Friday, May 20, 2022

(Almost) Daily Meme

The Senator Who Left Biden's Interior Secretary Speechless 
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet
Joe Biden is becoming engulfed in a national energy crisis, and he decided to kill virtually all oil and gas leases in Alaska. He already got the ball rolling on this fiasco when he decided to nix the Keystone Pipeline. It was a bad policy, but one he was forced to make because the environmental Left would have had a coronary. It’s not hard to see gas prices soaring to a national average of $5/gallon by the dog days of summer. This is Joe Biden’s crisis. It’s his fault, and it’s sadistic. These people thought they could ride in and do what they want. You can’t with a 50-50 Senate and a four-seat House majority. So, they’d rather torch our wallets with these policies; it’s intentional. Could it also be a backdoor enaction of the Green New Deal? At least on a partial basis especially with the oil and gas leases? 

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) caught Biden’s Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland dead to rights on the agenda to kill everything regarding oil and gas exploration. It occurred during a budget hearing. Manchin whipped out the Department of Interior’s own documents highlighting their intention to kill the whole...Read more and see tweets and videos here.
Attacks Against Musk Heat Up. Here's How He Responded to the Latest Accusation. 
Leah Barkoukis / Townhall Tipsheet

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, vowing to bring free speech back to the platform, the billionaire has warned that attacks against him will only increase. After a pathetic attempt at a hit piece by The New York Times over his childhood in South Africa, Business Insider is now running with a story about a sexual misconduct claim against Musk.

SpaceX, the aerospace firm founded by Elon Musk, the world's wealthiest man, paid a flight attendant $250,000 to settle a sexual misconduct claim against Musk in 2018, Insider has learned.

The attendant worked as a member of the cabin crew on a contract basis for SpaceX's corporate jet fleet. She accused Musk of exposing his erect penis to her, rubbing her leg without consent, and offering to buy her a horse in exchange for an erotic massage, according to interviews and documents obtained by Insider. Read more and see tweets here.

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