Friday, October 8, 2021

Democrats to limit Biden's plan giving IRS more info on bank accounts
Bank account threshold that triggers reporting to IRS could be raised to $10,000 from $600
Democrats reached a deal to narrow the scope of a plan from the Biden administration that could force banks to turn over customers' account information to the Internal Revenue Service.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal said he and other Democratic leaders are planning to set the threshold higher than $600 proposed by President Biden that would require banks and other financial institutions to annually report customers' account inflows and outflows to the IRS. 

"We’ve reached an agreement to not have the $600," Neal told reporters last week.

A Democratic aide told Bloomberg News the minimum could be raised to $10,000, but cautioned that discussions are still fluid and subject to change.

The White House had previously estimated the policy – one of many tax policies intended to fund a sweeping $3.5 trillion family and climate plan – could generate about $463 billion in additional revenue over the next decade. Read more and see video here.

Senate avoids a US debt disaster, votes to extend borrowing

The party-line Democratic vote of 50-48 in support of the bill to raise the government’s debt ceiling by nearly a half-trillion dollars brought instant relief in Washington and far beyond. However, it provides only a reprieve. Assuming the House goes along with the Senate’s Thursday night vote, which it will, Republican and Democratic lawmakers will still have to tackle their deep differences on the issue once more before yearend.

That debate will take place as lawmakers also work to fund the federal government for the new fiscal year and as they keep up their bitter battling over President Joe Biden’s top domestic priorities — a bipartisan infrastructure plan with nearly $550 billion in new spending as well as a much more expansive, $3.5 trillion effort focused on health, safety net programs and the environment. Read more and see video here.


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