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Just a Thought...
Economically 'Aiding and Abetting' the Enemy
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Now isn't this a little bit of happiness...according to the IMF (International Money Fund) thanks to Obama's lifting sanctions on Iran as per his 'very bad' nuclear deal, Iran's real gross domestic product grew by 7.4%, thus recovering from a recession while the total of the U.S. GDP growth under Obama grew by a miserly 2%. Gives new meaning to 'aiding and abetting' the enemy now doesn't it.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Rolling Back Obama-era EPA Water Rule President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Tuesday that mandates the Environmental Protection Agency to review the Obama-era Clean Water Act, which expanded Washington’s authority over state and local waterways.

Trump cannot rescind the rule outright, as that has to be done through a formal regulatory process. Instead, it orders the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to formally reconsider the rule. That, however, could kick off the repeal process or lead to significant changes being written.
The 2015 regulation, also known as Waters of the United States, asserts federal power over small waterways such as wetlands, headwaters and ponds, requiring Clean Water Act permits for any actions that could harm or pollute them. The Obama administration said 117 million Americans’ drinking water relies on those waterways.
The rule is currently on hold. The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, based in Cincinnati, ordered it halted in 2015 while numerous lawsuits challenging the rule wind their ways through the court system.
McMaster and Gorka: Understanding or Misunderstanding Islam?

By Brian Thomas / Jihad Watch


There are two fundamental ways to view Islam in the West, and it is now clear those who hold to the “Islam is a religion of peace” view, which has held sway over the affairs of the West for so long, are fighting a desperate rear-guard action to remain in charge following Trump’s rise to power. […]
Destruction ‘Beyond Belief’ at Jewish Cemetery, 300 GRAVES VANDALIZED
Further proof of how the enemedia under reports these vicious actsof antisemitism.  This second desecration of Jewish graves in Philadelphia was first reported to be “a couple of dozen” (see ABC news).” Then the reports said it was a hundred tombstones. Now the number tops three hundred. Would no self respecting journalist actually go out to the cemetery and take a head count for themselves — too busy chasing down faked anti-Muslim hate crimes. I can hear them now — ‘lede with the bacon slice on the door handle of a mosque!’

This is not the first Jewish cemetery destroyed last week. St. Louis was hit too.  Is there no video? Three hundred heavy tombstones took extraordinary strength and time.

I hope infamous anti-semite Linda Sarsour doesn’t hijack this horror for her own personal aggrandizement….again.

Vicious anti-Israel Jew-haters such as Linda Sarsour used the last series of attacks on dead Jews to stage gofundme-raising PR stunts playing to an enemedia with a voracious appetite for these theatrics. They got a ton of mileage out of that ruse. Too bad their concern doesn’t extend to living Jews. It reminds me of the Europeans – always fetishizing the dead Jews of the Holocaust while condemning and attacking the live Jews in Israel and beyond.

Will Muslim supremacists exploit this one, too?

Read full article here: http://pamelageller.com/2017/02/destruction-beyond-belief-jewish-cemetery-300-graves-vandalized.html/