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'Why No One Trusts Media': NYT Reporters Circulate Misleading Trump Quote on Wuhan CoronavirusThe United States and much of the world is battling the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, and yet, New York Times journalists can’t even put aside partisanship to simply report the facts—what people need the most right now.

The latest example comes from reports about a call between President Trump and governors about COVID-19.

At least four NYT journalists reported that Trump told these state leaders they are on their own in terms of acquiring medical supplies. The only problem, of course, is that it's incredibly misleading without the next sentence.
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My latest in PJ Media: This was utterly predictable in today’s atmosphere of leftist insanity, but it’s appalling nonetheless. As the sage Joe Biden would say, Look, Fat, look, here’s the deal: I’ve been warning for years that it would sooner or later become “Islamophobic” to offer even the mildest opposition to jihad violence and […]

EU President Calls for Borders to Remain Open During Coronavirus Outbreak

They blow up our economies, wipe out our life savings, force self quarantine and then these Nazis tell us to welcome the infected.

Read entire article here: https://gellerreport.com/2020/03/eu-president-calls-for-borders-to-remain-open-during-coronavirus-outbreak.html/
Investigative Report
Deep State vs. Dark State...Part Two
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

In part one of 'Deep State vs. Dark State'...which you can find at: https://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/2020/03/investigative-report-deep-state-vs.html we explain why what is referred to as Deep State United Nations cannot ever be the winner in the battle for control of what is actually Dark State, and why it's simply but one of the many political entities buried deep within the abyss of what is generally considered to be Deep State. And that leaves only one possible entity as the driving force behind what is actually a global Dark State, but it's a driving force that must be separated into two parts...the first part being a religious front and the second part being its all-important political operation.

And here we're not talking about the death cult that is islam, but about the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church...the political Catholic church as opposed to the religious Catholic church...a truly faith based church existing whether knowingly or unknowingly within a politically secular church. And why the Catholic Church...because both the religious and political Catholic church whether taken as one entity or as two separate entities is indeed the world's largest financial power, compiler of wealth (including cash, property, artwork, gemstones, etc.), and surprisingly is the owner of one fourth of the world's gold supply. Today's Catholic Church has more material riches than any government, state, institution, corporation, bank, or trust currently in existence with an estimated net worth of anywhere between 400 billion U.S. dollars to two trillion U.S. dollars when all components are broken down and then added up. The Vatican alone is estimated to be worth at least $16 billion U.S. dollars.

But before we get into the specific aspect of why we believe the political Catholic Church is Dark State, we again need to stress the separation between the religious Catholic Church with its promised baptismal bond with Jesus Christ, from the political and money oriented business of the church...a church infested with a Deep State of its own doing...a Deep State that outwardly seeks to undermine the faith by garnering complete control.

First, while Roman Catholicism is considered to be the most significant spiritual force in the history of Western civilization and with there being 1.3 billion Roman Catholics in the world today, know that since 313 A.D. when Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the Church's wealth and political power has been in a state of near-constant growth and that includes military growth as well. Also, know that while the Catholic Church became outwardly quite militant early on, it remains so even today albeit covertly. Now think of the Knights Templar, the Crusaders, and the Corsican Guard (mercenaries) of the past who used physical strength as a way to increase and solidify the Church's quest for power, control, and converts and thus its wealth, and how today the Vatican's clandestine intelligence service known as the Santa Alleanza (Holy Alliance) or L'Entità (The Entity), with its motto being Cum Cruce et Gladio (“With the Cross and Sword”), is considered by many experts and historians to be the world's most discreet but greatest intelligence service ever. In fact, the late Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal is quoted as having said in an interview that "the best and most effective espionage service in the world belongs to the Vatican."

Now ask yourself why would a religious order need spies...surely not to be the “prayer police”...but surely to aid in embedding itself into secular operations and governments.

But it was the gaining of both status and wealth that, we believe, allowed for the separation of the Catholic Church into two entities. Now seeing the political Church actually becoming the nemesis of the religious Church...a church trying hard to uphold its sacred teachings in the name of the Kingdom of God all while the political Church seems not to believe in its own faith...one can easily see this separation in action via the overt political leanings and social stances taken by the current Pope...a highly partisan and some say corrupt Pope whose actions reek of liberalism, religious indifference, islamic condoning, and the championing of Agenda 2030. And when all is put together this clearly shows that for the hierarchy of the political Church the quest for earthly power remains unabated to this day.

How so...while Catholics are encouraged to participate in their country's political process and to be well informed voters, they're also encouraged by the political Church to elect only officials who will act on behalf of the so-called common good...a common good that this partisan Pope calls one of the "highest forms of charity.” Translation: elect only those who will obey the misplaced teachings and doctrine of two diametrically opposed Catholic churches with two very different agendas...Dark State in action from one...the turning of a blind eye from the other in an effort to protect the faith along with its religious core teachings and tenets.

Two Catholic churches now being presented to the world as one church yet they are anything but unified let alone aligned for in today’s world the Catholic hierarchy knows very well that it is power alone...raw unabashed political power...that holds the upper hand and calls all the shots as opposed to those who operate within the Church solely based upon the faith. And it's these realists alone who understand that faith is but of the heart while power itself is a tangible entity that one can feel, touch, and manipulate to serve the political Church’s always has been agenda of control. And while the truly noble folks of faith do continue to believe that the Catholic Church’s goal is to unite the world in Christ, certain words in the Bible itself, we believe, also speak of uniting us all under the umbrella of a political Church.

Take for example Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV) which states, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

And while this passage can be taken two ways, with the religious faithful still believing that we are in a spiritual battle against a form of evil that can only be fought with spiritual weapons...with prayers being their sole weapon of choice...the political Catholic Church knows that both the power to deceive and the power to lie...or at least to bend the truth to meet said Church's ultimate what they consider to be the most noble of goals...justifies any and all of their actions taken. And what is the political Church's goal but to unite...to consolidate...all the “principalities” of the world into one power under one government, under one “ruler”...a Catholic based government whose anointed ruler in turn can then meld the two Churches into one thus seeing itself as the bearer of the guiding light that lifts away the religious church's perceived present darkness entrapping man's earthly soul...or to be more tangibly precise, seeing itself as being both the world's peacekeeper and its taskmaster all while amassing for the Church even more wealth, more power, and more control while doing so. And isn't wealth, power, and control what Dark State is really all about...it most assuredly is.

So how is the political Catholic Church pulling all this off while hiding in plain sight...simply by their using mass indoctrination, which now also includes the call for social reconstruction, to instill the fear of God's retribution as a means by which to not only keep the people in line but to manipulate any given government's agenda and policies to align with that of their own. And an operation of this sort launched on a global scale does require major amounts of money with only the Catholic Church as a whole having the kind of money to pull off such a covert operation...an operation that actually started centuries ago through the combined acts of conquest and forced religious conversation.

Silently embedding itself within the world's governments, in more modern times obviously not by outward conquest but by way of the ballot box and even through political appointments, the political Catholic Church still continues to buy properties and continues to see that new churches are being constructed, all while making sure that the collection plate is being passed around every Sunday. And these actions alone have assured that the political Church...that Dark State...will always have free access to what they consider to be a never ending stream of money that comes in to replace the monies going out. And this allows the political Catholic Church to not only continue their masquerading behind what is the religious Catholic Church, but to entwine its tentacles ever deeper into the governments of the world as they silently work behind the scenes to not only consolidate their power into a singular entity so all-encompassing that they cannot be stopped, but that they have amassed enough money to actually set-up the One World government they intend to head...a self-appointed oligarchy of sorts with a specially chosen puppet Pope as its titular head.

And know that while only a pseudo-religious entity like the political Catholic Church can silently hover over us all like an ethereal shadow while at the very same time be smirking like the devil, they do still leave a paper trail by which we can follow not only the money back to them but the power they covertly hold as well.

Covert power and an unlimited supply of money...the only two elements needed for Dark State to achieve ultimate world control...two elements that exist at the heart of the political Catholic Church. And while the money trail itself is easy to follow as the Catholic Church has made no attempt to hide its wealth...the actual power the Church holds is something that has been overlooked. How so...with the Holy See being the central governing body of the Roman Catholic Church, and with said body existing within the world's smallest fully independent nation state...a nation state called Vatican City only 109 acres or 0.2 miles in size...one has to wonder why 88 out of the world's 195 sovereign nations...with the U.S. being one of those nations...would have embassies in such a small confined area...an area that serves no tangible purpose other than its being a religious center point. Why...because those are nations that already see the Catholic Church having deeply embedded itself into their societal norms and thus already have some control over them...again the U.S. included.

And with the religious faithful in those 88 nations readily, every week, refilling the religious Church's coffers...its war chest so to speak...logic alone now dictates that it's the religious Catholic Church who is funding the political Catholic Church, hence, Dark State, even if they don't know it. An unending steam of money makes the Catholic Church the most powerful entity on Earth, and even more ominous is that the Church has the must have components in place...money and infiltration...to be the driving force we call Dark State...thus their being the victor in the war with Deep State.

In conclusion, Deep State as it exists in the U.S. and many other countries exists as a tool of the United Nations employed to push an agenda that would lead to a One World Government under the control of the U.N., but that entity simply lacks the funding and infrastructure to achieve said goal. It is bothersome, as it works to undermine national interests and policies that strengthen individual nations, but in the long run cannot sustain its puppet masters whose sole means of financial gain are tied to membership dues that are in fact dwindling.

Dark State, the political entity of the Catholic Church on the other hand, has the means and the infrastructure necessary to covertly engineer such a goal, and it has interwoven itself into national identities for centuries while amassing the wealth needed to sustain itself from willing and unending donations as garnered by its religious front. But should push come to shove, and force of might become necessary, does the political Catholic Church's Dark State have a fighting force to deploy? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

The political faithful spread around the globe who adhere to the doctrines, tenets, and dogma of the religion would fight if the threat was real and present enough, not for the Dark State end of it, rather for the religious beliefs they don't realize actually fund Dark State. We are not claiming that such a crusade is imminent nor are we saying that it could happen in our lifetime because Dark State has exhibited a great deal of patience for centuries. What we are saying is that the potential does exist, and while some may find this RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS investigative report troubling. and some may label us as heretics or conspiracy theorists, the facts are the facts, and the evidence is there to support our findings.

As the Catholic Church has interwoven itself into the societal fabric of nations around the world, and with 88 nations having political or diplomatic representation inside Vatican City, the smallest sovereign nation on Earth, common sense alone should expose the truth of what RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS has found though this investigative report.

Dark State exists, and there is much more in play here than religious precepts.
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Today Tuesday, March 17th, our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Investigative Report: Deep State vs. Dark State...Part One and Part Two, along with our continuing discussion on why we came to the conclusions that we did, can be heard on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/right-side-patriots-260798913/right-side-patriots-31720-topic-deep-state-vs-dark-state. Hope you can listen in.