Monday, September 19, 2022

Who's Really Running The Show
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
Last week in my article
Calling For Unity While Spreading Hate, I asked the compound question why with the word MAGA” simply being an acronym for the words Making America Great Again,why has that solely become the property of we Republicans and Conservatives, and why aren't there any Democrats who want America to be great? And this got me to thinking that the answer to both parts of said question can be summed up in but three words...Barack HUSSEIN Obama. And why Obama...
because his racially focused presidency marked the final demise of unity that the events of September 11th brought to our country

Remember how on that most horrific of days a common enemy united us together as one American hyphens needed...and how we of all skin colors joined hands while crying tears of red, white, and blue. Remember how on that day we put politics aside as we tried to make sense of what was our collective nightmare and grief. Remember American flags proudly flying from “sea to shining sea” in a show of solidarity, and how at the time the Patriot Act seemed the logical next step in helping to ensure America's future safety.

Remember it all, and especially how time itself helped erode away the camaraderie “We the People” had once felt as the physical distance between that fateful day in September, while not forgotten, morphed, as most events do, into both complacency and a rightful distrust of new government rules that had supposedly been put into place to help keep us all from terrorists that is.

And so with time the Patriot Act...the very act that once enacted “enhanced the abilities of law enforcement regarding surveillance, money laundering for terrorism financing, and improved intelligence sharing between government agencies”... started to crumble as we realized that not only was said act asking American citizens to give up certain all important civil our Constitutionally given right to privacy...but was deemed by many to do so most especially for “people of color.” How so...because the act as written allowed for the definition of “terrorism” to be expanded and for law enforcement...including the FBI and use its new “authorities” given in more instances, including in cases of drug enforcement and being able to “surveil” political activists more black political activists here.

And so in a way a new generation of black activism was born from the Patriot Act's then deemed abuse of power, thus allowing certain black activists who were once considered to be but a “fringe element” to now become mainstream. And in said “black fringe” doing so...and note I say “fringe” and not all black folks...they were given a voice to basically spread their agenda of hate...white is bad, black is good, whitey owes us, pay up or trouble is on the horizon.

Simply, both the unity and colorblindness seen on 9/11 was now gone as all things American, according to the newly voiced “black fringe,” had an anti-black racial component and scenario behind it. And in my opinion this new mindset all came to a head when in March 2012 then President Barack HUSSEIN Obama uttered ten simple words, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.”

And with those words spoken not only did Obama give a wink and a nod to groups like BLM, but he helped to reignite all the old racial hatreds...hatreds that had for the most part healed he set into motion the downfall of both common sense and the rule of law that is our Constitution by his replacing both with a cleverly crafted, racial divide. And why...because no president, in my opinion, has ever hated all that America stands for than the man who refused then and still refuses now to accept his white half...still refuses to accept the fact that he's mixed race not black. The great pretender now exposed...not white enough to pass...just dark enough to fool white bleeding heart liberals back in 2008 that a vote for him would help end racism in America. Translation: we should vote for him solely based upon his chosen skin color in order to fix past wrongs...his lack of presidential qualifications be damned.

And with Obama's presidency the media made us out to be a nation mired so deep in both racial hatred and distrust that with time the blame game came full circle to land at “We the People's” feet. And while we are a nation who no longer seems to be at war with those who are freedom's true enemies...outsiders like those who slammed passenger jets into buildings and those who knowingly enter our country illegally...we have allowed a fool...on Obama's declare that we are at war with those we share a common nationality with...a war with ourselves if you will...a combined political and race war helping to drive forward Obama's “fundamental transformation” of America...a transformation that goes deeper than mere surface appearance and deeper than any words spewed by the afore mentioned fool.

Yes, we white “MAGA Republicans” have indeed been declared the “enemy” by the fool of a man the puppet master easily controls, but the consequences of such a declaration are as of yet untold for when a nation's politics forces its people to turn upon itself...turn upon its societal norms, morals, values, and ideals...that nation is doomed in the end to while eyes once opened to the truth now remain tightly shut. That sadly is where we as a country are today as can be seen by those who try to take the lessons learned and camaraderie shown 21 years ago and twist them to turn the events of January 6th into this generation's political and racial Armageddon.

And while today's Democrats relish in comparing the two events, no matter that the former has nothing to do with the later, they prove yet again that lessons once learned can easily be both media and politically manipulated so as to be forgotten. September 11th united our nation and the sum of our people together...January 6th divided us via what has become both a politically motivated, racially driven, and personally targeted agenda against not only one man in particular but against the sum total of we white “MAGA Republicans.” And so the collective commonalities we once shared have been turned into but compartmentalized, racially driven, spewed out hate.

And it all goes back to the Obama presidency and its constant race baiting...America's house deliberately being divided against itself...which culminated with those ten hateful words that put one's skin color paramount above all else. And this, sadly, laid the ground floor for all that has come after.

How so? After the Trayvon Martin incident, so-called “social justice” became more important to Obama and his socialist agenda than both criminal justice and Constitutional law. Working with what was malice intended, Obama tried hard to fray the ties that bind us together as Americans, as he willingly chose to rip us apart along racial and party lines. And so race became his ground zero from which all the hateful partisan rhetoric could then emanate from, and which it sadly still does today.

And once Obama unlocked Pandora's Box of what had become but toned down racial rhetoric, he then started spewing out a liturgy of false claims that America now remains an “inherently racist nation” with a judicial and law enforcement system that was knowingly biased against people “of color.” And when crime rates slowly, albeit steadily, started to rise under what was Obama's “pen and phone” presidency, he helped shift the blame off black career criminals by making criminals out of those whose job it is to actually enforce our criminal laws. Laying the foundation for the BLM initiated “Defund the Police” movement, what Obama did as president was not unlike what the Patriot Act tried to do but ultimately failed in doing, as in overstepping the bounds of executive power as laid out in the Constitution.

And from the now skin color driven foundation set by Obama...the man who abused both the presidential office itself along with the power said office afforded him...we bore witness to not only racial hatred becoming the accepted one-sided new norm, but to the rewriting of American history to help fit and push forward an agenda designed to “transform” our nation into one unrecognizable to half of we American citizens. And said “transformation” was to be more in line with an authoritarian regime than even the left's falsely claimed “democracy” could ever be.

One man to rule over us all even if said man must at times hide within the man who believed his race alone was what denied him his Constitution be damned, so craved third term in office...a man forced by Hillary's loss to now have to pull the strings of one who is but a ever dangerous fool who believes himself to be invincible while our country both at home and abroad crashes down around him. But what is now the saddest of all is that it's “We the People”...the very ones the string pulled fool took an oath to serve and protect...who have become but collateral damage at best.

Simply asked...have we now become a nation of such weaklings that we are too afraid to fight back...have we acquiesced and become too accepting of the one we know is actually running the show? Or does our collective fear of being deemed racist least on the surface...keep us in line to some degree for to be deemed a racist translates into others seeing us and treating us as bigoted, hateful, political ideologues...a characterization that plays well into Obama's socialist transforming of our beloved America.

So while our beloved America still appears to no longer be safe from either the enemies who live outside our borders...9/11 proved that...nor from domestic enemies who actually live amongst us...enemies called not by the fool who recently labeled “MAGA Republicans” as a threat to our (erroneously stated) democracy, but by the man who refused to relinquish the power he craved when his time in office was up. Barack HUSSEIN Obama remains that man...a man who continues to play the “race card” every chance he gets, and who will stop at nothing to claim what he considers to be his wrongly denied third term in office even if it means reigniting the now simmering racial color divide. Remember, this is a man who will sell America out for a few rubles or yuan if it helps his “fundamental transformation” of America reach its final fruition. 

And let's not forget that fools can easily be thrown aside...devils in disguise not so easily done so. Case closed.

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