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The Color of Betrayal 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

"Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this." - Joe Biden's 1977 words regarding his opposition to school busing
When he was running for president Joe Biden promised black Americans the moon and the stars so to speak, but ten months into his presidency he has delivered to them nothing of substance. Equality and equity in all areas of American life were, as expected, but vote garnering talking points to help him secure the much needed black vote. But not all went according to plan for Joe Biden has proven to be the man who threw black Americans aside in his quest for both the illegal and the far left Democrat-Socialist vote.

And Joe Biden's desertion of black Americans has been rightfully felt not just in his approval ratings dropping amongst black folks, but in his numbers now dropping across the board as well. In fact, a Gallup poll released late last month had Biden's overall approval rating at but 43% with his disapproval rating at 53% (and it's dropped even lower since then)...with a ten point spread being large enough to mean that his once loyal Democrat core supporters are now starting to have serious buyer's remorse. And it's even worse with Independent voters only approving of Biden's overall job performance by a mere 38%.

So when you add in that his support is specifically and rightfully falling amongst black voters, falling from 76% to 71% overall, one can clearly see that it wasn't such a smart move for Biden to throw black Americans under the proverbial bus. And when you break that number down even further, you'll find that said five point drop happened soon after he announced his federal vaccine mandate in early September. And when that number is then coupled with both Biden's handling of the Covid pandemic itself, a nine point drop from 70% to 61% in black support, his net approval rating also dropped 17 points amongst unvaccinated black Americans.

Surely not a good harbinger for the Democrats regarding not only the 2022 mid-term election where black voters might very well turn out in record low numbers... but it could have serious ramification in 2024 as well no matter that the above stated 71% of black voters still approve of Biden's overall job performance. So why ramifications and its accompanying worrisome foreboding...because since early September the number of blacks who specifically disapprove of Biden’s job performance has increased by seven points to 24%, with 14% of said 24% saying that they “strongly disapprove” of said performance...something the Democrat hierarchy never thought could or would happen.

But these ever dismal poll numbers Joe Biden and crew brought upon themselves what with Biden's true agenda most definitely not being agenda that has now proven that Joe Biden really intends to treat black Americans as what amounts to but second class citizens, while illegals continue to reap all of the benefits that used to go to blacks.

And yet black Americans should have seen this coming to some degree, after all Biden's track record regarding blacks is nothing to be proud of. Placating a given group of people in hopes of gaining their support is usually just a cover for betrayal.

And the culmination of Joe Biden's betrayal of black Americans started even before his infamous words spoken in 2003, when he attended the funeral service for overt racist and segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond...the funeral of the very man who filibustered the 1957 Civil Rights Act into but the pages of history...where Biden told those in attendance that Thurmond was a “brave man” whose “lasting impact” was a “gift to us all.”

A racist man's hatred of black people Joe Biden considered a “gift to us all,” and yet his support amongst blacks...while starting to waver a bit...still to this day remains strong.

But know the very portrait of Joe Biden's betraying black Americans goes back further even than that, in fact he's done so off and on throughout his 40+ year long political career...done so especially when it was advantageous to both his then Senate career and to his future ambitions. And here let's just mention but a few of his numerous betrayals regarding black folks...betrayals which starting way back when, in 1970, he became a Delaware county councilman. How an effort to appease Delaware's black voters then Councilman Joe Biden supposedly became an advocate for low-to-moderate income public least on the surface he did. But that support for what in reality was predominately black public housing was very short lived for when Biden earned the scorn of what were his white bigot supporters he not only ran to the press to make sure it was understood that he was not “a Crusader Rabbit championing the rights of people,” but that he voted with the rest of his fellow council members to table said housing project “indefinitely.”

Translation...basically what Joe Biden did was figuratively stab Delaware's then growing black population in the back.

And it gets worse for soon after said council vote Joe Biden campaigned for and won his first term as the then junior Senator from Delaware. And while Biden first served on the Senate Banking Committee, he moved on to the all-important Judiciary Committee in 1977. And it was here where Joe Biden, who as a young man hypocritically took part in a few civil rights protests, not only joined up with others who had tried for years to craft legislation limiting judicial authority to order school busing, but he actually became the Senate’s leading and most vocal opponent of school busing...the very means then used to help desegregate America's public schools.

I happen to think the one way to ensure that you set the civil rights movement further back is to continue to push busing, because it’s a bankrupt policy,” Biden said back in 1977, and vehemently remained against busing throughout his long Senate career. In fact, Biden not only voted against two highly qualified black nominees to the Justice Department simply because of their pro-busing stance, but has tried to down play this entire chapter in his Senate career by saying during one of the 2020 Democrat Presidential debates that he was only opposed to “federally mandated busing.”

Guess lying Joe Biden got his love for the word “mandate” early on now didn't he...but I digress.

Also, back in the 1990s, Joe Biden was the so-called “architect of mass incarceration,” the very antithesis of the call by black activists for legal equality under the law, especially under criminal law. And when Biden called for “mass incarceration,” he, in a way, actually laid the groundwork for the likes of racist black hate groups such as Black Lives Matter to be born.

But yet black Americans continued to support and vote for both Joe Biden and the Democrat party...continued to support a man who throughout the 1980s and 1990s proved himself not to be their friend nor their champion. In fact, in 1994, “architect” Biden authored crime legislation that proved to cause what many considered to be “disproportionate harm” to black people, especially in regards to young black men, as said legislation led to an increase in the number of black men...and to a lesser degree black women...behind bars. Known as H.R.3355...the Violent Crime Controland Law Enforcement act Biden lovingly referred to as the “Biden Crime Bill” saw more prisons being built to house what was considered to be a “disproportionate number” of black men...which again led directly to black anger with more black nationalist groups forming...especially after incarceration rates for blacks rose in number for 14 years thereafter.

And yet again black support for Biden remained strong in most black communities as others in the Democrat party helped to “whitewash,” if you will, both Biden's intent and the bill's ramifications...ramifications which indirectly led to today's battle cry that both systemic and institutional racism is still happening against people “of color.” In fact, a number of today's current lawmakers...lawmakers from both sides of the political agree that increasing imprisonment as well as Biden's bill itself went way too far in regards to the incarceration of black men...most especially young black men.

And so the very man who once described Barack HUSSIN Obama as a “clean and bright and articulate” black man, whether willingly or unwillingly, now wore his contempt for black folks on his sleeve. And yet Obama, the man who called and still calls himself black (he's of mixed race as we all know) willingly chose to put a veiled white racist on his presidential ticket to water down, if you will, the fact that a self-identified black man headed the 2008 ticket. Talk about playing the “race card” to one's advantage no matter that the “race card” is actually counterproductive to the very concept of racial equality, which Biden well knew, and yet he went along with it anyway.

Guess Biden thought it better to ride the on the coattails of a supposed first black president and turn that into a springboard to be president himself...which he obviously did...fraud of course not withstanding.

And so the man who once stated that, “My entire career has been wrapped up in dealing with civil rights and civil liberties,” has as president continued to do harm to black Americans most especially on the economic front. How about the fact that due to his administration's current economic policies black unemployment is at 15.4%, and that during the pandemic black owned businesses, as per an H&R Block survey, saw 53% of black small business owners seeing their revenue drop by half, compared to 37% of white small business owners, thus forcing black owned small businesses to close in much higher numbers than that of white owned small businesses. 

And how about that back in 1984, Biden, in an attempt to help cut the deficit, proposed eliminating what were scheduled to be increases for Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries, the very programs that large numbers of black Americans relied on then and still rely on today in order to economically survive. And it's these same programs that Biden still has no problem cutting back on for in doing so it would free up even more monies to increase the “freebies and handouts” given to our country's ever growing illegal population...given in exchange for their votes of course.

Simply, the Biden administration is, as expected, prioritizing illegals over black Americans.

And this is no matter that Biden's words of appeasement concerning diversity, equality, and the ever dreaded word “equity”...which really translates into keeping black Americans beholden to the government even more so than some black folks already are...for what is Biden's agenda regarding black Americans but about control. And control it must be what with the ever increasing influx of illegals Democrats welcome into our country...illegals who will take jobs away from black Americans and in doing so will drive down black incomes; negatively affect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments to all Americans; and who by their mere presence will make sure that blacks stay at the bottom rung of America's socioeconomic ladder.

And through it all Biden will keep claiming that he has black Americans best interests at heart while his actions surely will prove otherwise. Now if only more black Americans would see the truth that what Joe Biden has given them remains promises made but promises not kept. Case closed. 

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