Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jihad in America: List of Muslim Terror Attacks since 9/11
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Islamic terror in the homeland is nothing new. What is new is that despite the Obama administration and enemedia’s relentless campaign to scrub and obfuscate the motive behind the hate, violence and war, the American people are finally waking up.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11Let’s review:

Complete List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks

Muslim terror attacks targeting NYC (thanks to

Recent news and information about the NYPD’s programs to thwart terrorism and suppress violence.BROOKLYN BRIDGE – In 2002, Iyman Faris, a U.S.-based al-Qaeda operative, planned to cut the Brooklyn Bridge’s support cables at the direction of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. However, as a testament to NYPD terrorism deterrence efforts, Faris called off the plot, indicating to al-Qaeda leaders that “the weather is too hot.” NYPD’s 24-hour...

The following was written by Ashley Intartaglia, one of my columnists on I think she speaks for all Americans who still love the U.S. and are pig sick of Islam, our pathetic leadership and morons who disallow our military the wherewithal to defend themselves on our soil. Check it out ...

Today, I feel rage. Real, hateful, all-consuming rage. Which is not an emotion I feel very often. As a matter of fact, the last time I felt exactly as I feel right now was 14 years ago when terrorists flew commercial airplanes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. If it’s possible to be so angry that you can feel the blood in your veins rising in temperature…that was how I felt then, and that is how I feel now.

Because on July 16, four United States Marines and a Navy Sailor were brutally murdered on American soil by what appears to be a radical Islamic terrorist. Five people who voluntarily chose to defend this country, were shot to death, executed, on American soil.

Let me reiterate where they were murdered…by a radicalized Muslim. On American soil. To make matters worse, they faced this lone-wolf extremist completely unarmed.
As Dan wrote in March, Rubio and Romney have been in talks regarding his then much-speculated presidential run; he would formally announce his 2016 bid in April. Romney “encouraged and mentored” Rubio at the time regarding the 2016 landscape, according to a Romney associate who spoke with the Washington Post. Rubio did face a fundraising obstacle since Jeb Bush has deep Florida and Texas money ties. And there were some prominent big donors in Florida who liked both Bush and Rubio, but weren’t going to back both–and it wasn’t going to be Rubio. So, during this time, Rubio knew if he could convince Romney’s crowd that he was part of the “next generation of Republican leaders,” he would be able to amass a war chest that could shoot him to the top of the field. Right now, Rubio is one of the top candidates in the 2016 GOP field.

On the Democratic side, many of Obama’s donors from the 2012 cycle are flocking to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (via US News and World Report):
Bernie Sanders is drawing more of Barack Obama's 2012 campaign donors than Hillary Clinton. 
And Marco Rubio is scoring the biggest share of Mitt Romney's contributors thus far.
These are the findings of Crowdpac, a San Francisco-based political data-mining firm which analyzed the July presidential campaign finance reports.
The Vermont senator has already received contributions from 24,582 of Obama's donors; whereas Clinton has only tapped just over 9,000 of them. Martin O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, has grabbed 383 Obama donors.
That means Sanders has nabbed 72 percent of the 34,340 Obama donors who have given to a candidate in 2016, according to Crowdpac.
Ever since Mitt Romney dropped his flirtation with another White House bid last winter, the rush has been on to court his moneymen and women.
Rubio's winning that charge.

TEXAS, INDIANA, FLORIDA, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA, AND LOUISIANA to arm all National Guardsmen in wake of Tennessee massacre of U.S. military personnel by a devout Muslim

Bare Naked Islam 

here-are-the-victims-of-the-chattanooga-shooting-2-30610-1437230989-0_bigVery surprisingly, Tennessee isn’t yet one of the states that has announced it will place armed National Guardsmen at military facilities around the state. Neither has Georgia, where armed civilians have taken it upon themselves to stand guard in front of military facilities.


Times Free Press  Governors in Indiana, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma have ordered National Guardsmen to be armed. Tennessee, where five servicemembers were killed Thursday in a brutal attack on military facilities, has yet to take any action, but pressure is building for officials to do more to protect members of the military from acts of terrorism. 



Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is allowing the Indiana National Guard to have its personnel be armed at all recruiting offices and state military facilities. Pence issued his executive order Saturday, saying he won’t let Guardsmen be unable to defend themselves and others at facilities in the state. The governor’s order also directs the state adjutant general to review ways to improve security at all Indiana National Guard facilities and recruiting offices.