might win, given the level of volatility this election cycle, how Trump deflects media attacks like Teflon, and the high level of Democratic discontent within their own ranks over Clinton’s nomination. Those feelings were intensified when leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee showed staffers trying to find ways to derail Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The amount of booing, even during Clinton’s acceptance speech Thursday night just highlighted those divisions within the Democratic Party (via The Hill):
While the Electoral College may give her an advantage, party leaders and strategists say they remain concerned that Clinton is a tough sell when a majority of Americans think the country is on the wrong track and want to shake up Washington. 
“The most important thing is there is a bias for change and there’s an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll where people express that bias even when they don’t know what the change is going to be,” said Geoff Garin, a pollster who worked for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and now advises Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton super PAC.

State Dept spends $16 million on totally ineffective program to dissuade jihadis
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


State Dept spends $16 million on totally ineffective program to dissuade jihadisThis New York Times story is about how the State Department’s appeals to jihadis have switched from snark to emotion. It notes that the program has thus far been completely ineffective, but has no idea why. In reality, both the snarky and the emotional versions of this program are doomed to failure because they manifest […]
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WikiLeaks' Assange: We Could Release More Clinton Campaign Emails

By Todd Beamon / NEWSMAX
Image: WikiLeaks' Assange: We Could Release More Clinton Campaign EmailsWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that his website might release more emails on Hillary Clinton and ripped both political parties for the "Swiss cheese" security methods that led to hacks of the presidential candidate's and other Democratic Party operations.

"We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign, that is correct to say that," Assange told Anderson Cooper Friday on CNN.
On Wednesday, WikiLeaks released audio recordings from the emails of the Democratic National Committee that were obtained by hacking its servers. The earlier email drop led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Assange's interview came as The New York Times quoted a law enforcement official saying that a hack into the Clinton campaign's computer system was similar to those of the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The breaches have been tied to an entity known as the GRU, Russia's military intelligence service, the Times reports.
California to proclaim August “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month” at behest of terror-tied Hamas-CAIR
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Terror-tied Islamic groups like Hamas-CAIR dictate what we, as Americans, must do in submission to Islam, jihad and sharia. Terror-tied Islamic groups like Hamas-CAIR dictate counter-terror policies. Terror-tied Islamic groups like Hamas-CAIR direct the Department of Justice hate crime prosecutions.

Is it any wonder we are losing to this brutal and extreme ideology?

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California to proclaim August “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month” By Robert Spencer, July 30, 2016:
‪This is being done at the behest of Hamas-linked CAIR. Is Assemblymember Bill Quirk aware that Hamas-linked CAIR is an ...