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Oh, So The Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower's Lawyer Gave Money To Joe Biden

Oh, So The Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower's Lawyer Gave Money To Joe Biden Well, well, well what do we have here. The lead attorney for the Ukraine whistleblower is a supporter of Joe Biden. Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon found this gem. It all connects to this nonsensical impeachment push House Democrats have decided to embark on in the last 24 hours. You see, President Trump called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and supposedly shook him down to investigate the son of the former vice president, Hunter. Quid pro quo and ties to foreign aid were also allegations that were lobbed by Democrats regarding this conversation. Trump was said to have withheld aid regarding this investigation, but the transcript was released this morning. And it was another underwhelming development in this ongoing war the media has waged against the Trump White House. No one read the transcript and the House Democrats were off to the races for impeachment. Trump was asking the Ukrainians for help in the Department of Justice’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation, it was the Ukrainians that brought up Biden first, and there was no quid pro quo, no aid ties either. So, this was straight trash…again.

Canadian government may deport ex-Muslim family who converted to Christianity and faces death upon return
By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch

Canadian government may deport ex-Muslim family who converted to Christianity and faces death upon return
An update on a Christian family in Canada facing deportation back to Nigeria to face the danger of jihadist persecution. Jihad Watch reported in mid-July: Canada has implemented a generous open-door immigration policy toward Muslim migrants, but it is turning its back on a Christian family seeking refuge from real danger, a family that has […]

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Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump

How do we impeach the House?

Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump

Breitbart News

Democrats wrote to the Ukrainian government in May 2018 urging it to continue investigations into President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign — collusion later found not to exist.


The demand, which came from U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), resurfaced Wednesday in an opinion piece written by conservative Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post.

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Netanyahu...Keeping Israel the Jewish State
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Israel...the now and forever Jewish State of Israel...the land God Our Father gave to his chosen people...the Jews. Israel today...a country literally risen from the ashes of six million dead...a land rightfully mandated by U.N. law to be the Jewish homeland. Yet it's a land never seeing a true day's peace for the islamic wolves at her door continue to salivate as they not so patiently wait to lay claim to land that was never and will never be theirs.

Israel...not only America's staunchest ally in the Middle East but in the world. Israel is also the very country we have the strongest military to military alliances with. Israel...a land of prosperity, modernization, and innovation where Jews and Christians live side-by-side as one Israeli people...a people whose borders are breached only by those still wishing all Israeli's...all Jews and Christians...dead. Israel...a country not unlike ours when it comes to the playing of political games for politics is truly also Israel's "enemy within." And that enemy within can clearly be seen in the recent Israeli election that remains in contention and probably will be for some time. More on that in a bit.

And Israel and the United States share much in common as in our core beliefs, freedoms, morals, values, and ideological unity above all matter that our actual systems of government are quite different in that ours is, for the most part, a more cut and dry major two party system where as Israel's government is built by coalition replete with minor party alignments. And our governing differences can also be seen in the fact that while we are a Constitutional Republic, Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy with its having no formal constitution per se. And yet some key functions of a constitution are filled by the 1948 Declaration of Establishment, the Basic Laws of the Parliament, and the Israeli citizenship law of 2013...a law which allows every Jew to become a citizen of Israel, pretty much automatically.

Also, our three branches of government...executive, legislative, and judicial...are somewhat different as well. Briefly, our executive branch is headed by the president while Israel's is headed by the prime minister with the president being more of a state figurehead. Our legislative branch is bicameral...the House and the Senate...while Israel's is unicameral... as in the Knesset. As for our judicial system, I think Israel's judicial system is better in one specific area as their Supreme Court, which sees justices appointed by a Judicial Selection Committee comprised of all three branches of government, has a mandatory retirement age of seventy. No Ruth Bader Ginsberg types hanging on out of political spite. And while our Supreme Court sees the president nominating justices, who if approved are appointed for life, we also have the U.S. Court of Appeals, District, State, and County courts...Israel does not.

And even though the three main branches of our two governments differ to some degree, they do at the same time basically serve the same purpose. However, it's our party system itself where we and Israel differ the most. How so...we are mainly a two-party system...Democrat and Republican...with some minor and some not so minor parties like the Conservative Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, and a few others picking up the slack... while the Israeli government, as in the Knesset, is currently comprised of 17 political parties with 35 other political parties wanting but not having seats in the Knesset. This translates into the need for coalition building and for alliances to be formed...meaning to become the dominate party in Israel said party needs a total of 61 seats out of the 120 seats in the Knesset with Knesset seats being elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency.

Confusing I do know but it is what it is, and this system works...kind a tiny country surrounded by a pack of ever hungry islamist wolves. And yet it's actually all this confusion that could hopefully still see the great Benjamin Netanyahu remaining Israel's prime minister.

But let me explain by first saying that I truly believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indeed the world's last great statesman...a statesman of the old and honorable school who is now fighting for both his political life and the future of his country all because of a man, a party, and an ideology that fail to understand that neither political deals nor peace can be made with the devil...the devil in this case being any and all wishing Israel gone. And let me also say that by making such deals with the devil Israel will no longer be a Jewish state...for what Hitler started misplaced allegiances and alliances will finish.

So the bottom line before this past Monday's "recommendations" alliances were made was that there was no clear majority winner in Israel's latest election as BiBi's “Likud” party held 31 up to 32 seats...and his opponent, ex-armed forces chief Benny Gantz's “Blue and White” party held 33 seats with both falling well short of the mandated 61 seats needed to form a majority government. Now also think of it this way...the right-wing “Likud” party is the Republicans and the centrist, leaning to the far left “Blue and White” party (actually a nick-name of sorts for the Kahol Lavan party) is the Democrats...conservatives vs. liberals Israeli-style...and both men and their parties needing to build a coalition of the lesser parties in order to either take over or keep power. But even that seemed to be at a standstill as just last Sunday Israel's President Reuven Rivlin began talks with both main parties about choosing a leader to put together a coalition...a “unity”...government.

It's up to Israel's two biggest parties, the first and second that are almost equal in size, to join that you together manage and establish a system that brings a stable government,” so said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin just one week ago.

And why a “unity” government...because the center-left has no realistic option numbers wise of forming a government without “Likud,” and a now being talked about third election could lead to political chaos. But remember, a “unity” government is not new to Israel as Israel has seen several such governments...governments where major rival parties worked together to form a workable and successful ruling coalition. Such a coalition was formed in the days leading up to the Six-Day War, and after both the 1984 and 2009 elections.

And Netanyahu is open to forming a “unity” government, in fact he appealed to Gantz to help him "set up a broad unity government, demonstrate responsibility, and pursue cooperation," as well as to allude that he might be willing to accept a power-sharing arrangement with Gantz...something which Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres did in the mid-1980s. But Benny Gantz is not, as he stated that he would only lead or be part of a "liberal" coalition...a secular only coalition which would exclude the two ultra-Orthodox parties...the Agudat Israel Party and the National Religious Party...along with another nationalist-religious party.

Translation: under Gantz's version of a coalition the Jewish State of Israel would, as previously stated, most probably be Jewish no more...surely not with the secular, anti-religious government Gantz is proposing...shades of our very own Democrat party I'd say. And besides, Gantz also fears that a “unity” government with the right numbers and right parties could see Benjamin Netanyahu garnering bargaining power along with the possibility of him alone holding onto the prime ministership.

Benny Gantz chooses to forget that there is a reason why Israel is formally known as the “Jewish State of Israel”... Benny Gantz forgets the six million dead.

So what did Benny Gantz...the man who wants to sellout Israel to a two-state so-called Palestinian to stop the Reuven Rivlin proposed, Netanyahu agreed to“unity” government from forming? Gantz outwardly and quite maliciously courted the Arab-dominated “Joint List,” which said it was ending its long standing policy of not supporting any of the main candidates for prime minister after any elections. And why exactly is the “Joint List” ditching this their long standing per party head Ayman Odeh, it's because they must remain focused on their prime goal which is to “bring an end to the era of Netanyahu, so we recommend that Benny Gantz be the one to form the next government.”

Sleeping with the devil, thy name is Benny Gantz.

But even with the “Joint List's” endorsement...and know Gantz got 10 of their 13 possible "recommendations"...he still fell short of the needed 61 votes, nor does it mean that the “Joint List” will finally get to sit with any governing coalition, something they surely expected in exchange for their support. And this new alliance is suspect, in and of itself, as Israel's current leadership is both questioning and investigating this unprecedented increase in voter turnout by Israel’s 21-percent Arab in Arabs not voting before nor even being registered to vote now suddenly being registered and bused to the polls to vote for Gantz. Shades once again of our own Democrat voting fraud. And it's this busing action alone that allowed the “Joint List” to win 13 Knesset seats, now making it the third largest winner of seats...thus affording an Arab party...a decidedly anti-Netanyahu, anti-Israel party...too much power if you ask me.

And this sudden increase in Arab voter turnout...especially in six key precincts...surely bears the hallmark of outside involvement. George Soros or Barack HUSSEIN Obama perhaps....two arch enemies of Netanyahu who relish in driving the knife deeper into both his and Israel's back.

So that left, amongst but a few others, former Netanyahu ally turned turncoat, far-right former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose Yisrael Beitenu party secured eight Knesset seats, to possibly be the potential decider. And while Lieberman has reiterated his previous calls for a “unity” government, he has also stated that he would not be recommending either candidate to be Israel's prime minister, leaving one to wonder if Lieberman could “be bought”...if you Gantz as the lesser, in his mind, of the two evils.

And then there's the religious parties representing Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox communities... communities known as "Haredim"...who remain a key factor in this equation, with “Shas” winning nine seats and “United Torah Judaism” winning eight seats. But even if all their votes went to Netanyahu that too still does not bring him to the needed 61 vote either... “close but no cigar” as they say..

So what would happen if a “unity” government could not be formed...if Benny Gantz does not agree to one like Netanyahu has? It simply would mean there will be yet another election “do over” as Israeli's will head to the polls for a third time to chose between the “Likud” party...Netanyahu’s right-wing so-called "flagship party"... the party which rightfully opposes a Palestinian state (after all the so-called Palestinians already have a state and it's called Jordan), the party which rightfully supports "settlement" annexation, and the party which encourages privatization in the economy...vs...Benny Gantz's Blue and White” centrist coalition...a coalition solely created to oppose Benjamin Netanyahu and his “alleged corruption.”

And know that “alleged” is always the operative word for the fraud, bribery, and breach of trust charges brought against Benjamin Netanyahu reek of the same nonsense as Donald Trump faced with the “alleged” Russian collusion in nothing but a set-up to discredit BiBi before his election as happened with President Trump.

And in an effort to avoid the above stated scenario, this past Monday, President Rivilin had a meeting with both Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz after he finished consulting with all political parties involved. As it stood at that point in time, Benjamin Netanyahu received 55 “recommendations” to become Israel's prime minister while Benny Gantz received 54 such “recommendations,” meaning that while both men failed to secure the needed majority of 61 out of the 120 Knesset seats, on Wednesday, President Rivlin tapped Benjamin Netanyahu with the mandate to form the new government within 42 days after receiving the final results of last week's election. Especially noted was the fact that the National Democratic Alliance (the Balad party), an ally of the "Joint List," said it did not and would not support the " Joint List’s" position to vote for or support Benny Gantz for prime minister...thus clearing the way for BiBi to remain Israel's prime minister...if said new government is formed.

And while some progress was also made on Monday in the fact that Rivlin said "significant steps" in negotiations over the formation of what will be that new government were made, he made it clear that some "compromises" had to be made on both sides especially since Benny Gantz has stated that he will not serve under Netanyahu...not even as his "second in command"...until he is cleared of any wrongdoing. And to that I say he will be.

So now the task of forming a new government begins.  And to that affect Benjamin Netanyahu issued this statement, wise man and honorable that he is, "I know the only way to form a new government is a unity one.  We need unity to unify everyone and to reconcile the people."

And if a "unity" government cannot be formed, President Rivlin stated that the "opportunity" could pass to the next candidate who has the greatest chance of forming a new in Benny Gantz...or else Israeli's would surely be headed back to the polls for election number three...something no one wants to see happen.

So for now Israel, with Benjamin Netanyahu as its prime minister, remains the Jewish State that God Our Father...and the U.N... intended her to be. And Benjamin Netanyahu's fifth term in office looks promising indeed... and for the Jewish State of Israel's sake...for the Middle East's sake...and for America's sake...I pray it is so.

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