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Vaccine No...Antidote Yes
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio
Let me start by saying I am not a conspiracy sort... never have been, never will be. I do not believe in random chance, coincidences that are anything but, or that the boogie man and or the devil...whichever persona one chooses to invoke here...lurks in the dark. I am and will remain a person driven by science and mathematical facts...tangibles if you will...with little use for supposition when it's based upon unchecked emotions or religious tenets alone. It's just who I am... accept me as is or damn me to hell, that choice is yours, but know that when one takes emotions, religion, and an overtly media-biased political agenda out of any given mix indisputable facts tend to surface more times than not.

And what now has surfaced as fact is that the Chinese virus we know as COVID-19 appears to have cured all the world's other medical woes...or so it seems...for honestly have you heard anything news wise about the seasonal flu's reemergence, cancer numbers either increasing or decreasing, chicken pox or measles outbreaks which usually tend to occur at this time of the year, or anything medical besides COVID-19...I sure haven't and I bet you, dear reader, haven't as well. It's COVID, COVID, COVID, 24/7 ad-nauseum...a media generated political diversion if ever there was one especially when a diversion was desperately needed to keep our minds off what was sure to be an election the Democrats would lose or if they did win it would be by voter fraud alone.

And also know as fact that while COVID-19 (actually SARS-CoV2) did indeed spread worldwide thanks to the Chinese not giving a damn, here in the U.S., as I write this, roughly 12.4 million out of 331+ million Americans have been diagnosed as having caught China's little gift to us. But...and here's where some might indeed balk...12.4 million Americans infected out of 331+million equates to an epidemic not a pandemic...worldwide maybe when all countries totals are added up but assuredly not here...for the 12.4 million infected equates to only about 3.6% of our county's total population. 

And while COVID-19 is indeed a serious disease, no one is denying or making light of that, its numbers here in the U.S. are nowhere near the scope of the “Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917-1918” where 500 million people were infected...which then equated to about one-third of the world's population...leaving upwards of 50+ million people dead. And here in the U.S. about 28% of the then population of 105 million became infected, leaving 675 thousand Americans dead. Now compare that 675 thousand number to the 257 thousand now dead from COVID-19, and one can see that COVID-19 in our country is indeed epidemic in nature but has thankfully not reached the level of a true pandemic...although the word “pandemic” has proven to be what keeps the media generated fear ongoing.

So while some will say I'm just playing word semantics, know most assuredly I am not for remember this all-important fact as well...during the Spanish flu pandemic little medical intervention was given as not much was known about viruses back then let alone how to treat them, and yet all on its own the virus ran its course not to return. What we now refer to as
“herd immunity” had unknowingly been allowed to build up naturally with the virus then being denied its human host. However, with regards to COVID-19, medical intervention is everywhere from medicines administered to ventilators enabling those seriously affected being able to breathe and survive, yet no so-called "rescue therapies" exists to actually halt the disease once caught. And with COVID-19 not slowing down but actually increasing in both scope and numbers, everyone is looking to the promised and soon to be distributed vaccine as being the solution to a disease either not being allowed to run its natural most viral afflictions usually do...or is there more to COVID-19 than what appears on the surface... as in something that must be hushed up.

Think of it in more simplistic terms...the Spanish flu did disappear on its own while COVID-19 hangs around not just unabated but now is reemerging both here in our country and abroad...and it's doing so seemingly in a much stronger version of itself while pharmaceutical companies are rushing to get vaccines on the market. But are vaccines really the answer as it's a well known fact that viruses tend to morph from year to year thus making last years vaccine almost impotent in nature or worse...allowing one's immune system to actually become “compromised” and thus more susceptible to the newer viral strain than it would normally be without said vaccine. 

And know I am not one of those anti-vaccine folks, actually I am pro-vaccine, for I know vaccines have saved countless millions of lives that otherwise would have been lost, but what I am is leery of is a rushed to market COVID-19 vaccine because I have a sneaky suspicion that what is needed to stop COVID-19 is not a vaccine but an antidote...please let me explain.

First, one must know the difference between a vaccine and an antidote. Simply, a vaccine protects one from catching a given disease by boosting the body’s ability to fight that particular disease...a preventative if you will; while an antidote counteracts (reverses, rescues, and cures) the ill effects of a particular toxin, chemical, drug or poison, but it does so only after the individual has been exposed to such.

Now knowing these key differences along with the fact that up until early September we all saw the Chinese virus starting to wane here in the U.S., it seemed quite odd that as we got closer to the election the number of folks infected started to not only dramatically increase, but we saw the media rushing to report that said increase was due to a combination of what they called “rapidly encroaching colder weather,” and that people were no longer wearing masks or “social distancing” as they should...something I was not buying into. And this left me facing the possibility that with said sudden escalation not being the norm with what are other naturally occurring corona viruses...especially a virus that was now responding to medical intervention... that behind the scenes the virus had somehow been “manipulated” into becoming a politically generated bio-weapon of sorts...a political "Hail Mary" pass if you will to use as a last ditch attempt against President Trump...the man who if not for the virus's presence would have blown the election away.

And I also am beginning to believe that said (if it occurred) “bio-manipulation” allowed COVID-19 to be released either through an aerosol delivery system or in an injectable form of sorts, both that could be targeted towards a given population where and when specifically this case the key battleground states...states who indeed saw increases in COVID-19 cases. And it could be delivered either through the water supply, the air we breathe, or even injected into the foods we buy at the grocery store. And for someone who is assuredly not of the conspiracy mindset, let me present to you some tangible facts to back up what is really but my own educated supposition.

So let's briefly start with the basic concept of bio-weaponry itself...commonly referred to as germ it relates to COVID-19. Simply, bio-weapons encompass the deliberate releasing of an agent on an unsuspecting this case a corona virus...that causes a specific in COVID-19. And while U.S. public health officials already have in affect a system that prioritizes the risk factor of already known biological agents (smallpox for example) as it relates to our national security...especially in regards to agents (like COVID-19) that can be transmitted from person to person and/or through the's important to remember that most pathogens already do exist in nature but that only some are of the kind whose delivery (and I'm not talking the likes of Bashar al-Assad's nerve gas bombs) can be “manipulated” or “engineered” especially into aerosol form.

Take for example the very real possibility of someone weaponizing the regular run-of-the-mill influenza virus via aerosol transmission...transmission delivery with something as simple as a fogger or a spray bottle... which in the flu's case would require up to 27,000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease than would COVID-19. However, while the influenza virus might be more readily accessible and be more open to being both genetically engineered and then released via said aerosol transmission, know that doing so with COVID-19 is possible just with a bit more “manipulation” required.

And while “manipulating” any virus would leave a “signature,” said “signature” in all likelihood would only be looked for if deliberateness in spread was suspected...with that thought so out of our normal whelm of thinking what with us (most of us anyway) being civilized sorts...meaning something staring us in the face could easily be overlooked. And that is what I think happened with COVID-19's reemergence especially in regards to its timing and increasing veracity right before the election, which would explain the Democrats overt push for mail-in ballots, extending the days of said ballots arrival, and insisting all be counted whether verified or not.

So while now you're probably wondering just a how a virus can be “manipulated,” first one must understand that biological weapons are not to be confused with biological agents (like viruses), with agents being but one part of a biological weapon, nor can all biological agents be turned into a weapon. A biological weapon of course needs a biological agent (as in a viral or bacterial pathogen or toxin), but it also needs some sort of “additive” to support both the stability and the dissemination of said agent, as well as needing a reliable delivery system. However, contrary to the media musings, know that COVID-19 as a viral agent can indeed be weaponized because the original theory regarding its in from person-to-person alone...has now been replaced by the reality that this virus is indeed airborne as well, and if something is airborne it can be “engineered” to be delivered via a man-made aerosol delivery system if the need to do so arose.

And I believe the Democrats all-encompassing need for Joe Biden to win (he was to be Obama's defacto third term in office after all) was reason enough for certain dirty, bought-and-paid-for sorts to do the unspeakable what with their attitude being “collateral damage be damned,” with said “collateral damage” being “the health, safety and welfare” of “We the People,” of course.

Think I'm wrong, then how about a brief science and medical lesson (as I understand it). And here let's start with the fact that some do claim that mechanically aerosolizing a virus...a virus that is already known to be airborne...and having it disperse accurately while at the same time maintaining its virulence is not that easily done. However, the truth is that aerosolizing...or even creating a “misting effect” which needs no propellant properties (as in pressurized gas) to be delivered... simply involves the act of converting said viral agent into particles small enough and light enough to then be manually, mechanically or even robotically placed into a device with its contents then being released into the air or sprayed on or injected into a given city's water or foodstuffs supply.

And creating such a delivery system wouldn't be all that hard to do especially knowing, as fact, that like with other SARS-CoV2 viruses, COVID-19...a virus now easily secured for both studies and possible nefarious doings and also being a virus which can be “manufactured” if need only 0.1 microns in diameter, with over 100 million of them fitting onto the head of a pin. Basically, this means that there is more than enough room, even if a propellant were needed, for COVID-19 to “fit” into either an aerosol or misting device and then be delivered and remaining airborne for indefinite periods of time...remaining airborne with no one the wiser, as particles this small would surely remain invisible to the naked eye.

And knowing the above, here is why I believe an antidote...a "rescue therapy"...and not a vaccine is needed. First, I believe we're at a point where it's already too late for a vaccine to be fully effective as COVID-19 is now seemingly waxing and waning at will. This alone makes a vaccine a bit of a gamble for in order to get the true benefits of a vaccine we must get ahead of the virus worldwide to some degree not take one step forward and two steps back as is happening now. Second, it's my opinion that the COVID-19 reemergence we're now experiencing here in our country is not exactly the same virus we were seeing back in the spring. Remember, viruses can and do morph from year to year, that's why every year's flu shot is geared towards combating a specific flu strain, meaning last year's successful flu shot might not be successful against this year's flu...and the same goes for COVID-19. Get the newly emerging vaccine geared to this year's virus and by next year it might be totally useless.

However, while an antidote geared towards a specific pathogen might seem an odd answer to COVID-19, the reason an antidote, being a "rescue therapy," makes more sense to me is because, as I stated previously, an antidote “cures” while a vaccine might or might not protect an individual or any must needed number of individuals from contracted the targeted disease. And besides, a vaccine against this particular covid virus not being long-term tested might not work as initially touted...while a cure via an antidote takes the guess work completely out of the mix. And with us “supposedly” having done away with our bio-weapons program back in “supposedly” did Russia and China albeit a bit later...the fact remains that under the radar bio-weapons research is still going on today. And this means that the nasty little virus from China could have been “altered” during the past few months... signed, sealed, and redelivered if you return not only with a vengeance but with a political agenda orchestrated by those craving political power, And so what some once called “conspiracy” might not be “conspiracy” at all.

And as for mere coincidence in regards to the timing of the virus' strong reemergence, when dealing with those desperate for power, when dealing with those who will do or say anything to attain and then keep said power, the word “coincidence” becomes not part of the thinking man's vernacular.

Just something we all need to closed.

Copyright © 2020 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All rights reserved. 

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