Thursday, April 15, 2021

Weapons of Cultural War
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

A simple American culture dead? In a not so simple least the culture most of us grew up in is, and if it's not dead it's on serious life support. And the culture I speak of is a culture where freedom was valued above all else and where “liberty and justice for all ” had not yet become media-driven frowned upon sentiments. Such a sad commentary on today's America we are currently baring witness to.

America...“the land of the free and the home of the brave” has now, at least in the political realm, become a land where a “placeholder president” gets away with ruling by executive order while his political opponents cower in fear of being called “racists”...“racists” in the broadest and most twisted sense of the in those being perceived to be driven by narrow-minded bigotry of anything proposed by or initiated by the left.

America...a once true melting pot of blended races and cultures is now anything but as the voices of certain minorities seem to override the majority and dominate both common sense and the political discourse, while at the same time seeing these same folks completely separating themselves from what was once viewed as the sum of American culture. And this in turn has now filtered down into becoming broad based cultural biases, biases not without merit, yet biases having little or nothing to do with race or ethnicity per se, while having everything to do with politically driven anti-American ideologies.

In other words, intolerance morphing directly into abject censorship. A special form of ostracism where tolerance of differences actually becomes selectively enforced offensiveness.

And what better way to describe such anti-American ideologies than with the two words “cancel culture”...the movement trying to erase and rewrite American history if tearing down statutes, removing paintings, and other such foibles changes actual emphatically does not and will not for what was...was...period. Now going against not only our American way of life and what is basically western prevailing societal norms, values, and ethics, the adherents of this ideology, for the most part, are black malcontents who thinks today's white folks owe them something for their ancestors past; are spoiled rich white kids with too much time and money on their hands; or are those liberal sorts who love using race and misplaced sensibilities to force their opponents into both political and cultural submission.

Now being given free reign by the Democrat powers that be to publicly shame those who don’t agree with them, “cancel culture” has become a movement trapped in a highly focused yet extremely dangerous group-think sort of mentality whose mission, if you will, is to lay assault on our traditional sense of moral law and order as well as on American cultural and religious values, and they're doing so in order to gain the upper hand over the multitudes of cowardly politicians too afraid to initiate any sort of action to oppose them. And the mainstream media, who while pushing forward their own self-fabricated brand of anger and hate based solely upon politically generated lies and innuendos, relishes in reaping both a ratings bonanza and large financial advertising rewards by actually giving, not only the adherents of said “cancel culture” a voice, but by giving the adherents of what's now called “woke culture” a platform as well...a platform by which they too can speak out and oppose any and all things American and to do so without fear of either media or political reprisal.

But what exactly is this somewhat new ideology known as “woke culture?” It simply is the now favored media description du jour of those progressive sorts who have suddenly and oh so miraculously “woken up” in become “aware”...of what they perceive to be not only ongoing unaddressed racial discrimination issues but other assorted social injustices here in the U.S. as well, including the standard plethora of leftist issues...climate change, abortion, inclusion, fossil fuels, illegals, etc...that are both the hallmark and calling card of those out to destroy our beloved America. 

And while the whole idea of being “woken” has its origins in black culture, it's now being used as a catchall phrase in the political discourse sarcastically said of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that uses the hashtag #staywoke to reignite both the overt animosity and the physical flames of racial tension that was slowly starting to temper down here in our country... animosity and a path towards said flames that (I believe) was actually deliberately initiated and set by Barack HUSSEIN Obama courtesy of his infamous words, “If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin.”

Simply, the joint ideologies...the joint weapons of cultural war...of both cancel culture” and “woke culture”...has not only divided our country into warring political camps, but into actual race-bating camps as well...camps that do not even bother to hide the fact that their goal is to openly pit black folks against white folks, and law and order folks against a criminal element now being given free reign to run amok by an administration run amok itself. And while “cancel culture's” and “woke culture's” adherents claim that what they do is based upon their first amendment right to free speech, their (supposed) striving for racial equality, and their right to the “pursuit of happiness,” they in turn willingly and knowingly deny those very same rights to those of us who oppose them.

But the truth is that both “cancel culture” and “woke culture” are just more of the ugliness that is “political correctness”...“political correctness” on steroids that will, in time, run its course with the only difference in their modus operandi in today's America being the using of a new deemed more hip vernacular to address the same old tired, over-played issues that surface when election years roll around, especially when a change in political power is looming. And while some folks hope that things will change for the better and do so in a more timely manner, reality itself has proven that change will not come via intimidation, threats, or political coercion, but will only come with yet another change in administration. And really, no one in either party has the power to wave the proverbial magic wand or sprinkle enough unicorn fairy dust to make lasting and positive change happen any sooner than destiny dictates.

Simply, only time and the maddening futility of still non-existent events will determine whether things, no matter the label du jour attached to them, will change our country's current status quo unless “We the People” rise up to claim the ultimate sort after in the America we remember and long in “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” a land where "liberty and justice for all" is the true order of the day.

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