Friday, July 24, 2015

New York Times: Feds Eye Criminal Probe of Hillary Clinton's Emails 
By Melanie Batley / NEWSMX
Image: New York Times: Feds Eye Criminal Probe of Hillary Clinton's EmailsThe Justice Department has been asked by two inspectors general to launch a criminal probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account for government communication when she was secretary of state, The New York Times reported late Thursday, citing unnamed senior government officials.

The request is under review, but no decision has been made by the Justice Department, the officials told the Times.

The request, by inspectors general for the State Department and for the intelligence agencies, stems from two memos they wrote to Patrick F. Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management, copies of which the Times said were provided to it.

The conclusion of the memos was that Clinton's private email account had "hundreds of potentially classified emails," Fox News reported.

The inspectors general said that at least one email that had been made public by the State Department contained sensitive information, according to Fox News.
America's two major political parties have a difficult task: amassing a 51 percent coalition in a nation that has always been -- not just now, but from the beginning -- regionally, religiously, racially and ethnically diverse.

George W. Bush's Republicans in 2006 and 2008 were not able to hold together the 51 percent coalition that re-elected him in 2004. Barack Obama's Democrats in 2014 were not able to hold together the 51 percent coalition that re-elected him in 2012.

And, while the media and the voters are transfixed by the antics of Donald Trump, and speculating on possible damage to Republicans, Democrats are having some trouble holding their coalition together in the run-up to 2016.

That trouble was apparent at last weekend's Netroots Nation conference. Martin O'Malley, the former Maryland governor whose candidacy has made few ripples so far, was faced with "Black Lives Matter" protesters. His response, one that almost all Americans would agree with: "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter." At which point he was booed off the stage.

Similar treatment was given to Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who's been challenging Hillary Clinton's lead in polls in heavily white Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders emphasizes economic issues -- single payer health care, a 90 percent top income tax rate -- but he appeals primarily to gentry liberals.

The fallout from attempted ammo bans for AR-15 rifles to dead on arrival gun control initiatives in Congress, which would do next to nothing to curb future mass shootings (or gun violence), has lead to President Barack Obama becoming one of the greatest gun salesman of all time. Okay. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he’s certainly one of the best in the past decade (via the Hill):
Gun production has more than doubled over the course of the Obama administration, according to a new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. 
“The ATF report confirms what we already know, that Barack Obama deserves the 'Gun Salesman of the Decade' award,” said Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America. "People have been rushing to buy firearms because they’re afraid that Obama will take away their Second Amendment rights.”
The ATF’s annual firearms commerce report tracks the number of guns manufactured in the United States, which provides an indication of gun sales around the country.

Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations
Will the UN denounce these security barriers as “apartheid walls”? Or does only Israel come in for such treatment?

“Border walls rise across Mideast as jihad threat shakes nations,” Bloomberg News, July 23, 2015: CAIRO — As they confront the rising threat of modern jihadist violence, many of the nations most at risk are retreating […]
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Islamic Texts and Teachings That Kill

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

But Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “To refer to [the Islamic State] as occupying any part of Islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. To call them some form of Islamic gives the group more dignity than it deserves.”


If the Islamic State is not Islamic, what is it? How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread?

If we won’t identify the threat, we cannot address and defeat this genocidal ideology.

The fact is that millions of Muslims across the world support jihad — they may not strap a bomb on, but so what? I support the US military. I don’t wear a uniform, nor am I an enlisted service member, but they have my undying...


Changing the Realities of History
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana, philosopher, essayist, poet, and novelist

On February 26, 2001, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar issued a special edict ordering the destruction of all non-islamic statues and artifacts. A month later, after having stood untouched for 1700 years, the two Buddhas of more than 170 ft. tall and the other 115 ft. tall...were destroyed after being blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan, thus setting the stage for ISIS to follow suit a decade later.

Fast forward to March 2102, when in acts called, “a deliberate  targeting for ideological reasons,” ISIS thugs bulldozed the ancient Syrian city of Bosra and the 11th-century Crusaders castle 'Crac des Chevaliers'...and Jabhet al-Nusra destroyed the eighth-century minuet of the Great Mosque of Aleppo in an effort to place blame on Bashir al-Assad's forces and turn the tide of the Syrian Civil War in the 'supposed' rebels favor...all considered by UNESCO to be 'World Heritage' sites.

In July 2014, an ISIS video showed the actual destruction of Jonah's Tomb in Mosul. Located inside a Sunni mosque called the Mosque of the Prophet Yunus...'Jonah' in Arabic...the Tomb was singled out for destruction because of its special meaning in Christian tradition and its destruction served as a slap in the face to the few Christians still living in Iraq as well as to the entirety of Christian heritage in the region.

And earlier this year, ISIS thugs first destroyed artifacts housed at the 'Mosul Museum' in Iraq, moved on to the 3,000-year-old ancient Assyrian city of Nimrod, and then onto Palmyra “an oasis in the Syrian desert.” In their destroying Nimrod and Palmyra...the excuse used was that, "These antiquities and idols behind me were from people in past centuries and were worshiped instead of God (allah). When God Almighty orders us to destroy these statues, idols and antiquities, we must do it, even if they're worth billions of dollars," according to one who engaged in said acts...acts that even the U(seless) N(ations) deemed 'war crimes.'

And this just touches upon the surface of what ISIS, the Taliban, and their fellow assorted thugs have destroyed in the name of islam. Seeking to destroy the tangible and material record of a past they find an insult to their destroying said evidence of Christian history in both Iraq and Syria, a cultural coupled with an ethnic cleansing of sorts is taking place as minority populations and their heritage sites are being erased from the earth.

Cultural and ethnic cleansing NOT unlike that which happened a mere 75-years ago when Adolph Hitler and his SS Nazi thugs tried to eradicate...tried to exterminate...the entirety of the Jewish people along with all tangible evidence that Jewish life ever existed in Europe. Hitler's scapegoating of Europe's Jews was is ISIS' goal today against all non-muslims especially Christians...both politically and religiously expedient for by erasing the history of an entire people...erasing their tangible presence...Hitler then and ISIS now are and were aided in their unyielding quest for power.

And that quest for power can now sadly be seen here in our own country as minorities seem to be ruling over the majority...sanctioned along with consent given by a government that caters to the will of a few, and it's all in the name of political correctness. Afraid to step on the toes of those behaving badly...both of the black and of the muslim persuasion...America has now acquiesced to a changing of our own history by first demanding a rewriting of American history and know some are calling for American history textbooks to be rewritten...and then by destroying the very tangibles that are the witnesses to that history.

And it started with Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who, in June 2009, said in a speech in Cairo that, “I know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story,” words he repeated again in a 2010 statement marking the start of Ramadan when he said that, "Islam has always been part of America." And in a 2014 statement marking the end of Eid, Obama said the holiday "also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy."

Trying to rewrite American history through lies... what else...Obama forgets that during the early years of this country America was at war with the Barbary Pirates...muslim pirates...who were seizing American merchant ships and holding their crews for ransom unless the U.S. paid tribute to the Barbary states muslim rulers. NO...islam and muslims were NOT part of the “fabric of our nation” nor did they “contribute” anything then nor do they “contribute” anything now that qualifies them to be a part of “America's story” unless one sees 9/11 as an islamic “achievement.”

Rewriting American history in the name of political correctness now being tempered with a dose of 'collective white guilt' has again, through the actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and crew, reached a new low as it seems all reference to slavery and the Civil War are being erased from American history and American consciousness. And it started with the June 18th murders in Charleston, NC when nine people died in a shooting spree at a historic black church. When a picture of the shooter surfaced...white shooter Dylann Roof...showing him holding a Confederate flag...and when following the shooting Roof said, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country,” the formation of an idea coalesced in the minds of black racists who feed upon the old hatreds for their own personal gain, and for those who use political fodder to pander for votes.

And so the deaths of the nine church goers became the catalyst to play upon the 'supposed' white guilt over slavery...and remember NO one alive today owned slaves. Starting with South Carolina Governor Nikki Halley falling from political grace as she pandered for black votes, Halley had the 'stars and bars'...actually a Confederate battle flag...removed from South Carolina's Capital House Grounds. And this was followed close behind by a nationwide call to remove any and all symbols of the Confederacy from public parks, buildings, license plates, Internet shopping sites, and retail stores.

To date, in Charleston, the board that governs the Citadel...the state’s 173-year-old military academy...voted 9 to 3 to remove the Confederate Naval Jack from the campus chapel, and in Tennessee, political leaders from both parties said a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest...a Confederate general and an early Ku Klux Klan leader... should be removed from the State House. In Virginia, Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe ordered that the Confederate flag NO longer appear on license plates with political leaders in Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee vowing to do the same. And in Minnesota, black activists demanded that a lake named after John C. Calhoun...a senator and vice president from South Carolina who was a proponent of renamed.

Also, messages were painted on Confederate statues in Charleston, Baltimore, and Austin, Texas, that read, “Black Lives Matter.” And recently both Amazon and eBay announced that they would NO longer allow Confederate flags and/or Confederate themed merchandise to be sold on their on-line sites, and Walmart and Sears have already pulled Confederate themed apparel and merchandise from both their online and retail stores.

And in Harrisburg PA, the City Council voted to permanently close the doors of the Civil War Museum, resulting in valuable and delicate artifacts being placed in storage. However, black activists and a few white bleeding heart liberals disguised as workers took it upon themselves to destroy what they called "shrines to racism, bigotry, and hate," and of their own volition and without authorization took...actually stole...numerous Confederate artifacts and burned them behind the building, out of sight of the museum staff. And when finished and safely off site they sent an email to the museum director claiming that thanks to their "righteous" effort "white racists" will have one less "depraved" memorial where they can "worship the ignorance of those whom history should completely forget." In closing they added that "to continue to allow the existence of the last few physical remnants of the Confederate States of America is an appalling failure of social morality."

Pray tell me what is 'moral' about destroying private property that does NOT belong to you...all it does is prove that a certain segment of those behaving badly still hold today's whites responsible for sins that happened long ago (forgetting that it was their own tribal chiefs who first sold them into slavery)...and these are the same folks who have crossed the line into trying to rewrite American history as per how they deem American history should be written.

And as these same folks continue demanding reparations for slavery that happened a century and a half ago...and as they continue trying to erase the atrocities of a war that divided our nation...a war where brother fought against brother...and doing so by destroying mere tangibles...know that their actions actually mimic the actions of the afore mentioned ISIS and SS Nazi thugs. And while said actions might destroy some of the physical tangibles of history NOTHING they do can change or erase the realities of history. Historical memory always remains and it's up to us how we chose to view or NOT view our past.

So when the Confederate flag brouhaha eventually dies it surely will...just know that the Confederacy has now won the battle for America's conscious for true red, white, and blue Americans do NOT like their history...whether that history is black or white, good or be rewritten to cater to those who behave badly or those who cater to those behaving oh so badly.