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PA Paper: Here's The County Where If Biden Doesn't Do Well, 'Victory Will Be Exceedingly Difficult'

The numbers on new voter registrations could partially be why Biden had to come out of the basement and make a pit stop there. Katie already previewed this trend back in August—and in Bucks County, there’s been a big shift towards the GOP. That’s doesn’t bode well, as Biden must have solid numbers in the country to offset the rural wave that is expected on November 3. 

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President Trump's Growing List of Foreign Policy Successes

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

It’s long past time for President Trump’s detractors to admit he has had quite a string of successes when it comes to foreign policy, and some are finally relenting.

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, for example, had to admit President Trump hit a home run with the deal he helped negotiate for Israel and the United Arab Emirates to normalize diplomatic relations.

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A Diplomatic Win That Now Cannot Be Ignored  
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 
Back on October 14, 2019, I published an article titled, Leaving Allies Behind...or Are We? In this article I wrote about President Trump's decision to withdraw American troops from Northern Syria. At that time most on the left as well as a number of political pundits and elected officials on the right accused our president of deserting the Kurds who were key allies in helping to defeat ISIS in Syria. But what these folks didn't realize then and still don't realize now is that our president tends to focus on the big picture instead of on individual do I...and that time and events have continuously proven that when one sees the big picture, especially when said big picture is political in nature...outcomes once thought impossible can and more times than not do become reality. 
And I believe that what President Trump had the foresight to do back then was to actually start setting in motion what became his diplomatic and foreign policy wins of today, and know there are many. But this article will focus on recent diplomatic wins of key importance...wins that thanks to President Trump have now changed the entire geopolitical complexion of the Middle East. And know those changes will continue on much to Iran's chagrin...with both a political and military win if ever there was one. How so...because as more and more Gulf Arab nations start “normalizing” full diplomatic and economic relations with Israel...something Iran never expected would happen...Iran starts loosing its upper hand in the region both militarily and economically speaking especially with its own economy now almost on the verge of collapse. 
And dare not forget that sometimes a diplomatic victory itself can be accomplished by simply surrounding one's enemy, showing strength in numbers by boxing them in, and then going in for what amounts to a diplomatic “kill” so to speak. And that's what we are now bearing witness to as oil rich moderate Arab nations are suddenly realizing that neither Israel nor the Jews are not now nor have they ever been the enemy...Iran is, was, and always will be the proverbial thorn in their side, but now thanks to Trump's distinctive style of diplomacy that thorn is slowly being removed. 
Think of the thorn's removal this way in what are more simplistic but more logistical terms. Not only is Iran surrounded by Arab countries who are already home to U.S. military bases, staging grounds, and/or who have given us flyover privileges...countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Egypt, Turkmenistan and of course the Jewish State of Israel..but now the more wealthy and modernized Arab nations like the UAE...and soon to come Bahrain and Saudi Arabia...are forging actual diplomatic and economic ties with Israel...”normalizing” relations with the “Little Satan” which in turn affords them continued and increasing relations with the U.S. aka the “Big Satan”... something the mullahs never saw coming...something that surely blindsided them. 
However, I'm sure President Trump saw this coming...big picture guy that he is. 
But even if Trump himself was taken out of the big picture, Iran herself should have seen this coming what with a growing number of her own people now wanting the mullah's gone, for history itself shows that religious fanatics can only hold onto power for just so long before the people enslaved by outdated religious tenets start shouting “we've had enough.” Remember, most of the world's countries are forced both by time and political circumstances to eventually move forward from their oppressive past, what with both survival and economics usually becoming the recognized key elements taken into consideration when said countries leaders are faced with the choice between modernization and economic stability coupled with the peace those two elements eventually bring as opposed to continued savagery, poverty, and misplaced fanaticism that have become the hallmarks of dictatorial countries like Iran and North Korea.  
And that's the choice the more modern, economically stable, and religiously moderate Arab nations like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were faced with. And with their now basically accepting Israel's right to exist, that leaves Iran seeing her regional power and influence starting to slip away. And it's not just a matter of dollars and cents, courtesy of U.S. sanctions being locked firmly into place, but because a growing number of Iran's own people are now willing to fight and die, if need be, all in the name of freedom for the remembrances of what Iran once was as opposed to what Iran is now has taken over a good part of the Iranian people's consciousnesses. 
And the mullahs surely must know that even Russia has silently been forging economic, technological, medical, and cultural ties with Israel, and that their once counted upon strongest ally is now but a mere tenuous ally at best. 
So with Iran still pounding their war drums as they foolishly continue to hope that all will eventually fall back into place, oil wealthy Arab nations instead are now favoring ties with Israel while throwing the stumbling block that is a Palestinian homeland aside. And while they're not publicly stating it, it's now become apparent to most that the so-called “Palestinian cause” is actually more of a headache for them than it's worth fighting or ostracizing Israel for. The more moderate Arab nations have finally accepted as fact that Israel...that the Jewish State of not only the region's most technologically and medically advanced nation but is the regions most economically stable, prosperous, and militarily strongest nation as well...a nation replete with over 350 “little friends”...if you know what I mean.  
And so the leaders of these more moderate Arab nations finally understand the dangerous game of and the jockeying for ultimate regional control and power that the mullahs of Iran are playing, after all Iran's wants are indeed truly transparent. Never has Iran hidden the fact that for them it is all about conquest and control...conquest and control based solely upon outdated and subjugating 6th century tenets of islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism. And this means all-encompassing obedience becoming the lifestyle for both those conquered and for those merely under their sphere of influence...with the hoped for modernization and increasing individual freedoms some Arab nations are now seeing, to one degree or another, be damned. 
And lets not forget that with the “normalization” of full diplomatic relations with Israel, Arab nations like the UAE now get as an added bonus their being under the “protective umbrella” of the U.S. for if any nation dare mess with Israel or with Israel's allies, that nation, as Trump rightfully sees it, is by default messing with the U.S. Simply, that's one “red line” crossed that will not serve Iran well and they know it no matter the rhetoric to the contrary the mullahs continue to spew. 
So why are these newest “normalization” developments a true diplomatic win for President Trump? Simply because if Trump was not president...if a Democrat had again been in control of the White House...the Arab nations of the UAE, Bahrain (who has now officially opened its airspace to Israel with “normalization” of full diplomatic ties very soon to be announced in Washington, DC), and silently by Saudi Arabia, would still by circumstances and Iranian threats be forced not to align themselves in any way with the Jewish State. 
Remember, Democrats for the most part were and still are no friend of Israel and haven't been since the time when Muslim Brotherhood supporter Barack HUSSEIN Obama was president. In fact, it was because of Obama's anti-Israel policies that Egypt, the UAE, and Israel still to this day harbor collective anger over his support for the Iranian backed overthrow of Egypt's moderate President Hasni Mubarak’s overthrow that destabilized an already volatile region even more so. And when you couple said overthrow with the corresponding victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s then next election, it should come as no surprise that anger towards Obama actually worked to bring Saudi Arabia and the UAE politically more in line with Israel than with Iran. 

Now when you add into that mix the on display for all to see animosity Obama personally felt not only for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself but also for the Jewish State and the Jewish people in general, it was no wonder that the world bore witness to Israel being stabbed in the back time and again...both politically and policy wise.  
However, time and circumstances do have a way of sometimes righting grievous wrongs, and President Trump now had the opportunity via calculated acts of diplomacy and statesmanship to both remove Obama's knife from Israel's back and change the political dynamics of a region that always seems to be at war. 
And that change started when on December 6, 2017, President Trump announced that the United States had officially recognized Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish State of Israel, and ordered the relocation of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem...a relocation whose dedication took place on May 14, 2018, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the creation of modern day Israel. And this especially did not bode well with a number of Arab leaders nor with the Palestinian supporting radical left fringe of the Democrat party. 
But now let's fast forward to August 13, 2020 when the UAE and Israel signed an agreement mediated by President Donald Trump himself. Under this what amounts to a peace deal, Israel and the UAE “normalized” full diplomatic relations with each other, with the UAE now becoming the third Arab nation (Egypt and Jordan are the other two) to fully recognize the Jewish State of Israel. And through diplomacy alone...without a weapon being lifted or a threat being made...what was accomplished by President Trump behind closed doors is now continuing to be forged in the open for all to see.
And with Bahrain very shortly joining this alliance of sorts...and with Saudi Arabia already discussing options of their own with Israel behind closed doors...we now see tolerance and acceptance between muslim and Jew starting to take hold in one of the most conflict-ridden areas of the world. And the only rightful loser in this is Iran whose focus sadly still remains on wiping Israel off the map, while President Trump chalks up a major diplomatic win with Israel and the UAE being the main beneficiaries of that very win. 
Remember, threats and blood lust can and will only accomplish so much before the intended victim understands that with strategic benefits becoming the new weapon of choice that the victim actually becomes the victor. And in the case of Israel and the UAE...and with other Gulf Arab nations very soon to follow suit...Israel is relishing in Trump's diplomatic assembling of a regional coalition against Iran while at the same time the UAE gains not just economically but via broad-based U.S. and Israeli military support against what they believe to be yet another threat to the region. And that threat comes in the guise of the terrorist designated Muslim Brotherhood along with its supporters in Qatar and in the very country that Kurdish factions are still also at war with. A convoluted circle that brings us back to the beginning of this article.  
How so? Remember how earlier on I spoke about surrounding one's enemy and that sometimes victory comes courtesy of simply boxing one's enemy in...well that seems to be happening now just as I predicted it would almost a year ago in my previously stated article. In fact, the map below (taken from my aforementioned article) says it all as does President Trump's now turning my prediction into reality through a simple act of act that serves not only the nations involved well, but an act that will serve the entirety of the region well in a relatively short period of time. And that in and of itself will then become yet another diplomatic win for President Trump for when other Arab nations see the benefits the UAE and shortly Bahrain are reaping via cooperation and friendship with Israel, they too will start turning their backs on Iran and aligning themselves with Israel as well.

One by one the dominoes that comprise the Arab world will fall out of favor with Iran who will be left standing alone for even Russia, I believe, will in the end also turn its back on Iran for Russia will see its own relationship with Israel turning more positive than negative. And when Russia removes itself from the domino table the game then becomes truly over...a game that started with President Trump brokering a diplomatic deal that few ever expected would happen...a deal of such importance that Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a four-term member of Norway's parliament and a man who also serves as Chairman of the Norwegian delegation to NATO's Parliamentary Assembly, just two days ago nominated President Donald J. Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

And in Tybring-Gjedde saying in his nominating letter to the Nobel Committee regarding the Trump brokered UAE-Israeli agreement that, "For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees," and that, "As it is expected other Middle Eastern countries will follow in the footsteps of the UAE, this agreement could be a game changer that will turn the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity," are words that not only President Trump can be proud of but are words every American should be proud of as well. And if the media tries to ignore or denigrate Trump's diplomatic achievement; if the Democrats try to besmirch this honor in any way; then it proves that Obama's being the recipient of this prize for doing absolutely nothing of substance does indeed shame and dishonor Alfred Nobel's very name. Case closed.

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