Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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Hillary's Hand is On the Wiretapping Too
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

While everyone has been media directed and focused on Obama as ground zero of the wiretapping of Trump's private residence...which he is...what the media does not want us zeroing in on is the fact that it was Hillary who leaked the entire Russian 'supposed' connection via a tweet...meaning she is just as guilty as Obama because she 'leaked' supposed classified information. Remember, if Obama goes down Hillary goes down and visa versa. Protect Obama, Hillary is protected as well...and notice Hillary has NOT said a word concerning this entire fabricated fiasco...a fiasco concocted and carried through solely to try and assure that she wins the presidency.
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The Manipulation of Willful Ignorance  
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last Friday my Right Side Patriots partner and friend Craig Andresen and I laid out via our Investigative Report: 'Obama's Treasonous Shadow Exposed' the case for why we believe Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s puppet master is the United Nations with their joint goal being the implementation of Agenda 2030 starting while he was president and reaching fruition while Hillary was president...an agenda that would then morph into the ultimate authority known as Vision 2050...with all national sovereignty lost to one-world government domination and control under the auspices of the very United Nations itself.

And to that effect new developments seem to be coming to the forefront daily...one of which is that Obama himself and his administration are now (rightfully) being accused of wiretapping the private residence of then candidate Donald Trump...which is not only an abuse of executive power but, I believe, is a covert act of treason. An act of treason as said act was done deliberately and with malice by the now former president who outwardly supported and campaigned for the now sitting president’s opponent... and done so in a concerted effort solely to prevent a Trump presidency...the very presidency he knew would thrown a wrench into the U.N.'s timetable for its must be met agenda as well as into the agenda of those who think they still control the game.  

But as is the usual scenario when a novice plays chess with a chess master the novice will usually lose.

 “Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country...Anyone who cannot condemn the hatred, oppression and violence of radical Islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our president.”

These were the very words said by chess master Donald Trump while still on the campaign trail where he reiterated the words “radical islamic terrorism” over and over in an attempt to get the doubters to understand who and what the true enemy is...to get the doubters to understand that if you cannot call the enemy by name you simply cannot win a war against that enemy.

Donald Trump clearly understands who the enemy is and he is not afraid to say it...that is why he now controls the chessboard and Hillary Clinton does not.

Now think back to the words of the novice...the former community organizer and media-anointed president...one Barack HUSSEIN Obama...who stated that the only way to win this war is to “win the hearts and minds of the enemy”...along with words that he would fight not a "war on terror," but an "overseas contingency operation." But what can you expect from a man not even knowing the game let alone how to play it...from a man who as president had his very first meeting with a foreign leader being not with an American ally but with Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the ‘so-called’ Palestinians, thus setting the stage for the clash of civilizations nightmare that is the Middle East...a nightmare that we still are embroiled in today.

And now we have these words from a most unlikely of men...a man represented by the pawn...a man who said words to the affect that the term “radical Islamic terrorism” specifically...”angers the Muslim world, stokes anti-American fires, and endangers U.S. troops and national security.”
And these words and sentiments...a wee bit too close for comfort to the underlying feelings and agenda of Obama ...came directly from the very mouth of President Trump’s new National Security Advisor, three-star Lt. General H.R. McMaster. Saying these words in a 2014 speech given at the Carnegie Council, McMaster stated his opinion that the U.S. must now partner with people in muslim-majority countries to defeat groups like what he called and still calls ISIL instead of who they are...ISIS...McMaster also added that to win such conflicts U.S. forces must understand the history and social dynamics of the countries it is fighting in, and to have “empathy for the people among whom these wars are fought.”

But now it has been reported that Genaral McMaster also repeated similar words to that affect in a closed-door meeting with President Trump in the days leading up to last week’s speech before the Joint Session of Congress. Advising President Trump, his chief speechwriter, and senior policy adviser Stephen Miller not to include the words “radical islamic terrorism” in this or in any future speech, McMaster also continues to say when asked that the “terrorist” threat America faces has nothing to do with “true” islam. Thus, McMaster clearly shows that he either does not understand who the enemy is or that this once great military tactician...the very man who designed and orchestrated ‘the surge’... has become ‘soft,’ if you will, as to the truth about those who wish to kill us all.

Rightfully being overruled by President Trump regarding his speech to Congress...Trump stood steadfast before the podium and looking directly into the camera let the world know that “radical islamic terrorism” is indeed the enemy facing today’s civilized world. And kudos to him for saying the words that so desperately not only needed to be said but also needed to be heard.

So why did President Trump choose McMaster as the replacement for General Flynn, his first and so-wanted choice...a man who bravely let the world know via a tweet the truth that the “fear of Muslims is RATIONAL” and who was basically forced to resign his position because the left raised such a brouhaha over his (gasp) having a telephone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak? Why did Trump choose a man who in a 2015 speech at the University of South Florida say that “the military-industrial complex may represent a greater threat to us than at any time in history”...the very military-industrial complex that Trump is trying so hard to rebuild after the eight years of Obama’s cutting our military expenditures to lows not seen in decades? 

And why did President Trump choose a holdover from the Obama administration and a man he reportedly had a face-to-face conversation with only once before he chose him instead of the all-around more qualified man on all matters international...as in former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton...the man most on our side wanted...why?

Well folks the answer to those whys is two-fold...first, because Donald Trump is indeed the consummate chess player and second, because in this game where the pieces on the board are forever moving and interchangeable he actually did choose Bolton.

Let me explain.

While there is no questioning that General McMaster is a brilliant strategist and masterful military tactician, as his ‘surge’ and his role as a counter insurgent in Tal Afar in 2005 and 2006 did help win the war to which Obama then went ahead and lost the peace, he is, as I previously stated, a holdover from the Obama administration. One of the generals not fired by Obama when he purged his command of generals he deemed ‘not loyal’ to his way of fighting the enemy...or should I say not fighting the enemy...McMaster held and still holds tight to Obama’s politically correct rhetoric that islam is a religion of peace hijacked by those using islam to push forward their terrorist agenda.

But we know or should know by now that islam is nothing but an all-encompassing political system hiding behind the guise of calling itself a religion and that islam’s most (un)holy of books, the qur’an, actually commands its followers to do exactly what the terrorists and jihadis are doing...as in kill we infidels where ever they may find us.

So with that said, even more credence can be given to McMaster's true stance on islam as per the first words he said to his new staff after his assuming the advisory position...words to the affect that he considered the term “radical islamic terrorism” both unhelpful and counterproductive, and that eliminating that term would be “an improvement” in how we fight the enemy. And when the very man charged with advising the president on all things islamic does not understand that the word “islamist” in and of itself describes the radical fundamentalists who are following to the letter the sharia based government and society that islam mandates, and that the term in question in no way encompass all muslims, then we have a major red flag here.

And when that very same man adds to the discourse that the term "radical islamic terrorism" actually "alienates" moderate muslims who view these words as both an indictment and condemnation of their religion...what that man...that general...willingly chooses to ignore is the fact that if one remains silent and does not vocally condemn the actions of the islamists than one actually condones said actions, and when you couple that with the qur’an commanded act of taqiyya used to promote islam at all costs, than we have yet another red flag being raised.

But know that master chess player Donald Trump surely knows this as well as he knows the moves needed to checkmate the Democrats who are fighting him on each and every one of his cabinet picks. With General Flynn’s resignation and with the Democrats then focused on any and all of Trump's replacement National Security Advisor possibilities, what better way to get a new choice easily confirmed than to pick a man whom the Democrats would have no problem confirming...a Democrat he cleverly used as a decoy...as a pawn to face the public...while I believe that behind the scenes Ambassador John Bolton is the man giving the president advice that actually makes sense when having to deal with an illogical situation.

Remember when a stone-faced President Trump announced from his Florida ‘winter’ White House that an equally stone-faced General McMaster would be his pick to replace General Flynn, do not forget that he also made it clear that Ambassador John Bolton would be serving in some still to-date unnamed security advisory position. And that makes perfect sense since McMaster and his beliefs about islam and the enemy we face are diametrically opposed to that of President Trump, meaning logic dictates that the only reason to pick such a man would be to use said man as a decoy...as a front...all while he gets things done behind the scenes the way they truly need to get done and doing so without the fake news media and the Democrats questioning every presidential decision he makes.

And getting things done means getting the truth and advice about the enemy we face from Ambassador Bolton and then following through with that advice via the ultimate military tactician...a man of strength in the so-called 'art of war' know as Secretary of Defense General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis...with the Democrats now having been checkmated without them or even General McMaster knowing it as willful ignorance most times does indeed come back to haunt.

Checkmated by the man who knows not only the ‘art of the deal’ but by the man who knows well how to play the chess game called politics while being the consummate ‘non-politician politician.’

Further proof of this can be seen in the fact that with the Democrats stonewalling all President Trump’s cabinet picks, and with their daily attacks on good men already chosen...men such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions...it becomes obvious that their goal is to upturn and stop each and everything Trump is trying to do to ‘Make America Great Again’ for they know that if he is succeeds in doing so then Agenda 2030 and its follow-up Vision 2050 becomes a total and complete no-go. 

And a no-go to the puppet masters at the U.N. means not only that their vision of a one-world government will come crashing down on them, but that much expected fallout will render the Democratic party here in the U.S. forever impotent to do the U.N.'s bidding. And know there will be a very serious price to pay if that happens.

A vicious cycle for sure yet a cycle that has come full circle with General McMaster being the pawn in the Donald Trump controlled chess game called politics...a game that can have only one winner and that winner must forever be these United States of America for if it is not then the entirety of the world loses not only its present but its future as well.
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Today, Tuesday, March 7th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the manipulation of willful ignorance, those who live in glass houses..., and important news of the week.