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America has an alphabet soup of visa programs for foreigners to choose from: B-1 for business visitors, B-2 for tourists, EB-5 for investors, F-1 for students, and so on. All are overwhelmed, loosely monitored and riddled with fraud and corruption. According to the recently unsealed federal indictment against him, sleazy Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., took it upon himself to add his own very special, crooked path to the U.S.

Call it the 36DD Visa.

The New York Post recounted this weekend how Menendez and his staff pressured the State Department to expedite the foreign tourist and student visa approval processes for a bevy of buxom foreign beauties. One of them, Brazilian actress and nudie model Juliana Lopes Leite (a.k.a. "Girlfriend 1"), had her F-1 student visa application moved to the top of the Mount Everest-high heap in 2008 as a favor to Menendez's now-indicted donor pal and accused Medicare fraudster Salomon Melgen.

A senior Menendez staffer emailed a State Department staffer that Girlfriend 1 "has her visa application appointment in Brasilia, Brazil, tomorrow. ... Sen. Menendez would like to advocate unconditionally for Dr. Melgen and encourage careful consideration of (Girlfriend 1)'s visa application."

Oba!  "The State Department responded within hours, and the woman got her visa the following day," the Post reported. Sugar daddy Melgen set up a shady nonprofit to help fund Lopes Leite's education, according to the indictment. The IRS-approved "foundation" for "helping with the educational needs of disadvantaged persons" also subsidized college costs for a second woman "romantically linked to Menendez."

Pentagon denies that Islamic State’s caliph has been wounded

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Pentagon denies that Islamic State’s caliph has been wounded
So the claim that he has been wounded turns out to be yet another false report from the mainstream media — doubtless a projection of their wishful thinking, since the Islamic State is so very inconvenient to them, posing a daily challenge to their narrative that Islam is a Religion of Peace that has been […]

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NY Daily News: Posters slamming Islam for ‘killing Jews’ can be displayed on MTA buses: court

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

‘I sought to kill Jews,’ said Muslim terrorist who rammed car into Israelis at Jerusalem bus stop.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiIt takes a convoluted sort of cognitive dissonance for the media to run those news stories and then puzzle over and criticize my ads. Self-enforcing sharia.
“Posters slamming Islam for ‘killing Jews’ can be displayed on MTA buses: court,” By Stephen Rex Brown, NY Daily News, April 21, 2015
Allison Joyce/Allison Joyce for the New York Pamela Geller, creator of the anti-jihad subway ads, hailed the court’s ruling. She said she would pay for more posters to be displayed on buses than she originally planned. 
A conservative firebrand said Tuesday she plans to paper at least 50 MTA buses with Islamophobic...


Rick Perry: Without Border Security, Immigration Talk Is 'Waste of Time'

By Todd Beamon / NEWSMAX

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells Newsmax on Tuesday that unless the nation's borders are secured, "all of this talk about immigration and immigration reform is a waste of time."

"You have to secure the border," Perry, 65, told J.D. Hayworth on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV. "The American people are not going to trust Washington, D.C., until you secure the border."

"This is something that we have to deal with in this country — and we can secure the border."

Perry made his exclusive remarks during a visit to Newsmax’s Washington DC studios. In the interview, which will air on Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET on Newsmax TV, Perry said that:
  • He would announce whether he will seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in late May or "the first of June."
  • The abuse-of-power case filed against him last year was "nonsense" and his attorneys had moved again to quash it.
  • Americans were looking for a president with "executive leadership" experience.
  • He had a "good" relationship with Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his candidacy last month, and that he looked forward to a "respectful, civil" debate should he jump into the ring.
Perry, who left the State House in January as the longest-serving governor in Texas history, told Newsmax that "the porous nature of that southern border was something that the United States needs to be concerned about."

Last year, the former governor deployed as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to help stop the surge of illegal children coming across the border from Central America.

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A Laughable Message To Iran That We Are Watching
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

"We don't let anyone give us warnings and threats, because we are working according to international law and regulations...we work for the security of our country and other countries."           - Flotilla Admiral Habibollah Sayyar, Commander of Iran's Regular Navy

And so the game of 'leverage' begins...

Coming soon after last weeks U.N. Security Council resolution that imposed an arms embargo on leaders of the Iranian-backed Shi'ite Yemini Houthi rebel fighters...and just weeks after Obama and the P5+1 sold the U.S. and Israel out in that joke of a 'framework deal' with Iran over its nuclear ambitions...last Sunday the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and her escort ship the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy left the Persian Gulf and headed for the Arabian the waters off what Naval officials have called "maritime security operations" to ensure that vital shipping lanes remain open and safe.

And if you believe that I've got some swamp land to sell you.

So with the Roosevelt joining nine other American warships... including cruisers and destroyers carrying 'board and search' teams...teams that 'anonymous' Naval sources say will intercept any Iranian vessels carrying weapons to the Houthi rebels...and at last report there was an Iranian convoy of eight ships nearing Yemeni waters...this is anything but a so-called routine 'operation' NO matter that our Navy has in the past conducted consensual boarding of ships.

Remember, the fact is that we do NOT have the legal authority or any authority to board Iranian-flagged ships even with the U.N. resolution in place...and yet this is was what 'anonymous' Naval sources say we will be action that could be construed as a declaration of war against action counter to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren saying, “Ships are repositioning to conduct maritime security operations, they are not going to intercept Iranian ships.”

But wasn't Yemen supposed to be at peace as in an Obama success story...that's what we were told...but once again it turns out it's just another in a long list of lies spewed by this administration.

Yemen is now a country in turmoil...a country in the grips of yet another Arab Spring gone horribly horribly wrong that we closed our embassy in Senaa in mid-February and in late March we evacuated 300 military personnel from a base in southern Yemen. Yemen...where the Houthi are battling government-backed fighters in an effort to take control of the country and where Sunni-dominated Saudi sort of a proxy war with mostly Shi'ite Iran...and a small coalition of other neighboring Arab countries who support exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi...are ending their nearly month-long airstrike operation...'Operation Decisive Storm'...against the Houthi rebels and are ready to begin a new undertaking called 'Operation Restoring Hope' which they claim will focus on security and counter terrorism.

Hoping to restore the Yemini government, the problem the Saudis now face is that the Houthi rebels still control most of the capital of Sanaa NO matter the Saudi claim that they have “degraded Houthi-controlled military infrastructure, including key buildings in the capital.” And, remember too, that the Houthi have overrun the country's northern provinces even though we gave the Saudis logistical and intelligence support...and even though Obama begrudgingly gave the Saudi coalition refueling aircraft and launched 'limited' airstrikes against the Houthi.

And this was done at the very same time Obama tried to persuade the Saudis to limit the scope of their bombing campaign against his fellow muslim brethren and to focus instead on protecting their own borders. Translation: more 'leading from behind'...more empty words and actions that were too little and too late allowing Obama to have NO direct involvement in the fighting, thus keeping him...or so he thinks...from being blamed for even more muslim deaths in a country where civilian casualties are running high and where Saudi officials in conjunction with coalition officials from the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait say their aim is to bring back Yemen's "security and stability through establishing a political process.”

'Establishing a political process' by countries where Obama released GITMO prisoners countries NOT really America's friends.

So Obama is once again 'leading from behind' in yet another foreign policy failure...another instance where Iran seems to be calling the shots...another instance where Obama is going through the motions of doing something but actually is doing NOTHING for 'leverage' and the upper-hand is what this is all about.

'Leverage'...the power or ability to act or to influence people, events, and in Obama will do and say any and everything...including playing soldier...or in this case putting on this military 'dog and pony' show of force to get that Iranian nuclear deal signed and in place before he leaves office...for his anything but stellar legacy...even if it means sending our warships off the coast of a place where they have NO legal authority to do what some Naval officials say they were sent to do. Sadly, the truth is that our military has been rendered impotent to follow through on any and all threats from Iran...threats that should be and would be handled post in you do NOT pull your warships back there will be NO nuclear deal of any sorts and even harsher sanctions will be put into place...if we had a strong leader instead of a traitor at the helm of America's ship.

Remember, Iran...who routinely calls for 'death to America' and is calling all the shots in the nuclear deal...will do what they want to do when they want to do it and Obama will NOT stop them for when all the bloviations are said and done...when the Saudi coalition does go home...and when Iran refuses to back down and withdraw their warships with Obama giving them the thumbs-up from the sidelines... pretty soon we will start seeing our warships turning around as they start heading back to 'friendly' waters having done nothing but make us even more of a laughing stock in the eyes of the world's than we already are.

Nothing to see here folks...just more of the same old same old show of American military might being rendered powerless...military might that unfortunately has Barack HUSSEIN Obama tying their hands behind their backs.

Today, Wednesday, April 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the bruhaha over gay weddings, the candidates, and the Constitution; Hillary's platform which is anything but; and U.S. warships off the coast of Yemen.

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