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Yes, the Democrats are that desperate. Smacked with the guy who has made his business to lead the loyal opposition to policies that hurt the country, the Democrats did something so foul, so mind numbingly stupid and so desperate that it out Nixoned Nixon in his worst of days. And in doing so, they’ve completed the transformation from political party to caricature. 
Does Rick Perry's indictment disqualify him for 2016?!!! asks CNN, while fronting for the Dems. No, the indictment probably does not disqualify him. But Marco Rubio’s sip of water during a televised address should, right? Rubio’s problem was that he couldn’t get a grand jury to indict him on anything after he sullied the republic with a parched throat.

“The indictment and possible trial of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for allegedly applying illegal coercion to a district attorney will complicate -- but not kill,” writes Errol Louis at CNN, “his all-but-certain run for President in 2016. It's a sure bet that voters outside of Texas will forgive, ignore or overlook any outcome short of a conviction.”

With analysis like that, he should be named Error Louis.

Look, the indictment by Perry is a stupid move by the Dems, and nothing will come of it that needs forgiving—at least for Perry.

In fact, he’ll be applauded, lauded and lionized by the many people who rightly think government is out of control.

Perry, it seems, committed the unpardonable sin of holding the DA responsible for drunkenness. How dare mere mortals hold the people responsible for prosecuting crimes to a standard that applies to the rest of us?

Getting past the fact that this is the same DA’s office that indicted Tom DeLay on wholly political charges—charges that have been subsequently overturned by a higher court—the indictment only served to prove the point: You can’t trust these guys.

Because the people who indicted Rick Perry are the people who are going to decide if you complied with Obamacare, or Dodd-Frank, or the 70,000 pages of corrupt tax code that’s aimed at you. Or complied with any one of a number of mind-boggling rules and regulations that come out in the federal register every single day.

Heads they win and tails you lose, as long as you keep voting for them.

Islamic State “bans Christians from school”

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

They want to keep the Christians ignorant and subservient. But Obama say, They have legitimate grievances!

iraqi-refugees-church-erbil“Mosul, the Islamic State ‘bans Christians from school,'” Asia News, September 19, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Ankawa (AsiaNews) – For the first time in history, Iraqi Christians who always had a “high standard of education” in the region, are being deprived of the right to study and cannot attend schools. This represents a further threat to the survival of the minority, not only in Iraq but throughout the Middle East, because there is not the risk that an entire generation “will not be educated”, which is a “very bad sign”. The warning comes from Msgr. Shimoun Emil Nona, Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, in the north, the second most important city in the country and first city to fall into the hands of the militia of the Islamic State.
Interviewed by AsiaNews, the prelate confirms that “currently children from many of the refugee families” as well as “children who live in Christian areas” cannot start the school year. “There are about 700 schools scattered between Erbil, Ankawa and Zakkho – he explains – but they are hosting displaced people and are full. In other non-Christian areas the lessons have begun, but not here”. Moreover in the areas occupied by the Islamic Caliphate the curriculum has been changed to promote Islam and the Koran.

Islamic State creates police force to “implement orders of the religious judiciary”

/ Jihad Watch
IslamicStatefighterThe Islamic State is not innovating in this any more than they are in anything else. Saudi Arabia and Iran, both Sharia states, have religious police now to make sure their people stay in Sharia line.

“Islamic State creates police force in northwest Iraq,” Reuters, September 19, 2014:
Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq’s northwest Nineveh province have created a police force to “implement the orders of the religious judiciary,” according to a well-known militant Islamist website.
Photos on the website showed armed men in black clothing with “Islamic Police Nineveh State” printed on the arm. The police forces were in freshly painted police cars and one photo showed militiamen on a river boat.
It was not clear when the photos were posted or when the police force was established.
The text on the website said the force would “maintain order and arrest culprits and the corrupt.” The text said it would be different from police forces in other states, which it described as “a tool to suppress dissent.”
Residents in Nineveh told Reuters the police’s main duty appears to be to detain people they consider opposed to their cause, however.
The police have set up checkpoints on roads and conducted house raids, the residents said. One photo showed a blindfolded man being escorted into a prison.
Islamic State took the Iraqi cities of Mosul, in Nineveh, and Tikrit in June and has announced an Islamic Caliphate in areas it controls in Iraq and Syria.
Its fighters have shocked the world with execution-style killings of Sunnis, Shi’ites, Christians, Yazidis and Kurds. Western governments and Islamic countries fear their citizens who are fighting for Islamic State could threaten national security if they return home.
U.S. President Barack Obama has launched air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and U.N. human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein urged world powers this month to protect women and minorities targeted by the group, saying its fighters were trying to create a “house of blood.”
Islamic State has gradually taken steps to govern since taking over Nineveh this year. In July, Islamic State told Christians in Mosul to convert to Islam or pay a religious tax….
As per Qur’an 9:29, which tells Muslims to fight against the People of the Book “until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Senator Ted Cruz right that Nuclear Iran Bigger Threat than ISIS but what about Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood?

To his credit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of a handful of Senators who voted against an amendment to arm Syria’s rebels. As revealed, at least one Syrian opposition lobbying group has extensive connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cruz: Iran a bigger threat than ISIS.

Cruz: Iran a bigger threat than ISIS.
However, Cruz recently asserted in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon that a nuclear Iran poses a greater threat than ISIS:
“As grave as the threat from ISIS is, in my view the most significant threat to U.S. national security remains the threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons capability,” said Cruz. “The incoherence of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy will come to full flower if the peril of ISIS is used as an excuse to further appease Iran and facilitate their acquiring nuclear weapon capability.”
He added that “everything President Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have done have increased the chances of Iran acquiring nuclear weapon capability, and have perversely increased the chances of future military conflict.”
While Cruz has not said whether he will run for president in 2016, his response to one question suggested that the possibility is on his mind.
“What should a strong president do [to prevent a nuclear Iran]? Well number one, I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate, comprehensive Iran sanctions legislation that demonstrates the direction I believe we should be taking,” said Cruz.
When isolating the contrast between a nuclear Iran vs. ISIS, Cruz may be right but what about the broader inter-connectivity between ISIS and the much larger Muslim Brotherhood umbrella? When it comes to infiltration of the U.S. Government and homeland, Iran has made nowhere near the gains that the Brotherhood has.

Consider the example of Qatar; that country is a hotbed of Muslim Brotherhood-inspired terrorism. The leader of Hamas – Khaled Meshaal – and the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood – Yusuf al-Qaradawi – have been given safe harbor there.

At this year’s annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) in Doha, an event co-sponsored by the nation of Qatar and the Brookings Institute, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson called for better relations between U.S. and Iran. Why would she do this?

According to the premise Cruz is operating from, it’s to appease Iran so that it will help in the fight with ISIS. The evidence has increasingly shown that Qatar is actually supporting ISIS, as has reported on extensively. Here is one document of several that help prove it:

SENATE DEMOCRATS block bill revoking U.S. citizenship of American Muslim terrorists who join ISIS

Bare Naked Islam


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped U.S. Senate Democrats for blocking his bill that would revoke the U.S. citizenship of those who join the ISIS terrorist organization, noting that they are abandoning something even Hillary Clinton supported when she was Secretary of State.


Breitbart (h/t Cynthia)  The Democrats blocked Cruz’s bill on Thursday, a bill that would revoke citizenship from Americans who join ISIS. Cruz’s bill is very similar to one that then Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)—who is now running in New Hampshire against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)—and then Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) offered a couple of years ago.


“As then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said concerning the Brown-Lieberman legislation — quote — ‘United States citizenship is a privilege, it is not a right. People who are serving foreign powers or in this case foreign terrorists are clearly in violation of that oath which they swore when they became citizens.’ The Expatriate Terrorist Act of 2014 is only a very modest change to current law. It’s one small step in a larger and necessary effort to refocus our ISIS strategy that I urge President Obama to consider immediately.”


Democrat Mazie Hirono, a freshman senator from Hawaii, objected on the Senate floor when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to fast-track his ‘Expatriate Terrorists Act. Hirono said she chose to throw up a road block because ‘legislation that grants the government the ability to strip citizenship from Americans is a serious matter raising significant constitutional issues.’ She also cited letters of objection from the Constitution Project and the American Civil Liberties Union. (ACLU = jihad with a law degree)

Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono blocked the legislation, saying she and other Democrats wanted more time -- and likely pushing the issue off until after the November elections


Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono blocked the legislation, saying she and other Democrats 
wanted more time — and likely pushing 
the issue off until after the November elections

On the campaign trail last week in New Hampshire, Brown endorsed Cruz’s bill. “When people are in ISIS and they’ve left their citizenship at the door, they made it crystal clear when they went there planning on fighting—they’re not coming back for a house with a picket fence, they’re coming back potentially using and hiding behind that citizenship,” Brown said in a press scrum at an event where Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) endorsed him.


“I agree with Sen. Cruz. I’m glad he filed [that bill] and I filed twice already because they should not be able to hide behind the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution, especially when they’re looking to hurt and kill our citizens,” Brown added.


Click on link to see Ted Cruz video...

Obama Should Be Impeached For Aiding And Abetting Arab Petro-Terrorists

by / Personal Liberty Digest
Obama Should Be Impeached For Aiding And Abetting Arab Petro-Terrorists

“[T]he White House’s default position is to double down on the status quo… looking the other way while the regime terrorizes Saudi Arabian citizens, backs reactionary forces in Egypt and Bahrain, and abets violence in Syria. And, of course, avaricious arms merchants, with support from the Pentagon, continue to sell Riyadh billions of dollars in weapons.” — Middle East Research and Information Project, March 27  

It rarely makes the news when Saudi Arabia, one of America’s closest allies, beheads nonviolent criminals. Yet in a recent PBS interview, Bill Maher quoted a New York Times story, saying 19 beheadings have occurred in the kingdom since the news broke that the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) had begun beheading Westerners.

Only when ISIS acts brutally do we notice that centuries-old Islamic laws are barbaric and inhuman, condoning acts so vile that Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. would pursue ISIS “to the gates of Hell.”

On Sept. 2, Al-Jazeera reported that there has been a spike in the number of people losing their heads in Saudi Arabia:
The Saudi Ministry of Justice has announced the execution of 26 individuals since August 4. In the seven months prior, 15 executions were carried out, bringing the total number to 41 so far this year. However, there were no executions during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this year between June 28 and July 28.
“One theory behind the increase is that there is a backlog of cases [since the start of the year],” said Adam Coogle, a representative of New York-based Human Rights Watch.
According Sevag Kechichian, a researcher with London-based Amnesty International, the rate of executions in the first half of last year was high, before slowing down, while this year the reverse is true. One way of explaining this, Kechichian said, is that Saudi authorities may be trying to reach an annual target: at 79, the number of announced executions in 2012 and 2013 was identical.
I suspect it is necessary to keep up appearances. And let’s face it: When a country has the largest of the low-cost oil reserves in the world (drilled and delivered for less than $5 per barrel), with proven pools of 267 billion barrels of sweet crude, what happens in Mecca is nobody’s business.

Arming the Wrong Side with Congressional Approval

By: Diane Sori

‘We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in…Qalamoun.’
Admission by Bassel Idriss, commander of a Free Syrian Army brigade

NOT good folks...NOT good at all.
As our country's top generals continue to urge Obama to reconsider his pledge NOT to send American 'boots on the ground' into Iraq to help in the fight against fight against his brethren of sorts...both the House and the Senate sold 'We the People' and America itself out yet again.

Cleverly and calculatingly attached to a short-term spending bill to fund the government and keep it up and running through December11th at a $1.012 trillion a 273 to 156 vote...the House voted in favor of arming and training the anything but 'moderate' Syrian rebels...specifically the Free Syrian Army.

And in the Senate, 44 Democrats, 33 Republicans, and one independent voted for the bill, while 9 Democrats, 12 Republicans*, and one independent voted against the bill. Sadly, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also voted for this abomination of a bill knowing full well that Obama's "NO Strategy' strategy to defeat ISIS will NEVER happen for Obama does NOT want to defeat ISIS...he still wants to 'manage' ISIS...manage ISIS with perhaps him calling all the shots.

But to make this vote all the more grievous is that when you break the numbers down, in the House 159 Republicans** voted in support of a bill that actually 'aids and abets' the enemy with only 71 Republicans voting against it...while 114 Democrats supported it with 85 of their party voting against it. And in the Senate with only 12 Republican Senators opposing this bill, the sad fact is that our own party sold us out by allowing this vote to pass.

NOT that this vote really means anything as Barack HUSSEIN Obama has said time and again that he has the authority any time he so chooses to order the Pentagon to deploy airstrikes against ISIS fighters in Syria as well as in Iraq. But actually he does NOT for while the Constitution states that the President as Commander-in-Chief is authorized to conduct war, Article One, Section Eight, Clause 11...sometimes referred to as the War Powers Clause...clearly states that "Congress shall have power to...declare War"...meaning that Congress must first enact a declaration of war in order to commit the U.S. to war before the president can conduct war.

And Obama knows this but simply does NOT care just like he does NOT care that his 'NO Strategy' strategy plan to have U.S. troops train Syrian rebels...train the Free Syrian Army at camps in Saudi Arabia...could take up to a year...for this allows ISIS to grow stronger...something he seems to so want.

And Obama also wants the Free Syrian Army to be part of his anything but a true send the Free Syrian Army into battle against ISIS equipped to the hilt with US arms even knowing that they support and work with ISIS and have the same goal as ISIS...have the same goal as him in taking down al-Assad's secular government and replacing it with a Sunni sharia state and having that state part of the ISIS wanted caliphate. And what better way to do that than to delay with 'supposed' training those who should be but won't be the ones going into battle.

But with this most disgraceful of votes Obama can now say that he has full Congressional support to get the U.S. involved in the Syrian civil a war with a sovereign nation NOT at war with a war where Obama has aligned himself...and thus America...with the wrong side or to be more precise has aligned himself with the enemy for the Free Syrian Army...including those members he claims to have vetted...are directly linked to al-Nusra and al-Qaeda...are directly linked together to fight Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Armed Forces...and together they are ISIS...ISIL...the Islamic State...take your pick as they're all one and the same.

And those in Congress know all this and many even have serious concerns about the Free Syrian Army yet they still voted to fund and arm them, and for that those who voted 'yea'...I believe...are just as guilty of 'aiding and abetting' the enemy as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is.

And as ISIS continues to spew threats against America...threats Obama says have NO tangible proof behind them...I guess two Americans and one Brit being beheaded sends NO message at all except that they interrupted his golf game that is...Obama keeps harping again and again that America must support the anything but 'moderate' Free Syrian Army. And don't you find that more than just a wee bit unnerving...and don't you thing red flags should be the Free Syrian Army is as guilty of beheadings, raping, and slaughtering civilians...slaughtering is ISIS...the group from which they were born.

Also, remember that the CIA and Obama had secretly been sending weapons and arms to the Free Syrian Army for quite sometime...can you say Benghazi... weapons and arms stockpiles that were raided by ISIS and al-Nusra (the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria) while the Free Syrian Army looked away...meaning that ISIS might have actually won some of their battles...killed a multitude of civilians...using Obama supplied American weapons and arms. And let's NOT forget that last December both the U.S. and Britain stopped sending weapons and arms to the Free Syrian Army but that this past April, Obama started arming them again...this time arming them with heavy weapons like tanks and anti-aircraft missiles...and now he's insisting...and Congress agreed...that we arm them yet again...this time to the tune of $500+ million.

So if we continue to arm the Free Syrian Army...a group most assuredly tied to ISIS and al-Qaeda...with deals in place NOT to step on each others has to wonder why first, Obama is NOT completely and outwardly backing both our allies the Kurds and the religious minorities who are being slaughtered by the likes of ISIS...and second...and this thought is beyond simply scary...if when Obama had all our troops pull out of Iraq if he didn't deliberately insist on leaving behind all those helicopters, tanks, military equipment, and arms so that his brethren could secure them and eventually and easily form a circle of sorts with Israel at its targeted dead center...the Obama condoned and oh so wanted Levant finally come to fruition.

Just something to think about...just something to only one aligned with those out to kill us all would do what he is doing...or should I say NOT doing.

* The 12 Republicans who voted AGAINST arming the Syrian rebels: John Barrasso (WY) Tom Coburn (OK) Michael Crapo (ID) Ted Cruz (TX) Mike Enzi (WY) Dean Heller (NV) Mike Lee (UT) Jim Moran (KS) Rand Paul (KY) James Risch (ID) Pat Roberts (KS) Jeff Sessions (AL)

** House Roll-Call vote:


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