Friday, March 31, 2023

Biden Has 'No Comment' on Trump's Indictment
Madeline Leesman / Townhall Tipsheet

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Friday, Biden said he has “no comment” on former President Donald Trump being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. This is the first time Biden was questioned in public about Trump’s case. 

“Are you worried this will further divide our country? The indictment?” a reporter asked Biden. 

“I have no comment on that,” the president responded. 

“Are you also worried about possible protest in the wake of the indictment?” another reporter asked, alluding to the fact the Trump previously urged his supporters to protest and to “take our country back” if he were arrested. 

“No, I’m not going to talk about Trump’s indictment,” Biden said. 

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he thinks “that the charges against Trump are politically motivated.”  

“I have no comment on Trump,” Biden answered. Read more and see video here.

The Indictment Reeks
Guy Benson / Townhall Tipsheet

Apparently the leaks about the Manhattan grand jury being done with the Trump case for a month amounted to a head fake, deliberate or otherwise. Donald Trump went from predicting his own arrest a few weekends ago to publicly praising the grand jurors ("gained such respect"), apparently under the belief that they'd decided not to pursue charges. Yesterday afternoon, I asked a legal guest on my radio show if that was unwisely premature on Trump's part, considering that the grand jury pool was almost certainly stacked with people who hate him, with an outcome still unclear. A few hours later, the indictment was announced. Trump's 'great respect' warm and fuzzies instantly vanished, in favor a statement of outrage

Whatever you think of Trump, the indictment reeks. The fact that it's been sought is plainly and outrageously political, no matter how hard certain media outlets gaslight. With the caveat that it's currently sealed, and we haven't seen all of its substance, it's thus far been widely and rightly seen as a...Read more and see tweets here.

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