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Investigative Report 
Derek Chauvin Should Be Exonerated
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 

Over the past six months or so “We the People” have basically been rendered housebound courtesy of the nasty little virus from China. And in the case of Right Side Patriots being housebound it left us with lots time to do what we do best...separating facts from fiction and then reported on truths the liberal media dare not tell us. And with our country currently in the throes of great unrest as rioting and mayhem grow more commonplace with each passing day, we had the time to not only reexamine what is ground zero of all this in George Floyd...but to then layout the one truth the left fears above all else...the truth that Officer Derek Chauvin was not...we repeat...not...responsible for George Floyd's death...George Floyd himself was the cause of his own death. 

And all knew this almost since day one yet willfully and with malice intended set the stage and assembled the players for all that came next or should we say had everything in place just waiting for a touch point...a set all in motion. 

The images were stunning and unsettling...eight minutes caught on a passerby's cell phone...eight minutes showing a black man laying prone face down in the street with his hands “cuffed” behind his back while a white officer's knee 'supposedly' pressed hard into the man's neck as the man kept repeating the words, “I can't breathe.” And those eight minutes led to Officer Chauvin's firing from the Minneapolis Police Department and his being charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter...all based upon a snippet of film played before the court of public opinion...a decision rendered before an official investigation had taken place and before an official autopsy and corresponding toxicology report had been completed, finalized, and signed off on.

And so the media's canonization of George Floyd began as a sinner was morphed into a saint...another black man murdered by a white police officer, targeted for death simply because of the color of his skin or so the story goes. But with today's partisan driven media being the purveyor of untruths along with their selling of falsehoods and innuendos as facts, the media relished in helping to fuel on what is an Obama instigated race war, after all his fundamental transformation of America is anything but colorblind. 

Anything but colorblind for in today's America the politics of skin color has become the decider of right and wrong...the good guys vs. the bad to speak. Now black skin is deemed good, white skin is deemed bad, and brown skin truly lies somewhere in between. Yellow and red skin are basically irrelevant, but when someone white is dressed in "blue" the seeds of discontentment are planted in the minds of not only those who see their black skin color as all that defines them but in the minds of their white enablers as well. And such is the case of the man who couldn't breathe...the man whose black skin color alone allowed the leftist media to orchestrate the fairy tale that George Floyd was a saint...a saint in whose name violence must not only be overlooked but dare not be condemned. 

Before we get into the specifics of why George Floyd was responsible for his own death, a conclusion drawn minus what is or is not police allowable under the law, we first must examine exactly who this man was while also bringing into focus the tsunami of violence that resulted from his death. 
First, George Floyd...or Floyd Perry as he was also known in some circles...was well known to the police. Who was this guy aside from the saint that the mainstream media, the BLM, Antifa and his family manufactured after he drew his last breath? Simply, George Floyd was a common criminal and a violent thug who on May 25, 2020, was arrested for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a grocery store in Minneapolis which led to his now infamous encounter with the police. But what about his criminal history before that day? 
George Floyd’s criminal record went back at least two decades and included five stints in jail. In 2005, George Floyd was arrested for possession of cocaine and did ten months behind bars. Floyd did eight months for possession of cocaine after an October, 2002 arrest, and earlier that year he spent thirty days in jail for criminal trespassing. George Floyd’s trips to jail go all the way back to August 1998, when he did time for theft.
More recently, the now sainted George Floyd was busted in Texas in 2007 for being a felon in possession of a gun, the incident of his holding said gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman, in which Floyd had been posing as a water company employee wearing a blue uniform in order to trick the woman and enter her house. When she tried to fight back or run, a black Ford Explorer with five other men pulled up and forced their way into her home. George Floyd was the ringleader. An alert neighbor got the plate number of the black Explorer, and when police found that vehicle, George Floyd was driving it, and the pregnant woman identified him as the man who held her at gunpoint. 
According to his brother, George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 to get a “clean start” but one has to wonder after seeing his record from Texas, if Floyd didn’t make the move because he had become too well known to law enforcement in the Lone Star State and had simply worn out his welcome. 
In Minneapolis, police officer Derek Chauvin had worked, off duty, at the El Nuevo Rodeo...a nightclub...for the past 17 years. In the months leading up to his death, George Floyd had also worked at the same club, and both men were security at the club with Chauvin working mostly outside and Floyd working inside.  
It’s funny how stories change when sainthood gets involved. Right after Floyd’s death, David Pinney, who also worked at the club, gave an interview where he told a CBS reporter that the two bouncers not only knew each other, but “bumped heads” while working on the same shifts. The following is an exchange from that interview. 
CBS News: “Is there any doubt in your mind that Derek Chauvin knew George Floyd?”  
Pinney: “No. He knew him.” 
CBS NEWS: “How well did he know him?”  
Pinney: “I would say pretty well.” 

That was backed up by the club’s owner, Maya Santamaria, who told a Minneapolis radio station in the hours after Floyd’s death, that Floyd and Chauvin often worked during the same shifts in the crowded bar. 

Both their stories changed just as soon as Floyd was tapped for sainthood by the mainstream media, the BLM and Antifa with Pinney recanting his version and saying he had confused Floyd with someone else. “There has been a mix up between George and another fellow co-worker.” Pinney, however, was unable to provide a name for the other “fellow co-worker.” Maya Santamaria also changed her tune when sainthood for Floyd entered the picture, going from stating that they often worked the same shift to telling Fox News that she didn’t believed the two men knew each other prior to their fateful encounter, and saying that had Chauvin recognized Floyd, “he might have given him a little more mercy.” 

There are certain givens in the world of nightclubs, and when it comes to a club’s security team one of those givens is that everybody knows everybody else on the team. It’s also a given that all members of the staff know every member of the security team so that when trouble breaks out they know who is on their side. It is completely disingenuous that Pinney would now claim to have mistaken George Floyd, a man who stood 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 223 pounds, for any other co-worker at that club, and it's equally disingenuous that Santamaria would now claim that one member of her club’s security team didn’t know another. 
It would also be hard to believe that Derek Chauvin, a police officer working security at a nightclub in his off-duty hours wouldn’t know who else was on that team as well as their backgrounds. We believe that Chauvin knew Floyd, knew of his criminal history, and knew him to be a drug addict based in part on Floyd’s record, and as a cop knowing the “tells of addicts” when encountering them on the street during any sort of interaction. We also believe that what we discovered in the official autopsy results prove that Derek Chauvin read those “tells” correctly, and that he did indeed give George Floyd “a little more mercy” then the mainstream media, the BLM or Antifa want you to know. 

And with Black Lives Matter (BLM) along with Antifa now dominating the public discourse thanks to their enablers in both the media and the Democrat party, a minority within a minority has made it so that we white folks must now accept as fact that only black lives matter because once again...or so they innocent black man has died during a confrontation with the police. But know that with all that has since unfolded absolutely nothing has to do with George Floyd the man but everything to do with the fact that this (supposedly) sainted man's death was but the long awaited for signal for anarchy, rioting, arson, looting, and even murder to not only commence but to continue on unabated until their, BLM and Antifa's, politically deemed objectives were met.  
But now with the autopsy report revealing the truth about not only how George Floyd was killed but actually exonerating his supposed killer...more on that shortly...the time has come to separate a saint from a sinner and end the rioting and mayhem done in this man's name. And the time has way passed come for the BLM and Antifa thugs to be called to task for their most vile of actions as “We the People” are tired of placating those from within who are out if not to actually destroy America at least to “mold” her into the nation they alone erroneously deem she should be. 
And this “molding” is happening right before our eyes as the oath our police officers proudly take to enforce the law is now being taken away from them as they are told to “stand down” while miscreants and thugs are free to roam and both riot and actually destroy...all that others have worked so hard to to do so with no questions asked nor with their being called to to do so with the excuse given that “it's owed to them” for slavery's past. And what's not understood is why our government...why our leaders...are allowing this to go on as we know it has to be more than merely placating those whose skin color is black...for we're bearing witness to Obama's “fundamental transformation” of America now coming to life and yet we are not fighting back. 
The days of passivity are over, we law-abiding Americans can no longer sit back and watch our communities being destroyed courtesy of a false narrative spurned on by the media over one black thug's death. And while a show of collective force by “We the People” would send a powerful message that the antics of BLM and Antifa will no longer be tolerated nor accepted, so too will simple well presented truth. And that truth starts now with one Officer Derek Chauvin...the sacrificial lamb being thrown onto the pyre of misplaced hate simply to placate those whose cause is based upon lies, violence, insurrection, and all-encompassing greed. 

And said truth unfolded courtesy of George Floyd's autopsy report...a report that should have exposed both the liberal media's anything but truth as well as BLM and Antifa's using a known thug's demise as the catylist to set our nation on fire, but sadly we saw key findings being both ignored and downplayed. So now we, as Right Side Patriots, present the case not just for Officer Derek Chauvin's exoneration, but we also explain why he did not kill George Floyd. And please understand that medical facts are indeed more powerful than media generated lies...that is if the truth is allowed to be presented.  

And a key part of that truth...can be seen in the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Official Autopsy Report not in the independent coroner's report demanded by George Floyd's family. And why even the need for a second report...because while at first the official report seemed to back up the so wanted narrative that George Floyd was the victim of a police killing via neck compression, the actual findings themselves contradict this and prove otherwise. And after we sifted through all the medical jargon it became clear that George Floyd is responsible for his own death...Derek Chauvin's knee had nothing to do with it. Let us explain. 

By now we have all seen the video of a handcuffed George Floyd laying prone on the street with Officer Chauvin's knee on his neck with Floyd repeating “I can't breathe” numerous times. It truly is a horrific video to watch but sometimes the things we think we see are not really what they appear to be especially when a much needed political narrative is at stake. Such is the case here for nowhere in the video can it be determined how hard Chauvin's knee was or was not pressed into Floyd's neck. Could the officer's knee just have been laying on Floyd's neck but not pressing into it...that was the question only the coroner could answer and answer it he did...but of course his answer was not what many wanted to hear.  
Here, directly from the autopsy report itself is what was found and we quote, “Layer by layer dissection of the anterior strap muscles of the neck discloses no areas of contusion or hemorrhage within the musculature. The thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone are intact. The larynx is lined by intact mucosa. The thyroid is symmetric and red-brown, without cystic or nodular change. The tongue is free of bite marks, hemorrhage, or other injuries. The cervical spinal column is palpably stable and free of hemorrhage.” 

In simpler terms minus the medical lingo, Officer Derek Chauvin's knee, while obviously placed on George Floyd's neck in no way exerted enough pressure to have killed him. There were no compression wounds on Floyd's neck; no breaking or tearing of any cartilage or of any neck bones including the critical hyoid bone; no damage to the neck's portion of the spinal column, as in nothing whatsoever to indicate what would be strangulation via knee, if you will...nothing at all. 
And the report went further to state that, “An incision from the back of the head to the lower back, extending onto both buttocks, is dissected subcutaneously to the lateral aspects of the neck, the shoulders, and flanks. No areas of subcutaneous hemorrhage, soft tissue contusion, or other occult injury are found in the posterior neck, right and left lateral neck, shoulders, back, flanks, or buttocks.” And again, this proves that with no damage to George Floyd's neck he could not have died due to neck compression...he could not have died due to the actions of Officer Derek Chauvin. 

So what was the cause of George Floyd's death, especially minus any physically caused damage to the neck, the lungs or the bronchi, and with '”no significant pathologic abnormality” found at the time of autopsy? Simply, George Floyd, who was indeed COVID-19 positive, died from a combination of heart disease, hypertension, and most importantly due to the finding of 55 toxicological agents of varying levels circulating in his body at the time of death. To put it bluntly, George Floyd was a hard core drug addict, and when one mixes together underlying heart issues, blood pressure issues, and a pharmacy full of both legal and mostly illegal substances circulating through one's body coupled with being in the throes of a full-blown paranoia episode, that person becomes a time bomb ready to explode. 

Simply, Floyd's dying had nothing to do with Derek Chauvin but everything to do with his thug lifestyle coupled with the 55 drugs he knowingly and willingly put into his body within a given period of time. And most of the drugs found in his body...found during the toxicological portion of his autopsy...were of the kind whose side effects include depressing the respiratory system causing one's breathing to either slow, stop, or give someone the feeling that they can't breathe. In addition to high levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine...both of which cause respiratory distress...were Bromazepam, an anti-anxiety drug similar to but stronger than Valium whose side effects includes sedation, which itself slows breathing, and ataxia which mimics a drunken state, slurs speech, causes stumbling, falling, and incoordination all of which George Floyd exhibited at the time of his arrest. Then there's Butylone, a habit-forming drug in the psychedelic class which alters perception thus causing a number of mental issues which manifest in altered states of consciousness and reality...seeing or believing things are happening to one's person when they are not.

Also found in George Floyd's body was the drug Butyryfentanyl, an extremely potent short-acting synthetic opioid that can cause serious respiratory depression as well as Carfetanil, another synthetic opioid that while originally intended to sedate large animals now sees drug dealers mixing it with heroin to make the heroin stronger. In fact, Carfetanil is 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl and easily depresses or arrests the respiratory system...a drug so potent the DEA has issued an “Officer's Alert” about it. Now add in Clephedrone, a synthetic cannabinoid...a street-called "bath salt"...sold on the black market and on the internet which causes either extreme anxiety or sedation with the possibility of respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. And then there's Clonazolam, a potent drug used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and muscle tension which also causes extreme sedation thus slowing respiration giving one the feeling that they can't breathe. 

And the drugs mentioned are but six of the 55 drugs found in George Floyd's body in varying degrees, and know that most of the other 49 drugs listed are similar in nature, all working together to cause this man's demise. Just another drug addict responsible for his own death...a death that by circumstances and timing became the needed lynch pin that set off a political agenda. 

Obviously, Police Officer Derek Chauvin would not have had the benefit of knowing what we now know thanks to the official autopsy regarding the staggering amount of street-level pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs that were in George Floyd’s system at the time of the arrest, but he would have deduced several things. As a police officer he would easily recognize the tell-tale signs of someone under the influence of controlled substances. 
Chauvin knew Floyd, and would have judged him not to be acting normal. Floyd was combative, sweating profusely, his eyes weren’t clear, he may well have been slurring his words and was exhibiting signs of paranoia. Floyd was off, way off, and Chauvin knew it. Chauvin, as we have already said, would have known of Floyd's drug related past which would also lead him to believe that Floyd was again under the influence of illegal drugs. 

Floyd went to the ground as Chauvin and other officers tried to load him into the back of a police vehicle. Chauvin would have had no way of knowing if going to the ground as Floyd did was part of a medical condition or a further act of defiance and combativeness. Given that there is no single protocol that covers every individual incident, Chauvin would have made a judgment call as all officers do, and his call was to hold George Floyd to the ground until he calmed down. Trying to put a man of George Floyd’s size into a police vehicle when combative, and in a situation where so many angry civilians were in such close proximity would have put officer safety at risk. 

As we stated earlier, and per the official autopsy results, Floyd’s hyoid bone was not broken, and the fact that he was talking, saying that he couldn’t breathe, is a clear indicator that he could breathe. One cannot speak when one cannot breathe. The autopsy also states that there was no injury to the anterior muscles of the neck laryngeal structures meaning that clearly, Derek Chauvin did not have his full weight on Floyd’s neck as the mainstream media, the BLM or Antifa claim. Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck not to exert pressure, but simply to prevent Floyd from trying to shift his position or possibly get up. 

But why keep Floyd on the ground for more than eight minutes? Simply to allow time for Floyd to calm down, be less combative and more compliant as well as to allow time to clear the area surrounding the patrol vehicle of civilian bystanders. In this video, at the 1:10 mark, you will see Floyd struggling and actually shifting Chauvin's knee up and down. Had Chauvin's weight been on that knee on Floyd's neck...that would not be possible.

George Floyd was as far from the saint that the mainstream media, the BLM, Antifa, and his own family manufactured as anyone could have been, and shame on those entities for both manufacturing their own mythical version of George Floyd, and ignoring the facts presented in the official autopsy results so as to fan the flames of violence and destruction that now has a monetary cost of nearly $100 billion dollars attached to it. 

Officer Derek Chauvin didn’t know of George Floyd’s underlying heart conditions, nor did he know the extent or quantity of the illegal drugs Floyd had in his system. Floyd may not have known the effects of the laundry list of illegal drugs that were in his system, but he surely knew he was higher than a kite and while we don’t know if Floyd knew the extent of his heart conditions, it really doesn’t matter where the charges against Derek Chauvin are concerned. 

Officer Chauvin didn’t force all those illegal drugs into George Floyd’s system, and Chauvin wasn’t the cause of Floyd's underlying health conditions either. Chauvin didn’t hand Floyd a fake $20 dollar bill and tell him to try to spend it in that grocery store, and Chauvin had nothing whatsoever to do with Floyd’s belligerent actions toward the police. 

The official autopsy results prove that Officer Derek Chauvin was not responsible for George Floyd’s death, and that George Floyd was responsible for his own death. An honest jury presented with the facts and the evidence would acquit Chauvin and the rest of the officers involved of all charges related to the death of George Floyd, but can an objective, honest jury be found anywhere in the country after the months of lies told by the mainstream media, and the violent intimidation tactics employed by the BLM and Antifa? 

Sadly, we don’t think so, and a good cop who did nothing to cause the death of a common thug and drug addicted criminal will pay the price. 

That’s the bottom line. 

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