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For staggering sum of $47 trillion dollars, one would think that perhaps this administration could afford a soundtrack under their reckless spending, like the 1970’s Bionic Man had when his binary powers took over.

An original-score sound bed would add drama and color to the spending. The theatrical effect would be that it would make us feel like the spending was doing something.

Instead, all Obama got us was the royalty-free laugh track.

Through 2023 the Office of Management and Budget reports that the accumulated spending by the federal government since the One took over will be $46.5 trillion under Obama’s budget plan.

Wanna see what that looks like to Excel?

I knew you did: $46,500,000,000,000.

That’s no laughing matter.

Because that number is why unemployment- real unemployment, not the headline number- remains higher than at anytime since the Great Depression, five years after the stock market melted down.

Official employment underutilization hovers around 14 percent, but according to ShadowStats, underemployment, as it was calculated prior to 1994, hovers just under 25 percent.

The red line above represents the headline number we all read about on CNBC. The gray line represents underemployment as measured today. The blue line measures underemployment as measured prior to 1994.

The gap between the red, gray and blue lines can only be explained by the large numbers of people who have dropped out of the workforce since 2008.
$6.1 trillion has been added to the national debt since Obama took over and it has bought no jobs, no recovery for Main Street.

This year total government spending will be about $6.4 trillion.

Assuming our GDP is somewhere around $16.5 trillion this year, government spending-to-GDP will come out at about 39 percent of GDP. From 1938 through 1944, the height of the New Deal AND the war effort, federal government spending was only 26.5 percent of GDP.

Whatever it was that cured unemployment in the wake of the Great Depression, it wasn’t government spending per se. 

And that’s true today as we try to spend our way to prosperity.

Look, in World War II twenty million men were largely drafted into uniform who otherwise would have been in the job market. And those men in uniform provided real economic value.

What was the value to the United States economy of a free Europe and Asia?

It apparently had a lot value, because the US economy was able to absorb those twenty million men after the war. At the same time, Harry Truman was able to cut federal government spending from 1945 by almost 70 percent by 1948 with an unemployment rate that was under 4 percent.

Today we are crying about a 2 percent cut in government spending.

In part that’s because the only return that we have gotten on our $6.1 trillion investment in government is bigger government.

The markets, the banks, financial services and capital-intensive industries like autos and housing are making profits, sure, but the regular guy on the street has not benefited.

That’s because the money that the government spent this time around didn’t go to value-creating activities like freeing occupied Europe.

It’s more like it ensured the enslavement of Americans.

The auto industry, to the extent is has been saved, has been saved by people buying cars, not because car companies were given a bailout.

If GM went under, the remaining car companies would have picked up the sales slack and perhaps have gotten healthy earlier. That isn’t to say that the autos are all that healthy. They would be much healthier today if GM had gone through traditional bankruptcy. In essence GM went through a bankruptcy proceeding where Barack Obama presided as judge. The malinvestment that continues thereby remains at GM.

And if the economy falters, GM will be the first to go. 

As to banking, Obama’s process of closing banks, started under Bush, and then consolidating bad loan portfolios while imposing Dodd-Frank bank “reform” on the remaining banks, did nothing to make the crisis better.

It made it worse.

We now have a more fragile banking system, less robust, with more concentrated assets. It too will face a crisis is this fragile economy falters.

Rather than face the music, both parties have attempted to bribe their way through the last 15 years by complex regulation, tax code evasions, shifts and stratagems.

The viewing audience stopped laughing a long time ago, hence the royalty-free laugh track.

This economy isn’t like the economy in 1946.

It doesn’t provide freedom to the oppressed; it oppresses the free.

Don’t laugh: The job numbers prove it.

Apparently, under the new Common-Core standards, correct answers don’t really matter. At least that’s according to a “curriculum coordinator” in Chicago named Amanda August.

“Even if [a student] said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,” said the common core supporter and typical liberal, Amanda. Off course this reasoning explains quite a bit regarding our nation’s 16 trillion dollar debt, and Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that Obamacare was a “deficit reducer.” When you consider that our finest economic leaders in the Federal Reserve, and the White House, think spending more money will result in fewer deficits, teaching that 3 x 4 = 11 (if you explain it well) isn’t really much of a stretch.

See the video here on Common Core teaching...

The left has long sought to bolster self-esteem by downplaying wrong answers in education. Everyone gets a ribbon; a truly disastrous lesson to teach when not everyone is capable of getting a job. And while the how is important in any lesson plan, in the end, the answer should still be correct.

Amanda’s students are going to be in for a world of surprise when their first employer decides that doing the job correctly is more important than demonstrating “with words” an employee’s fundamental failure to grasp the concept of their task.

To the credit of the presumably leftists audience, someone asked if teachers will still be correcting students on math tests. The simple fact that someone had to ask the question should demonstrate the atrocious nature of American education reform. The question “are we still going to correct wrong answers” would seem incomprehensible in a system of honest instruction. Amanda, however, stumbles through a very entertaining non-answer:

“We want our students to compute correctly but the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation, and the how, and the why, and ‘can I really talk through the procedures that I went through to get this answer; and not just knowing that it’s 12, but why is it 12? How do I know that?”

Well. . . Amanda, if they answered “11”, my guess is they won’t be able to answer “how do I know that” to a satisfactory degree. Well, 3 + 4 = 7, and both 3 and 7 are prime numbers. This leaves only 4 left, so we add it to our answer of 7 which is, of course, 11. Another prime number. . . How’d I do? Do I pass? What kind of world do we live in when math becomes a philosophical essay, and not a system of numbers, arithmetic, and simple truths? Well, it’s the same type of world that gives ribbons out to “honorary mentions” and lets every child star in the Christmas “winter” musical.

And this is at the center of Common-Core. At its heart is not an intent to better our failing school system (after all, you don’t do that by praising kids who get basic multiplication wrong) but to instil an altruistic sense of self-worth and liberal flexibility. To the American left, school should be an instrument to instruct children that they can be anything they want, and that the most important thing is life is that you get an “A” for effort.

Of course, I wanted to be an astronaut. . . And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you can’t answer the multiplication problem “3 x 4”, you’re not very likely to move into the highly competitive world of extraterrestrial exploration (although you could run for congress as a Democrat).

Amanda’s purported concentration on making sure children understand what they are taught certainly has its place in the classroom. . . Right behind getting the right answer. But don’t worry: People like Amanda will soon be writing up your child’s lesson plans.

The Death Of Common Sense Is The Death Of The Rule Of Law

by / Personal Liberty Digest

The Death Of Common Sense Is The Death Of The Rule Of Law
Common sense is a crucial support of the rule of law. Without it, the rule of law is dead. The law then stands on air, ephemeral as gossamer and as malleable as Play-Doh.

Common sense is dead in America, slain by the psychopathic ruling class and progressive propagandists teaching America’s youth to pledge fealty to the state at all cost and teaching collectivist claptrap, pseudo history, feelings-based psychobabble and political correctness above reading, writing, arithmetic, history and language arts. Several generations of youths have now grown up devoid of common sense and with little useable knowledge, having had it washed from their minds by the noneducation system.

When people cannot exercise common sense, normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance take over and dominate their thought processes. Normalcy bias is a condition in which the mind is convinced that because something has not happened, then it cannot or will not happen. When faced with a crisis, a person suffering normalcy bias underestimates the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. He is rendered unable to function beyond the level of automaton.

Cognitive dissonance is a condition of confusion. If a person believes a “fact” long enough (whether that fact is the truth or not), he cannot ponder or contemplate information or a question that challenges the “fact.” Even when presented with information that is in obvious conflict with currently held beliefs, the person suffering from cognitive dissonance is unable to process the dissonance and so accepts it as a normal state, i.e. conventional wisdom.

The lack of common sense first came to affect the hoi polloi. This was by the design of the ruling class. It is easier to fool and subjugate an ignorant populace than an intelligent one. Tyrants and despots have for years used the ignorance of their subjects against them. Notable examples include the Catholic church’s ban on non-Latin Bible translations, prohibitions against teaching American slaves to read and write, and the Islamists’ current and long-held ban on education for females.

I have written before that government attracts psychopaths. And while they are present throughout government and are evident by their actions, it is unfair to state that the whole of the elected class, all government functionaries and people in authority are psychopaths or exhibit psychopathic behavior.

Many are simply suffering from a lack of common sense, which creates normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance or confusion. However, because of their positions of authority and status as “leaders” and “decision makers,” they contribute to the lack of common sense suffered by the masses, for they spread it like a cancer.

The lack of common sense is now pervasive throughout government at all levels. Here are some examples:
  • The Federal tax code is now about 70,000 pages long, contains 3.7 million words and is changed on average more than once per day. It is so confusing that 82 percent of Americans pay for help, and 60 percent of them hire a professional accountant or tax preparer. Taxpayers spend almost $28 billion per year to have their taxes prepared. Even the former head of the Internal Revenue Service, Douglas Shulman, hired a professional tax preparer. It is impossible to get a “correct” answer when calling the IRS for help, because you are likely to get as many different answers as the number of different agents you ask. This puts everyone in danger of becoming a “tax cheat” and subject to fines, penalties and imprisonment. The irony is that taxes are not necessary to fund the government. They were instituted as a control measure and a wealth-redistribution scheme.
  • U.S. regulatory bodies — the alphabet-soup agencies charged, ostensibly, with ensuring Americans are protected from fraud and abuse — are corrupt, fascist systems that serve as a revolving door of cronyism between government, large corporations and lobbying organizations. What they actually ensure is almost monopolistic power for favored corporations, redistribution of wealth from the producers to the large corporations via corporate welfare and tax breaks, and favored status when contracts are doled out. Meanwhile, small businesses are regulated and taxed into destitution and forced to shutter their doors and windows.
  • The U.S. government is in a perpetual state of war, and the enemy is defined only as a “terrorist.” But the definition of terrorist has become all-encompassing and ever-changing and applies to whomever the psychopathic elected class determines is a threat to their power, prestige or office. The threat of “terrorist attacks” is used to gin up fear and further oppress the people. Those threats evaporate as quickly as they appear. Yet they are not questioned. The reality is that terror attacks on American soil are most often created by the FBI, CIA or some NGO (non-government organization) working on behalf of the state. In addition to Afghanistan, the United States has assets attacking so-called terrorists in Pakistan, Syria and Yemen (that we know of) and has attacked them in Iraq, Iran and Philippines. Such a fear of “terror” has created a climate in which the government has decided that it can assassinate American citizens by drones without due process, and many people see nothing wrong with this.
  • While the United States fights undeclared wars against al-Qaida in many countries, it is funding and assisting al-Qaida-linked terrorists in others. An example of this is the recent Libyan revolution and the current hostilities in Syria. With U.S. funds, NATO helped terrorists linked to al-Qaida defeat Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s military so that the terrorists could take power. The U.S. was running guns through the Benghazi consulate to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria.
  • The Barack Obama regime, with an assist from the neocon wing of the Republican Party, backed the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in its rise to power in Egypt and Libya. In Egypt, the Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood president was thrown from power by a military coup over his efforts to create an Islamist state and failure to crack down on its attacks on the country’s Coptic Christians.
  • In schools, students are being treated like criminals for the “crimes” of biting their food into the shape of guns, cutting off one-fourth of a sheet of paper (a teacher thought it looked like a gun), wearing T-shirts with gun images and the 2nd Amendment printed on them, bringing small G.I. Joe guns to school and throwing temper tantrums. Zero tolerance policies — the ultimate in no-common-sense policies — have even led to children as young as 3 and 4 being charged with sexual harassment and having permanent marks on their school records.
  • The Missouri chapter of the NAACP is calling for the Department of Justice to investigate an incident in which a rodeo clown donned an Obama mask and asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama run down by a bull. In response to the incident, the Missouri State Fair will force all future clowns to undergo “sensitivity training” mind-alteration therapy for the thought crime of projecting harm on a likeness of the President.
These are just a few examples demonstrating that common sense has been thrown out the window, but the political class and the masses accept as normal. Any questioning of the status quo gets one labeled an extremist, a conspiracy theorist or a “wacko bird.”

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters torch a Christian school, parade nuns through streets as "prisoners of war"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


The persecution of Christians in Egypt continues, perpetrated by the same group that the mainstream media in the West treats as victims. "Egypt: Islamists hit Christian churches," by Hamza Hendawi for the Associated Press, August 18:
CAIRO (AP) — After torching a Franciscan school, Islamists paraded three nuns on the streets like "prisoners of war" before a Muslim woman offered them refuge. Two other women working at the school were sexually harassed and abused as they fought their way through a mob. 
In the four days since security forces cleared two sit-in camps by supporters of Egypt's ousted president, Islamists have attacked dozens of Coptic churches along with homes and businesses owned by the Christian minority. The campaign of intimidation appears to be a warning to Christians outside Cairo to stand down from political activism....
Nearly 40 churches have been looted and torched, while 23 others have been
attacked and heavily damaged since Wednesday, when chaos erupted after Egypt's military-backed interim administration moved in to clear two camps packed with protesters calling for Morsi's reinstatement, killing scores of protesters and sparking deadly clashes nationwide....
Many Morsi supporters say Christians played a disproportionately large role in the days of mass rallies, with millions demanding that he step down ahead of the coup....
While the Christians of Egypt have endured attacks by extremists, they have drawn closer to moderate Muslims in some places, in a rare show of solidarity.
Hundreds from both communities thronged two monasteries in the province of Bani Suef south of Cairo to thwart what they had expected to be imminent attacks on Saturday, local activist Girgis Waheeb said. Activists reported similar examples elsewhere in regions south of Cairo, but not enough to provide effective protection of churches and monasteries.
Waheeb, other activists and victims of the latest wave of attacks blame the police as much as hard-line Islamists for what happened. The attacks, they said, coincided with assaults on police stations in provinces like Bani Suef and Minya, leaving most police pinned down to defend their stations or reinforcing others rather than rushing to the rescue of Christians under attack.
Another Christian activist, Ezzat Ibrahim of Minya, a province also south of Cairo where Christians make up around 35 percent of the population, said police have melted away from seven of the region's nine districts, leaving the extremists to act with near impunity.
Two Christians have been killed since Wednesday, including a taxi driver who strayed into a protest by Morsi supporters in Alexandria and another man who was shot to death by Islamists in the southern province of Sohag, according to security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information.
The attacks served as a reminder that Islamists, while on the defensive in Cairo, maintain influence and the ability to stage violence in provincial strongholds with a large minority of Christians.

Attorney for Fort Hood jihad massacre victims: Obama and Army "twisted rules" to avoid admitting that Hasan is a jihadist

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


I received this email today from Neal M. Sher, attorney for the victims of Nidal Hasan's murderous jihad attack at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009.
As the attorney for the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre, and their families, I can say unequivocally that at every turn the Administration and the Army have twisted rules, regulation and common sense into pretzels to avoid acknowledging what Hasan himself has admitted prior to the attack and now in court: that he is a committed and devout jihadist who is fighting for an enemy. 
The question which needs an answer: in light of his admission why has he not been tried for treason, as was Bradley Manning? While his crimes are most serious, he's not a mass murderer.
Egyptian Democratic Coalition Responds to Obama 
The National Salvation Front, a coalition of pro-democratic and secular parties in Egypt, set out its objections to remarks made by President Barack Obama Thursday on the escalating violence in Egypt.

Led by Ahmed Said of the Free Egyptians Party, the group issued the following letter:

"Like most Egyptians, we listened with attention to your statement on Egypt's latest developments. As representatives of the non-Islamic political forces in Egypt, we believe in the same fundamental values on which the U.S. was founded. Be we also have 7,000 years of civilization and history that give us a special identity that we are fighting to keep since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

"Let us first inform you about who the Muslim brothers are: They’re an unlawful organization operating outside the realm of Egyptian law, receiving foreign funding and laundering money in a flagrant breech of international law. Their aim is to rule the world through a so-called Islamic Caliphate as they believe in their absolute supremacy.

"They pretend they are God’s emissaries and they will not rest until they have forced the whole world into submission. For them, Egypt is the launching pad to achieve their fascist dream. Their international reach spans the globe and they command the hearts and minds of many unsuspecting politicians. They have used deceit, soft speeches, international funds and whenever required, violence,  to impose their will.

"The rule of (deposed President Mohammed) Morsi showed how in less than a year they abused the people, reneged on their promises and overturned the rule of law by issuing constitutional diktats monopolizing the judiciary as well as the legislative arms of the state. This was enough to impeach any president in a democratic nation. Unfortunately, Egyptians couldn’t refer to their Supreme Sourt as it was besieged by thugs for over 60 days back in November of 2012.

"So finally, Egyptians took to the streets and this century’s second Egyptian 'peaceful unarmed' revolution took place in June 2013 to recall the president and reject the rule of the Brotherhood. Egyptians deposed their president not because he was not inclusive, as you so kindly represented, but because he broke his constitutional oath and became another dictator reminiscent of the previous dictator this same great people of Egypt removed in January 2011. This was the will of the people that the West is now trying to bend pretending they are doing so in the name of democracy with no intention of interfering in Egyptian affairs!

"Now, I would like to address a few points in your address:

"Despite the perception, well-intentioned or ill-intentioned, history will tell of a Western media consistently portraying only one side — the Islamist's. We have to let you know some facts and some truth.

"Since July 3, 2013, the day deposed President Morsi was ousted by popular demand of millions of Egyptians, the Western media and prominent emissaries from the U.S. and Europe have consistently described the sit-ins that paralyzed a large part of Cairo as 'peaceful demonstrations.' They chose to ignore what was happening across Egypt from torching churches and killing randomly and destroying private and public properties.

"Mr. President, peaceful demonstrators do not have the capacity to kill more than 50 police personnel in just a few hours.

"Peaceful demonstrators do not attack a police station with RPG and kill the police chief and his deputies, strip them of their clothes and drag their naked bodies down the street.

"Peaceful demonstrators do not threaten Christians with genocide as many of the Muslim Brotherhood declared in hate speeches from the sit-in stage.
Peaceful demonstrators do not raise the black flags of al-Qaida while marching with pictures of bin Laden and al Zawahri on their chests.

"While the Western media was focusing yesterday on the clearing of the sit-ins, more than 45 attacks were made on Christian installations across Egypt, resulting in the torching of 19 churches and cathedrals, some built in the 6th Century.

"The list goes on, but your intelligence reports will enlighten you, we are sure. The
attached video here will also give you an idea.

"Mr. President, it is important that you see reality, especially that the great American people have themselves suffered from the darkness of Islamists and unfortunately thousands of great Americans died from their terror.

"The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist allies have never known and will never know peace. It might be useful to remind you that these same people had a three-week sit-in that started on the next dawn after election day and lasted almost two weeks to declare that they will burn Egypt if their candidate is not declared the winner.

"Mr. President, we are on the side of freedom, we are on the side of human rights. We are on the side of justice for all. We also hurt to see mothers mourn their children and children mourn their parents. Have you seen, Mr. President, the video clip of the Muslim Brotherhood supporter throwing 14-year-old children off the roof of a six-floor building? One mother died of sorrow when she saw the video clip of her son thrown off the building. She did not have time to mourn.

"Today Mr. President, you chose to consider one side of the picture and to punish the Egyptians by cancelling Operation Bright Star. Well Mr. President, Operation Bright Star means nothing to most Egyptians, but it is the misunderstanding and misleading of the American people that we care most about. Egyptians have always stood by the American people when attacked by terrorists because we are freedom lovers and individual liberty champions like the American people. The only difference is that we have always been deprived of these great principles and rights.

"Is it too much for Egyptians today to have the support of the American people during our own war on terror? How can the same group be named terrorists in the U.S.A. and peaceful demonstrators in Egypt?

"How can these be the ones the U.S.A. will never negotiate with while the U.S. government demands that Egyptians not only negotiate with them but also partner with them in the building of modern Egypt?

"Mr. President, the interest of peace in the region is served best by truly peace-loving people and democratic values.

"Finally, Mr. President, we hope that this letter will get your attention for, after all, we are now representing the majority. Our present government represents us, the secular, civil and liberal political forces. We hope that you will find it of value to probe more and investigate more and ask more. When you do, we are ready to come to you in a small delegation and discuss and explain more. We are sure that you will realize that, after all, Egyptians are indeed a great people deserving a great future."

This administration must do right by those who keep us safe and free
By: Diane Sori

While right now most are focused on the turn of events in Egypt and how they will affect the entire Middle East region, there is an event going on right here at home that must NEVER be forgotten...the plight of our veterans and our troops as they return home…a plight made worse under the Obama administration.

Every year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Barack HUSSEIN Obama makes oh so nice phony speeches for his photo-op library, but photo-ops do NOT a veterans crusader make. And a crusader is what our veterans need right now for the facts and problems speak for themselves.

Here are just a few facts that might surprise you about how this president and his administration truly feel about our veterans:

Fact: Over 67,000 veterans are currently homeless. These brave men and women who wore our country's uniform risked their lives every day to keep us safe and free at home yet when some returned home they found they had NO home to go to. And sadly, veterans are more likely to be homeless than the general population as they currently represent 14% of all homeless adults in the United States, with double that number homeless at some point during the year. And within that 67,000 figure the number of female veterans who are homeless has grown during this administration as well.

Fact: The VA has been criticized for delays in disability claims as some lawmakers and veterans’ advocates say the Pentagon is falling short on its responsibilities to returning troops because of cuts due to the sequestration. And while the VA itself is shielded from the automatic cuts under said sequestration, the personnel reductions at the Pentagon affects the over half million veterans (up from the 11,000 in 2009) that have been waiting for at least 125 days to have their benefit claims processed so they can get the help and services they need.

And that delay is just for physical injuries (such as the 1,600+ who have lost a limb; the 156 who are blind; the over 177,000 with major hearing loss; and the thousands who are disfigured so badly that they may need total or partial facial reconstruction).

The Department of Veterans Affairs also estimates that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide each day from PTSD when they could have been helped (a number that now exceeds the number dying on the battlefield, translating into the fact that combat vets now account for roughly 20% of all suicides in this country). In fact, one study recently disclosed that about one-third of all military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq were officially determined to be mentally ill by government officials examining them, yet many in authority still do NOT realize that PTSD is just as serious as physical injuries. And many, actually the vast majority of those in need of mental help, find that they have to wait more than half a year just to get an appointment at a VA facility because of the paperwork and claims delays. And veterans with PTSD do NOT have a half a year to wait for help.

Fact: Today it takes military vets in need of ongoing treatment an average of seven months just to get an appointment at a VA facility, and this along with the Obama plan to limit military pay raises to 0.5% in 2015; along with a prescription drug fee increase as early as next year for active-duty and retiree families; and along with the fact that anyone who retires from the military will face higher out-of-pocket costs for health care is all just totally unacceptable.

And it’s all about priorities for funding…or should I say a lack of federal funding…for our troops and veterans are just NOT a priority for this president.

And priority funding would greatly reduce veterans’ homelessness if permanent funding both on the federal and state levels was put in place for our vets along with discharge services, affordable housing with rental assistance, supportive services for those with mental illness or those suffering from substance abuse and addiction, and for those with physical disabilities, because many of those problems are the result of service-induced trauma and injury. And if these issues were addressed when our troops were being discharged, along with the VA assessing the housing status of veterans as they leave active service, the numbers of homeless veterans would drop substantially.

Priority funding would also help guarantee adequate monies for VA health care without the undue delays and restrictions currently happening. It would be nice to see both Congress and this administration working together to make sure that the advance appropriations estimated for FY 2014 are adequate enough to meet the projected demand for veterans’ health care needs, and that those amounts were authorized into the FY 2014 Appropriations Act, in addition to making sure that sufficient funding is worked into the administration’s FY 2015 request as well.

It would also be nice if the Obama administration and Congress would provide a construction appropriation amount sufficient enough to address as many as five of the VA’s highest priority research facility’s construction needs in FY 2014 (as identified in it facilities assessment report) along with allocating $175 million for minor construction, maintenance, and repair funds dedicated exclusively to renovating existing research facilities.

The Administration and Congress should also provide $611 million or more in funding for the VA Medical and Prosthetic research program (so many of our troops are coming home minus arms and legs…or both) in FY 2014 to allow for appropriate program growth and to cover anticipated inflation.

Also, Congress should authorize a role for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to monitor and report on VA budget formulation in the advance appropriations process. Congress should debate and consider authorizing advance appropriations for all VA accounts, NOT only those associated with VA health care, but also for those covering programs all other benefits and services that the VA provides to sick and disabled veterans.

And lastly, the administration and Congress, if serious about supporting our veterans and returning troops, should provide adequate funding to support the Transition Assistance Program and Disabled Transition Assistance Program to make sure that all transition service members (active or reserve component) receive proper services through their transition period.

All this is the least this administration and Congress can do for those brave men and women who proudly wear or did wear the uniform of the United States of America. Getting screwed because of dollars and cents can NO longer be allowed for this president continues to take our taxpayer dollars … BILLIONS of dollars… and sends those dollars to muslim countries out to kill us instead of redirecting ALL those monies towards helping our veterans and returning troops…the very ones protecting us from those out to kill us.

Our veterans and returning troops MUST take priority over anything else, because without the sacrifices of these heroes we might NOT be the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’.