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Disassembling Joe Biden 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

The time is always right to do what is right.” 
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Oberlin College commencement speech, 1965 

He just can't help putting his foot in his mouth as the guffaws keep coming. Some are just sarcasm gone horribly wrong while others are cleverly calculated to hurt the target intended, and still others are the byproduct of a man so deep into the throws of dementia that he really does think he's running against himself.  

But what's worse than even individual remarks said is the fact that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden has a history of racist comments going back decades. And while now he's trying to backtrack on his latest remark...the one where during an interview with Breakfast Club host Charamagne Tha God he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black” left his party as well as his campaign team with the task of having to pull Uncle Joe's foot out of his mouth yet again, this time by claiming that the remark was simply “said in jest.”

The thing is, with Uncle Joe you just never know for the man who loves to play “touchy-feely” is being protected at all costs for he is Barack HUSSEIN Obama's last chance for a defacto third term in office. But when one questions the “cultural authenticity” of black Americans who support and voted for President Trump...when one actually questions someone's political loyalties based solely upon the color of their skin...a line has been crossed that even his own party might not be able to pull Biden back from.
And when this same man then told black business leaders that same afternoon that he “shouldn't have been such a wise guy. I shouldn't have been so cavalier” leaves Joe Biden not apologizing for his overtly racist remark but just making excuses for it. Political suicide I'd say if only black Americans...if only Americans of every race, creed, and color...would look at Joe Biden's history of racists remarks, actions taken, and votes cast, for only then will Democrat voters truly understand why JFK must be turning over in his grave. 

And I think South Carolina Senator Tim Scott summed up Biden's latest remark best when he said, "1.3 million black Americans already voted for Trump in 2016. This morning, Joe Biden told every single one of us we 'ain't black. I'd say I'm surprised, but it's sadly par for the course for Democrats to take the black community for granted and brow beat those that don't agree." Sadly, it is and yes it must stop, but the only way for that to happen is to not only examine Joe Biden's history regarding minorities but to get the truth out there for as per the 1968 words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “I still believe that freedom is the bonus you receive for telling the truth. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

And so here is but a sampling of that truth...truth that some will find offensive while others will find eye-opening, but truth nevertheless. And let's start with the fact that during primary season itself Joe Biden was called to task by his Democrat ilk for his support of H.R.3355, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994...commonly referred to as the “crime bill”...a bill Biden actually authored. Passed by Congress and signed into law by then President Bill Clinton, the premise of the bill was that it would help to reverse decades of rising crime, especially violent crime in America's inner cities. But what this bill did instead was lead to an increase in police arrests and subsequent jail time for young black males...young black males whose critics claim were more likely to be targeted, arrested, and having to serve jail time simply because of the black color of their skin. 

Also, this bill opened black America's eyes to the fact that now being broadened was the school-to-prison so-called "pipeline" in addition to its increasing racial disparities in juvenile justice involvement courtesy of its overly harsh penalties for those this bill referred to as “super predators” in low-income black children who had been convicted of multiple, albeit, misdemeanor crimes.   

And you'd think Joe Biden would try to put distance between himself and this bill...a bill that led to an onslaught of headlines claiming that young black males were being targeted by police just for their being black...but what did Joe Biden do instead...he kept arguing during campaign stops that said law had little to no “impact on incarceration numbers,” and that the blame for the increase of young black males being arrested was the fault of state governors because “arrests happen largely at the state level,” In fact, not that long ago Joe Biden yet again defended this law saying that it “restored American cities following an era of high crime and violence.” Tell that to the big city residents of Chicago, LA, Minneapolis, and New York...cities whose crime rates are once again increasing not decreasing.  

So while there were some areas of the bill that were heralded by the Violence Against Women Act and the assault weapons ban...this now law was largely a failure. And its racist overtones would still be lingering on today if President Trump had not signed into law H.R.5682, the First Step Act...a law that increased the number of days prisoners could "shave off" their sentence for good behavior, thus helping to ease their transition back into society.  

So while Joe Biden might have originally tried to portray his original “crime bill” as a good thing, his inner racist shown through via his continued defense of this thankfully now negated law. 

And then there was Senator Joe Biden's opposition to school busing being used as a means to help integrate America's schools. Well, actually Biden flipped on busing because in 1974 he twice voted in favor of school busing but against it in 1975 when he joined then Republican Senator Jesse Helms...a man pegged as being a supporting an anti-busing amendment to an education spending bill. And when said amendment failed, Biden wrote a “narrower measure” that actually disallowed schools from using federal dollars to assign teachers or students based upon race. And his measure passed, 50-43, leaving him to say in a television interview that busing was an “asinine concept” and that he had “gotten to the point where I think our only recourse to eliminate busing may be a constitutional amendment.” 
So the man who wanted to eliminate school busing...a concept that black America favored and in a way led to today's successful voucher program...the man who said regarding busing that, “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a JUNGLE, the JUNGLE being a RACIAL JUNGLE”...proposed instead putting “more money into the black schools” and opening up “housing patterns,” because if we don't “we are going to end up with the races at war.” But the thing is that money alone would not solve black schools problems... integrating the school system coupled with parent involvement possibly could...yet those concepts were lost on Joe Biden then and are still lost on him today.  

And yet now we see Joe Biden trying to temper down his past opposition to school busing...again something black America his saying that his opposition was only to court-ordered busing but not to busing initiated by local communities. “I never, never, never ever opposed voluntary busing,” he recently stated, but pray tell when has busing ever been voluntary” far as I can tell it never has been. 

Now only changing his tune on this issue solely to garner black votes now going to President Trump...Joe Biden is appearing more and more like a closet racist for while he doesn't usually wear racism on his sleeve, it does lay smoldering beneath the surface as his past is now coming back to haunt. 

And a bit more of that past includes Joe Biden saying, back in 1975, that "segregation is good for black people" what with school busing being an overt rejection of the gaining momentum created by the Black Pride movement; his 1988 words calling admitted segregationist Sen. John Stennis (D-MS), the author of the Southern Manifesto which opposed Brown v. Board of Education, a “man of character;” as well as his remarks last September during one of the primary debates alluding to what he considered to be the fact that black parents don't know how to raise their own children. And this alluding came after one of the moderators asked him about white responsibility for America's sins...leaving author Anand Giridharadas to say that Joe Biden's response on how to address the legacy of slavery was “appalling and disqualifying”...basically saying that Joe Biden needed to immediately withdraw from the race. 

So now as Joe Biden's racist-colored past is dominating that which has turned into president wanna-be political theater, the fact remains that no man or woman, whether they be black or white, has the right to question anyone blackness or to try and shame a person of color simply because they support a white president who is trying to make life better for all Americans regardless of the color of their skin. Only a racist themselves...a racist in their heart...would say and do the things Joe Biden has done and said over his (way too) many decades in politics; and only a racist would say his words were but those of someone being a “wise guy.”  

Hate and racism do so go hand-in-hate and Joe Biden has made disparaging remarks not only about blacks but about Jews, Hispanics, and women too...remarks his party and their mainstream media propaganda machine willingly cover and make excuses for which not only adds to the problem but helps perpetrate racism as per their very silence. The simple fact is that Joe Biden does need to drop out of this race...whether of his own volition or whether he's forced out...and it's not just because he's a racist at heart, albeit that alone is reason enough, but because he obviously is not a mentally well men. And when those two factors are combined together a president named Joe Biden would pose a great danger not only to our country but to what would be his position as leader of the free world. 

At the beginning of this article I quoted these words by the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “The time is always right to do what is right.” And Joe Biden has to know somewhere deep inside him that the right thing for him to do now, especially after his recent shameful remark about blacks who voted for Trump, is to remove himself from the presidential race if not for the ethics of it, simply for the fact that the results of the election will surely not be pretty, thus leaving Biden's political legacy to be that of a racist loser. 

By the way, Uncle Joe, you need not attend George Floyd's funeral in Houston, Texas next week as you had planned for you being there is truly quite hypocritical. And besides, your time in the political spotlight must surely now come to an end.
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