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President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up as he boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, to travel to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, in Hawaii. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) ** FILE **
Resistance to California’s new sanctuary city laws grew this week as Orange County voted to join a federal lawsuit trying to block the laws, and the county’s sheriff said he will post information on every inmate’s release so the Homeland Security Department can see if there is anyone it wants to deport.

The Who’s in Jail database could provide a model for other law enforcement agencies chafing under SB54, the law that took effect this year prohibiting police or sheriffs from informing federal agencies when illegal immigrants are to be released.

By posting the entire list of inmates and release times, the department says, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement can get the information without the sheriff’s office having to communicate specifically.

The county’s board of supervisors added its voice to the resistance as well, voting Tuesday to condemn SB54 and asking county attorneys to join the Trump administration in a lawsuit seeking to block SB54 and two other sanctuary laws.

“We’re not talking here about law-abiding immigrants; we’re talking about criminals,” said Michelle Steel, a board member and an immigrant. “This SB54 is unconstitutional.”
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Mattis Dispels Rumors He'll Find It Hard to Work with Bolton: 'Last Time I Checked, He's an American'

Mattis Dispels Rumors He'll Find It Hard to Work with Bolton: 'Last Time I Checked, He's an American'Secretary of Defense James Mattis dispelled reports Tuesday that he was apprehensive about working with President Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton.

"I'll tell you right up front, it's going to be a partnership, we are going to go forward," Mattis told reporters during a news conference at the Pentagon.

When asked about his differing world views with Bolton, Mattis responded, "I hope that there's some different world views. That's the normal thing you want unless you want group think."

Mattis acknowledged that the two hadn’t met yet but said Bolton was coming to the Pentagon later this week for discussions.

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

“I faxed– I emailed them, probably between my mother and my father and me, between 50 and 100 complaints. I was emailing him questions. I was forwarding him all these emails. I was demanding answers from him. And I never got anything back.” Yes, that’s today’s corrupt, clueless and compromised FBI, all right. To this […]
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Europe Told To Prepare For Another Wave of Refugees

The United Nations has set Europe on notice and told powers-who-be to prepare for yet another wave of refugees — or mostly Muslim refugees, to be specific.

Call it the total collapse of European culture and society.

World Food Programme executive director David Beasley said in a recent interview with the Associated Press that ISIS is currently moving from the Middle East to North Africa.
And that means those in the countries’ crosshairs have to prepare for a population fall-out.

The risks of terror attacks have just jumped in Europe, it seems.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has more:

Europe should prepare for another wave of refugees, a United Nations official claimed Monday.

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