Saturday, February 2, 2019

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So, Did Paul Ryan Screw Us Out Of A Border Wall When He Became A Lame Duck?
The fight over President Trump’s border wall will probably lead to another shutdown by February 15th. It’s also very possibly Trump whips out the national emergency card to get it done while risking Democrats going apoplectic over this move. Whatever the case, House Democrats aren’t playing ball. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said repeatedly that not one penny will go to a border wall. This is a critical campaign promise. Trump’s 2016 campaign was grounded in building a border wall. Walls work. The Border Patrol knows they work. In fact, those who have been dealing with immigration enforcement know there’s been a border crisis for years, despite most liberal media outlets saying otherwise. The Washington Post’s coverage of Virginia Democrats pushing a bill that would virtually legalize infanticide has been trash, but they did report that Trump was right a crisis developing at the border. The New York Times also reported on it. The government was shut down for over 30 days over this issue before Trump caved and re-opened the government. Now, we’re back to where we were prior to Christmas over the funding, a mere $5.7 billion for just part of the barrier.

The Soros-funded propaganda smear machine Center for American Progress fires staffers for leaks about UAE influence

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

The Center for American Progress is the extraordinarily well-funded, mendacious and subversive hard-Left organization that published a highly deceptive and misleading report on “Islamophobia,” a neologism designed to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression. The CAP is antisemitic as well. And now we see why: it’s on the payroll of […]

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Trump Policies Keep Economic Boom Going As Job Gains of 304,000 Surpass Expectations
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its first monthly Employment Situation Report of 2019, showing that the United States economy is continuing its historic streak of positive job gains in the new year.

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 304,000 jobs in January, far surpassing market expectations (165,000) and above the prior 12-month average gain (223,000). January 2019 marks the 100th straight month of positive job growth and the 16th consecutive month of employment growth of at least 100,000 new jobs. Job gains in December were revised down by 90,000 and November jobs were revised up by 20,000 for a cumulative loss to total employment of 70,000 jobs in the previous months. Nevertheless, despite these downward revisions, the 223,000 average monthly jobs created in 2018 remains well above the pace of monthly job creation in 2016 (193,000) and 2017 (179,000).

Numerous sectors experienced job growth in January, including mining and logging (7,000), transportation and warehousing (27,000), construction (52,000), education and health services (55,000), and leisure and hospitality (74,000). The economy has added 4.9 million jobs since January 2017 and 5.3 million jobs since President Donald J. Trump was elected in November 2016.