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It's More Than Just About Other People's Money 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Recently reported was that nearly half of all millennials are willing to live under socialism as they view capitalism as being on par with four-letter words. Never mind that socialism has failed wherever and whenever it's been tried making it truly sad that millennials erroneously equate capitalism with the belief that the already wealthy get wealthier while the sum of all others get little to nothing. And that belief can be blamed not only on the left's lovefest with fake news but also on our schools of "higher indoctrination"...schools formerly known as colleges and universities...not teaching historical and societal truths let alone economics 101.

Now add in that millennials and most of the uninformed and ill-informed masses have no idea that socialism equates to big government, lack of personal responsibility, elimination of private property, coupled with both the “centralization of the means of production” and of course decision-making...making socialism more than just about running out of other people's money.

And while those pushing for socialism relish in empty promises that socialism will create a classless society where everyone is equal...while remaining clueless that it's equality at the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder...a ladder where only a select few will reap the rewards of others hard work...and where in the end only one individual reaches the top rung of said ladder.

Welcome to the morphing of socialism into a dictatorship where the masses worship the very dictator who provides for their meager existence and where God becomes but a distant memory for God has no place in a society of robotic equals who have no concept of “free will.” Better to be taken care have every need met...sort of...than do for oneself. And for those who dare to think outside socialism's box it usually does not end well as can be seen in what happens in countries embracing socialism...countries like Venezuela.

And while socialism's political and media proponents try to market it as “rule by the working people”...a collective working class they claim will eliminate the disparities between the haves and have nots...the fact is that when you strip away all the hoped for socialist ideologies and promises...what remains is but the truth that what was envisioned to be a socialist utopia of equality for all is but rule by those who dare to play and then win the game known as “political tyranny”...a game based upon fear mongering and undeliverable promises. And know that said game is not being played for the betterment of the people but solely to see whose quest for money and power trumps all others. To the victor goes the the loser goes enslavement minus the ability to know one has actually been enslaved.

But even when the truths about socialism are stripped away and laid bare for all to see, the scariest thing about socialism as it relates to today's American political scene is that if Democrats play their cards right...if the far left side of the party is successful in taking over the party's hierarchy...socialism might simply be voted in courtesy of the above stated uninformed and misinformed other words those with their hands out selling their souls simply for socialism's promise of even more “free stuff.” “Political tyranny” won without so much as a single revolutionary shot fired...socialism voted in because we on the right did not know how to successfully fight back against the very folks wishing to do our constitutional republic harm.

And sadly today there are many wishing us harm...including some new to Congress... Democrats all...many willing to sing socialism's supposed praises yet having no idea nor caring about the ramifications of the socialistic monster they're trying to create.

So now let's focus on but two of the loudest callers for socialism to become America's newest societal norm by starting first with Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the ever so vile muslima who relishes in wearing both her overt anti-Semitism and her hatred of all things President Trump as proud badges of honor. This CAIR operative and jihad condoning nasty piece of outward proponent of socialism who remains blind to socialism's many failures including in Venezuela, a country not that far from home. Venezuela...a country tethering on the brink of collapse...a country replete with ill-conceived economic policies and ever-growing corruption...a sinking ship of a country adrift on a cyclonic socialist sea.

Never mind that Ilhan Omar has foolishly been blaming both our country and president for Venezuela's ongoing political turmoil and economic woes by saying that, “A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela and we have sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today.” Never mind that she absurdly equates U.S. sanctions with bullying as the means by which she says President Trump hopes to initiate “regime change”...never mind all that for what should be minded as it equates to our country is that Ilhan Omar says socialism is a very good thing and that it's what the Venezuelan people want. Simply, she lies, for the people of Venezuela...people who long for the days when Venezuela was free...are now fighting back in an effort to return Venezuela to the “Jewel of Latin America” that she was before Hugo Chavez turned once democratic Venezuela into a socialist hellhole...the same kind of hellhole Ilhan Omar wants the U.S. to become.

Still refusing to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela's duly elected president backed by both the country's constitution and her people, Omar cannot accept as truth that Venezuela's being in the midst of what are now violent anti-government protests coupled with a call to remove socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro from power is simply because socialism is not working for the people. Venezuelans continue to starve under socialism as food rationing, one of socialism's calling cards, has led the average Venezuelan to lose 24lbs. in one year alone with mass starvation now taking hold of the still oil-rich country. And not only do Venezuelans have but limited access to clean drinking water, but 93% of the people simply can no longer afford to buy food, and those who can wait in line for hours to buy what little food is available from the few vendors the government allows to stay in business.

And Ilhan Omar sees no problem with this all too common aspect of socialism...sad isn't it.

Also, Venezuela's prices on almost all goods have risen nine times in the mere eight years since socialist price controls took effect. And with inflation rates now being 400% higher than that of its neighboring Latin American countries, Maduro's socialist government still touts that socialism affords Venezuelans access to free health care. But what he's not saying is what good is free health care when there's an overall 85+% shortage of medications needed to fight and control simple illnesses and diseases as well as give children much needed vaccinations. Also omitted from Maduro's health care discourse is that ordinary antibiotics now cost Venezuelans twice their minimum in a miserly wage of a mere $6.70 per hour in a country who, thanks to socialism, has an annual inflation rate of over two million percent and whose personal income tax rate now stands at 34%.

And again, this is what Ilhan Omar wants as our country's future.

What Ilhan Omar just doesn't get...or gets but just doesn't that Venezuela is the perfect example of what happens when socialism brings about the centralization and control of both a country's government and its economy. Simply, free enterprise is no longer free and being tied to the government for all one's needs becomes the sadly accepted societal norm. And in Ilhan Omar's case, maybe it's that she thinks a socialistic society will be better suited to help aide in islam's so-wanted takeover of American society...with an islamist one never knows.

And then there's New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...aka Alexandria Ocasio-Common Core-tez for reasons needing no explaining...whose only difference between her and Ilhan Omar is that Omar's actions and words truly reek of being a traitor while I don't think AOC really hates America as Omar does. I think AOC simply cannot understand all the negative ramifications of embracing socialism's economic and societal paths nor can her guru Bernie Sanders for that matter.

And so the woman who describes herself as a democratic-socialist...whatever that means as it's sort of an oxymoron...a few months ago said of socialism, "So when millennials talk about concepts like democratic socialism, we're not talking about these kinds of 'Red Scare' boogeyman...we're talking about countries and systems that already exist that have already been proven to be successful in the modern world." 
So let me give Ms. AOC and those of her ilk a little economics 101 lesson. And while I know this lesson will go over her head she needs to be made aware of the reasons why socialism will not work here in our country before making a bigger fool of herself than she already has.

Let's start with the countries Ms. AOC alludes to as being socialism's success stories...Finland, Canada, and the U.K...all countries with socialized medicine...the very type of health care AOC wants implemented here. Ignoring that socialized medicine has its own set of strict rules, regulations, costs, and horrors...rules such as needing "permission" to have even the most basic of surgery and the government being the decider of when and where life support is to be turned off...see my article A Decision Not Unlike Solomon's for one such story...what we call single-payer health in Medicare for all...sees being overlooked by AOC is the fact that what might work in the individual countries of Europe...countries with populations much less than that of the U.S...will simply not work here for the scope of implementing such change comes at too high a monetary cost.

And why is that? Because while the concept of socialized medicine sounds good on the surface with its advocates saying it would both “cut out the middleman” in the insurance companies...while also lowering administrative costs as the government itself would now be in charge, it would not see the monies saved from said cuts providing “universal coverage” for all at a much lower cost. And again why...because those favoring socialized medicine ignore the fact that to implement such coverage on such a massive population scale...a scale where it would cover all Americans equally...would lead to major implementation cost increases which in turn would then lead to an across-the-board tax hike in order to fund said coverage. And who would feel the tax pinch the most...the lower and middle classes of course not to mention that doctors and hospitals would have to accept even less reimbursements for services rendered then they already are.

Simple translation for socialism-loving AOC: whatever monies folks saved under a single-payer system would be eaten up by an increase in their taxes...and that is fact.

But the main reason why socialism won't work here in the U.S. is that socialism is simply abject tyranny with incompetency thrown in for good, or should I say bad, measure. Remember, socialism mandates a government controlled centralized economy with its failures clearly seen in the a fore mentioned Venezuela. Also, when folks are put on welfare...socialism's blood brother of sorts... one tends to lose what's called the “American work ethic” well as the drive to see our children monetarily better off than we are. So why bother getting a job when the “freebies and hand-outs” now serve one just as well, if not better, than what one would garner through their own hard work.

And something else AOC and her socialism groupies forget is that while American-style capitalism has not and will not ever result in equal distribution of never was meant to do so...folks are always free to aspire to and work towards something better as well as to act in their own best self-interests. And if truth be told equality for all is but a myth for there will always be a pecking order that sees both politicians and their cronies sitting on the top rung of the socioeconomic ladder...equality be damned.

So while socialism will always remain about spending other people's money that's not really what it's all about for absolute control is what socialism needs as it prime calling card in order for it to not only succeed but to last. And without absolute control...power with no questions asked...socialism eventually collapses from within just as we now see happening in Venezuela...just as it's always happened in other countries where true absolute control over the emotions of the populace was never really achieved. 

And those like Ihan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez simply do not grasp the reality nor the dangers that absolute control entails and without that reality their vision of socialism is doomed to fail. Remember, throughout history both absolute control and absolute power have always proved fleeting at best...while the power of we American patriots to do what's right for our country has never waned. And that's something those pushing for socialism always, thankfully, seem to forget.

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