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The Numbers, The System, and The Truth
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Let's get something straight right up front...contrary to what the Democrats say guns do not kill people, people kill people, after all it takes someone to pull the trigger to release the bullet(s) that kill someone...that is an indisputable fact. And while the Democrats relish in spewing their gun control abject Second Amendment violation...gun control laws will in no way stop someone hell bent on killing from doing so. And why...because all gun control laws do is take firearms away from decent law abiding folks while not touching the guns left in the hands of criminals...criminals who will always find a way to secure a firearm...another indisputable fact.

But when one dares to mention guns and/or gun control laws even in passing...let alone gives facts regarding either...the discourse automatically tends to lead into a discussion about crime itself, the police,* the criminal justice system, and of course politics. So here in this article I will do just that using statistics, numbers, common sense and logic to represent undeniable truths that even the most clueless of “woke” sorts should see as truth and accept as fact as well as take responsibility for, but we know they simply won't.

Truth one...crime overall has indeed increased in many American cities and has done so ever since BLM entered the political landscape and started throwing out demands. And this correlation can easily be seen especially in Democrat controlled cities where both police budgets and personnel have drastically been cut to placate the ill-advised, racially driven Black Lives Matter initiated “Defund the Police” movement. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that BLM and their assorted nasty ilk are the direct cause as to why crime figures over these past few years are on the rise what with political theatrics and media anointed cheerleaders working in tandem to help assure that police presence on the streets be greatly reduced. And this in and of itself leads to an increase in crime...“while the cat's away the mice will play” as the old saying goes.

Now as to actual numbers, 2021 crime figures show a 5% increase in violent crime over the 2020 figures; which itself saw a 44% increase over corresponding 2019 crime figures...with these numbers coming directly from the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ)...with these numbers occurring as BLM's political presence and demands grew even stronger.

Truth 2021 we saw actual homicide numbers reaching new record highs in twelve American cities,** and doing so even after 2020's homicide numbers saw their largest one-year increase in decades. And other cities like Seattle who cut their police funding by 20%; Minneapolis who cut their police funding by millions of dollars; and D.C. where its city council cut $15 million from its police budget; are also the cities where BLM protests that turned violent, as expected, led to a drastic increase in all manners of violent crime including a rise in homicides.

And here, homicide numbers wise, let's take for example the Democrat controlled city of Philadelphia...a city of about 1.5 million people...a city that saw its fair share of BLM nonsense...a city where in 2021 its residents bore witness to more than 521 homicides being committed, breaking New York City's previous record high of 445+ homicides... thus equated to a 13% increase in homicides over 2020's homicide rate.

But beyond these two just stated truths a key four part question remains...why exactly is this trend happening; why is it continuing into 2022; who exactly are the main perpetrators; and why are said perpetrators doing what they're doing?

The first part of the question is easy to answer and to be blunt it's solely because of the a fore mentioned denouncing and defunding of local law enforcement. Simply, with few police on the streets logic alone should dictate that criminals, and hence all nature of crime, would increase...which it sadly has. Now couple that with the fact that in Democrat controlled cities those who commit crimes basically face no fear of reprisals let alone being called to task. And it's all thanks to the multitude of “woke” liberal district attorneys who throw around both the “race card” and the “Get Out of Jail Free” card at will...throwing it... shoving white America's face because they have collectively deemed our judicial system to be racist, which directly leads into my answering the second part of the above stated question.

While the truth regarding the perpetrators is not pretty nor something many want to hear, the fact is that while America's black community makes up only 13% of the total of America's population, 52% of all robberies and 51% of all murders in our country, since 2015, have been committed by blacks, especially by young black men. In other words, even as we now move further into 2022, an even smaller percentage of those within said 13% are still committing more than half of all crimes being reported, a trend likely to continue throughout this year. And many who commit said crimes are either supporters of or avowed adherents to “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and its violence condoning, decidedly anti-American, pro-Marxist philosophy...which together, in my eyes, makes BLM a domestic terrorist organization whether they are officially labeled as such or not.

Now in relation to part three as to why the minority percentage within the said 13% do what they do one must first understand and accept as fact that the “system” as it stands it has always in no way racist no matter what the liberal Democrats, their bought-and-paid for district attorneys, the kumbaya sorts, or even their media cohorts say. And really how could it be when statistics themselves show that more white people...whether armed or unarmed...are killed every year by the police in the line of in the police responding to a criminal situation...than are black people... thus meaning that if the “system” was truly racist, as some claim, the color ratio would actually be reversed.

Here is but one key figure to corroborate what I just said. In 2020, 904 people were shot and killed by the police with the percentage of blacks and whites killed almost being equal in number. However, where the issue seems to arise is in the words “disproportionate rate” in the liberals claiming that black Americans are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans. Also being claimed by these same folks... BLM that Hispanic Americans as well are also being killed by police at a “disproportionate rate.”

But the truth is that it is not a “disproportionate rate” when one takes into account the fact that blacks, even at only 13% of our population, commit more than 50+% of all crimes. In other words, a smaller number of blacks are actually committing the same amount...if not more...number of crimes than the actual number of whites committing the same crimes. And this is something that both the police and the district attorneys know to be truth, but something the police cannot outwardly say while the district attorneys gladly use it to the criminals...and the Democrats...advantage.

And so the truth continues to mean just about nothing in today's world...after all lies spewed help in garnering  Democrat votes...but here I still will site some specific numbers that the “powers that be” do not want you to know regarding the number of blacks killed by police in the act of committing a crime. In 2021, 200 blacks were killed by the police out of the total 1,051 people killed, meaning 851 of those killed were not black..which does account percentage wise to only 19.04% of those killed being black. Pray tell how is that a “disproportionate number” when blacks commit 50+% of all crimes...simply, it's not disproportionate in any way.

So as to answer part four of the above stated question regarding why the perps do what they's simply because in today's heated political climate they can get away basically unpunished while garnering the spoils of their lawbreaking deeds. Convicted felons, no matter their race, more times than not are let back onto the streets or many times not even taken off said streets. Murderers, rapists, and child molesters freely roam the streets in Biden's America as do looters, rioters, and arsonists. And while BLM is not at fault for all those folks vile deeds, their pushing the “Defund the Police” movement down America's throat must bare the burden for a great number of crimes committed. 

Simply, without a visible police presence to act as a deterrent against crime, crime runs rampant, that is a fact. And the ones suffering are not just the victims themselves but we law abiding citizens as well, and it's for the simple reason that we do not want ourselves to become victims of crime.

And to that affect numerous other measures must be taken as well beside the obvious “refunding” of the police. America's streets must be taken back and made safe again...especially those in our major cities where most crimes do the hurt we all feel can only go on for just so long. In fact, New York City has seen its new mayor, former cop Eric Adams, vowing to put an end to New York's crime nightmare by reinstating the controversial, anti-crime street unit comprised of plainclothes police dressed as civilians.

Will this simple measure help to cut down criminal activity...maybe...but more importantly an overhaul of the district attorney's all Democrat controlled cities not just in New York City...must take place to assure that criminals are not let back onto the streets make sure proper and binding charges are leveled against such well as to make sure sentences adjudicated are served in in "you do the crime you serve the time." And while this is being done the “race” card and the “Get Out of Jail Free” card must be permanently shredded at the same time BLM itself is rendered impotent in all matters of both a political and police nature. After all, much to BLM's chagrin, all victims lives matter, all police lives matter, and all white lives matter too. Case closed.


* This article concerns crime numbers and statistics relating to the general public...crimes specifically committed against the polices...the murder of police officers most for an article to be published at a later date.

** The twelve cities are Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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