Saturday, November 12, 2016

Whether you love or hate Trump, you have to agree that his behavior, temperament and style are wildly different than that of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Yet, the Left’s charges against Trump seem to be largely identical to the ones it leveled at Bush and Romney. Racist? Check. Sexist? Check. Is a mean, hateful person? Check. Fascist? Check. A Nazi? Check. When you try to paint every person that doesn’t agree with you as the devil, then you’ll soon find you lack the ability to describe someone you truly believe to be the devil if he appears.

De Blasio: NYC Will Resist Any Deportation Plans

De Blasio: NYC Will Resist Any Deportation PlansA day after he used a "softer tone" for Donald Trump," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio straight up told the new president-elect that New York is going to resist his plans for illegal immigration. Speaking at City Hall on Thursday, the mayor said the city is not going to take any of President Trump's controversial plans "lying down."

“Anything we see as a threat to New Yorkers we will confront,” he insisted.

Trump's immigration plan is one of those perceived threats. The president-elect's proposal to subject illegal immigrants to deportation is apparently still part of the plan, according to his official website.
Not in New York, De Blasio insists. 
“We are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live among us,” he said. “We’re not going to tear families apart. We will do everything we know how to do to resist that.”
The liberal New York mayor is one of several leaders who will undoubtedly try to resist the newly elected president and his policies, considering he made more than a few enemies during the 2016 campaign with his non-PC behavior.

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, however, urged Americans to come together and support their new president.
ISIS supporters hope to “inflame the dissension and troubles” in US over Trump victory

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


ISIS supporters hope to “inflame the dissension and troubles” in US over Trump victory
The mainstream media would have you believe that the jihadis worldwide are happy that Trump won because they want you to believe that Clinton’s policy of appeasement and willful ignorance was more effective against the global jihad than Trump’s promised approach. The reality? “They’re both tyrants and we just want to cut off their heads.” […]

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Report: Trump Aides Tell Obama to Avoid Any Lame-Duck Foreign Policy Moves Especially Against Israel
Netanyahu Obama fingerThere’s been a lot of chatter that President Obama was going to make his last act a parting shot against Israel to crown his catastrophic and now-doomed era.

President-elect Trump says — not so fast.

“Report: Trump Aides Tell Obama to Avoid Any Lame-Duck Foreign Policy Moves, Including in Israeli-Palestinian Realm,” by Barney Breen-Portnoy, Algemeiner, November 11, 2016:


Aides to President-elect Donald Trump are cautioning outgoing President Barack Obama to refrain from moving forward with any end-of-term initiatives — including a potential Israeli-Palestinian peace push — that Trump opposes, Politico reported on Thursday.

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