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The Obama administration and the Democratic Party’s ‘War on Police’ continues into its second year, following the recent anniversary of the justified shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Last year at this time, long before all the evidence had been collected and the investigation completed, the Obama administration and Democrats from around the country weighed in with all manner of accusations against police in America.

Using the death of Michael Brown as a Democratic Party recruiting tool, President Obama and his party allies were highly critical of the police in general, and specifically with how they responded to the ‘demonstrations’ occurring nightly on the streets of that North St. Louis County community.

More comparable to terrorist attacks committed by an insurgency, the streets of Ferguson burned brightly every evening after dark, but certainly not with the glow of city streetlights.

The streets were lit up by the buildings set afire by an insurgency built on a lie, and supported by Democrats and the Obama Administration’s efforts to cast Michael Brown as an innocent black youth minding his own business when he was gunned down. Murdered by a racist white cop, to quote Democrat heavy-weight Donna Brazile.
Kate Steinle's family is seeking justice in their daughter's premature death at the hands of an illegal immigrant. Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who'd been arrested and deported multiple times, should never have been allowed to walk on the Embarcadero. Yet, our porous border and weak customs enforcement allowed Sanchez to reenter the United States and go on a shooting spree the same night Steinle happened to be walking along a San Francisco pier with her dad. She died in her dad's arms.

Now, her parents are suing the city's sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and The Bureau of Land Management for not doing more to prevent a criminal like Sanchez from coming back across the border. Her mom, Liz Sullivan, said the tragedy demands action:
"Everyone can’t keep saying this is the way it is — it isn’t the way it has to be. We have to stand up and say we’re mad as hell we’re not going to take it anymore,” Sullivan said.

Petraeus: Use al-Qaeda jihadis to defeat the Islamic State
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Petraeus: Use al-Qaeda jihadis to defeat the Islamic State
This is a tacit admission that the U.S. can’t find enough “moderates” to do the job against the Islamic State, even after spending $500 million to create a “moderate” fighting force.

This is an effective admission that not only the Administration’s entire strategy of dealing with the Islamic State, but its entire diagnosis of the […]
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Mega Mosque Proposed in Chaldean Christian Community in Michigan

A member of the Iraqi Christian community in Michigan wrote to alert me of a proposed mega-mosque going up in a Chaldean Christian community in Michigan. How frightening it must be to them when their Chaldean brethren in Iraq and Syria are being systematically cleansed from their centuries-old homelands under Muslim rule.

The genocide of the Chaldean Christians accompanied by this:
A 60 feet tall, 20,500 sq. ft. mega-mosque in what is a predominantly Iraqi Christian area of Sterling Heights, Michigan (15 Mile Road and Ryan Road, also known as Chaldean-town in the area).
As you probably know for many years, Muslims lived in Dearborn and the Iraqi Christian community lived in other areas of Southeastern Michigan, including the city of...