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Charges Must Be Levied, Actions Must Be Taken
By: Diane Sori / The Patriots Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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The Constitution is absolute, all else is mere conjecture coupled with one's personal interpretation...comprende Biden.

As legally defined “insurrection” is an act or instance of “rebelling” or “revolting” against a government or civil authority, but is not necessarily contained solely to the physical act of overthrowing said government. Usually, but not always, committed via acts of violence, “insurrection” is a punishable crime under existing federal law. In fact, Section 18 U.S.C.371 clearly states that “to commit any offense against the United States” by any person(s) who “incite, assist, or engage” in “insurrection,” so they should be charged.

January 6th, in my opinion, was not an “insurrection” legally or otherwise, but what meets said definition is Joe Biden's actions or lack thereof in regards to our southern border. How so? Simply, Biden's policies have led to a deliberate breaching of not only our on the books immigration laws but the “health, safety, and welfare” of “We the American people” as well...part of the very oath of office he swore to protect...the very oath he now intentionally betrays.

And while Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of our Constitution's “Compact Clause” states that “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay”...the fact is that we are actually being invaded...with the point of entry being our southern border. And we are indeed in imminent danger of seeing said invasion expanding throughout our country via Biden's willingly releasing, busing, and flying said invaders into specific cities and states, most of which are deemed Democrat strongholds.

And Biden's reason...not verbally said of but to keep his party in power for generations to come via garnering the votes of the invaders in exchange for doing nothing of substance to quell said invasion fueled on by his and his party's promise of unending “free stuff” in exchange for their votes...the very thing the media refuses to address as truth.

So how do we end this invasion when the president himself does nothing to stop it let alone admit what it is? We fight back both literally and figuratively but...and this is important...only in accordance with the letter of the law.

But first let's deal with the figurative aspect for legalities must always supersede any actions taken, especially in regards to situations such as this. For example, as per the Constitution, the ultimate law of our land no matter the Democrat naysayers, sees the power “to provide the calling forth of the militia to suppress insurrections,” having been given not just to Congress, but also to the president as well. In fact, the “Insurrection Act” allows for the president to call up the active military and/or to federalize the National Guard under certain circumstances including at the request of a state's governor, especially when local authorities seem to be unable to handle a given situation.

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott has done just that by activating Texas' National Guard, but neither Biden nor his administration have responded to the actual, much needed, use of force to quell the seemingly unending stream of illegal, lawbreaking, anything but what amounts to true immigrants. In fact, some reports say that the influx of people coming is not unlike the Mariel Boatlift of 1980 when Fidel Castro emptied out his jails and prisons, and sent said persons to our shores mingled amongst those truly seeking shelter from a dictator run amok. And throw in the cartel mules, the drug dealers, gun smugglers, a terrorist or two or three or more, as well as those engaged in “human trafficking,” and suddenly the surge now morphing into an invasion becomes not just a possibility but a probability. And this is especially true when those entering our country illegally are, for the most part, not families truly looking for a better life, but young men...single men...of what would be considered military age.

So what was Biden's response to Gov. Abbott? While he did send national guardsmen to the border they were not sent to help stop those illegally crossing, but instead to help “process” the very people that should have been stopped and sent back from whence they came. Simply, by Biden's inactions in not stopping the influx of those breaching our border he is actually “inciting, assisting in, and engaging” in “insurrection” as per the aforementioned Section 18 U.S.C.371 in his “committing an offense against the United States” by not only allowing those who did not come here legally to remain here, but in not shutting down the very entry point that is the problem, as in our southern border.

But the question remains for our side, why are these happenings...these inactions on Biden and his administrations part...not being deemed either an invasion, an “insurrection” or worse...treason?

We know the Democrats refusal to seriously address the border issue is for no other reason than these folks are future Democrat voters, and as such the majority of their party hierarchy will do anything, including bold face lie and manipulate numbers, to protect their future voting pool. But what many don't understand, even on our side, is that “insurrection” in regards to “invasion” works both ways as it can and does originate from both the “enemy from within and without.”

Joe Biden and his administration are indeed the “enemy within” for when a president of these United States refuses to physically stop...or at the very least tries to invading army from entering our country...even if by needed use of force...when said president ignores the fact that young children are being cleverly played and used as pawns by the invaders to help sway the bleeding hearts to their side of the discourse.. .that president and his administration is also my opinion...of “treason.”

Why “treason?” Because when a charge of “treason” is levied against an individual(s), especially if it's a sitting U.S. president, one need only look at the Constitution's definition of “treason,” the only crime so defined. As per Article III, Section 3, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” And I believe Biden's ongoing folly at the southern border meets that very definition.

But here let's break this down into two distinct parts. Part one being that with certain Central American countries...foreign countries...freely allowing millions of its citizens to leave their homeland en-mass to go to a country where those leaving are knowingly and willingly breaking our immigration laws...when the president of this country now freely lets these overt lawbreakers (hence criminals) into our country...a country now being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers coming in...which in and of itself constitutes an army of sorts what with most of those coming being young men...and while many are obviously disease ridden with God only knows what...our country's president (puppet that he be) is still “giving Aid and Comfort” to those storming our border.

And for these stated reasons, it's my opinion, that Joe Biden's lack of actions in trying to physically stop these invaders from entering our country via the use of what is rightful, justifiable, and tangible force, does meet the Constitution's definition of “treason” as well as does his providing much “aid and comfort” to this invading army by delivering to them their promised “free stuff.”

And while some will say that the arrival of this multitude is not a declared war on our country per se nor ours on the countries they come from, and therefore it is not “treason,” the fact is that when you have millions of foreigners from a specific area who for the most part are entering this country illegally, that indeed is an invasion, a war of sorts for our immigration laws themselves clearly state who can and cannot legally come here as well as how to go about doing so. And while we constantly are being bombarded with words to the affect that our immigration laws are broken, I totally disagree for our immigration laws are not broken, but are simply not being enforced.

Remember, those flooding our southern border are not coming from war torn nations nor are they refugees coming from overtly poverty strewn nations...simply they are coming for their Democrat promised “free stuff” while happily adding themselves to our welfare and Medicaid rolls. And they do so while some American citizens go hungry, and while many of our veterans remain homeless, hungry, and in need of medical care. And Biden well knows these things yet he remains silent to the needs of American citizens in favor of those who, once again, are would be Democrat voters...voters whether they be here legally or not.

Now as to part two of the Constitution's words on “treason” which in part states that, “...No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” Based on these words alone the witnesses to said “overt Act” are “We the People” ourselves for all one needs do is turn on the TV or go on the internet to witness for themselves the goings on at our southern see the know the drugs now coming into our see the devastation and hardships these folks have caused not only in Texas but throughout our country as we Americans are now being treated as second class citizens in our own country while Biden and his administration's catering to future Democrat voters remains on going.

So what is the solution, that is if a solution is even possible? First, before I give what I believe to be a truly workable solution, one must know that even a sitting president can indeed be charged on either account as not even the president is above the law. However, if charges of “insurrection” or “treason” were to be levied against Joe Biden the individual or against the sum of his administration...know it is not necessary that all the participants commit the same “overt act” but only be part of the overall treasonous plan...including where said act took place. And in this case the “overt act” is twofold with the first being the actual incursion of illegals at our southern border, and the second being the busing of said illegals throughout our country. 

But also know that if the House were to levy “insurrection”and/ or “treason” charges against Joe Biden, along with a call for his impeachment (and subsequent arrest), and it passed in the House, that it would most likely die in the Senate, if it's even allowed to be brought to the floor.

So what is my possible solution? To begin, all...and I do mean all...the immigration laws now currently on the books must be enforced in total. Second, tangible actions must be taken to defend the life and property of we American citizens including, if need be, sending in the duty military and federal and state National not only completely shut down each and every southern border point of entry, but to finish the construction of the border wall in full. That can be paid for with the monies saved by not having to “give aid and comfort” to those who came here while knowingly breaking our laws.

And third, and in no way am I saying this should be immediately implemented nor that individuals take matters into their own hands, but that it should at least be considered due to the increasing dangerous nature of certain individuals now gaining in the aforementioned drug dealers, gun smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists hiding amongst the multitude of illegal lawbreakers. And it should be handled by our military alone, because what I'm suggesting is best handled by those trained to handle such situations. my opinion...our Federal and State National Guard when facing folks illegally trying to gain entry into our country, should first fire a warning shot along with a call to turn back...of course not aiming at women and children...and if that does not stop their entry then it's time for them to take down the would be invaders. It would only take a few to be brought down to end this nonsense once for all for all, for finally a we do mean business message would have been sent.

Our beloved America cannot take much more of this administration run amok while they willingly allow and encourage the breaking of our laws, for we now have a president more concerned about the sovereignty of foreign nations than he is about the sovereignty of our own. And with nothing having worked so far in regards to what in reality is an “open border,” maybe the time for tangible, albeit somewhat divisive and harsh actions might just be the only way to go. Case closed.

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