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Only Money and Power Matter to Black Lives Matter

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Racism is cool again, thanks to Democrats. The political party that brought you slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, lynchings, the KKK, and everything else associated with what a group like Black Lives Matter raises billions of dollars claiming to oppose never swayed from their main objective of dividing Americans so they can conquer. So why would a group like BLM work so hard to perpetuate a slavish loyalty to the political party overseeing the slaughter of thousands of black people every year and the destruction of the black community? Because it’s not really about race, it’s about money and power.

Since their inception, progressives have always been bigots. Yes, there were a lot of racists among the New England elites in the early 20th century progressive movement, but the bigotry was largely based on wealth and education more than skin color. There were plenty of black progressives.

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Christmas and Hanukkah COVID Style                                         By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

The Christmas/Hanukkah season is finally here but plans that once were are now questionable at best... plans as to how we can...or should I say cannot... celebrate both the birth of one small child...a child in whom salvation lives...and a warriors victory that saw the miracle of one day's lamp oil turning into eight. A should be glorious time for family and friends to gather together in love and harmony while enjoying great feasts of food and drink...with Peace on Earth hopefully lasting for a few days at least. But this year will surely not be the joyous holiday season we all had come to expect what with the politically weaponized virus from China hovering like the Grim Reaper over us all. 

Or perchance will the true spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah ultimately prevail? A most serious question in need of an answer.

But sadly, it seems all we are left with are fond memories of mask-less Christmases and Hanukkahs past for this year said virus not only continues to dominate the 24/7 news cycle, but it has actually become the single overriding factor in how we are tasked with going about our daily lives. And so it appears that at least in the public venue, “We the People” will once again be at the mercy of misplaced political leaders who relish in dictating how we are and are not to celebrate what should be the most beautiful time of the year. And their lists for us of dos and don'ts, yes and nos...with no ifs, ands, or buts a long and tedious one...a list that we who celebrate the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and/or the eight days of the “Festival of Lights” can never wholeheartedly meet...nor do we really care to.

And dare we forget that what appears on the surface to be this year's “humbug” holiday season actually started on Halloween, the holiday of candy and devilish pranks that over the years became synonymous with every dentist's worst nightmare. Halloween 2020 was what amounted to a no-go what with few kids in costumes going door-to-door...and that can be blamed on their parents media-driven fears that the always marauding COVIDS now lurked behind each, every, and all of their neighbors doors. And so the candy bought but not given out ended not in the tummies of ghosts, princesses, and superheros, but was relegated to melt in trash cans or...gasp...ended up in many a parents mouth where the sweets helped to pack on even more pounds thanks to all the COVID affected exercise activities still disallowed.

And Thanksgiving this year was little to no better what with leftist politicians begging and pleaded with folks to stay sheltered at home, basically saying the hell with family and friends. Saying we should look forward to spending this Thanksgiving with the same immediate family members who for months we've been locked up in confinement with, but still by all means enjoy stuffing yourselves silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course pumpkin pie, caring not a bit that everyone's last nerve is probably well frazzled by now. And try they did to get us to buy into their propaganda that continued home confinement would be lots better than dealing with family drama and unneeded expenses that always seem to pop up right before, during, and after what really this year should have just been called "Turkey Day." And while many complied...sheeple usually do...many others thankfully said we've damn well had enough of this virus, we're going to enjoy the holiday with both those we love and those we cherish...bring on the turkey...I'll take a leg.

And next came Hanukkah, the “Festival of Lights,” where families still gathered...albeit in mandated small enjoy delicious stacks of latkes deep fried  with powdered sugar and applesauce off on the side, while young children merrily spun dreidels in a game of chance with chocolate “gelt” (coins) wrapped in gold foil going to both the game's winner and losers. And while their parents hoped this made up...sort of...for all the Halloween candy not gotten or happily eaten, the Hanukkah candles were lit one at a time for eight days in row, while the adults hoped that the glow of Hanukkah's God-granted miracle would drown out the COVID scare tactics still hanging over all of their heads, including the fact that synagogues sadly remained closed due to too many COVID mandated religious restrictions.

And now in a few days comes America's first COVID Christmas. And while many a tree will still be dressed in holiday splendor with gifts carefully wrapped and tied with red ribbons and bows wait under the tree to be given to family and friends who will gather together to honor the Christ child. And for Christmas dinner maybe even in this most unusual of years there will be both pineapple-glazed ham and cookies in holiday shapes to be shared by children and grown-ups alike, who together will try to forget the virus from China for at least one day and one holy night...a night where few Midnight Masses will be held what with churches, like synagogues, being ordered to remain closed as religious services help to spread COVID they want you to know.

So even as most Christmas trees do remain standing, we then will be faced with the always rambunctious New Year's Eve celebrations where almost anything goes...a time to let off steam over the nightmare year that was...which I'm sure will be replete with it's own list of what we can and cannot do, think or dare say...with booze off limits and most bars being closed...just more muscle flexing by the “do as we say not as we do” political crowd. Simply, more partisan driven mandates by those still hopped up on a sugar cookie and eggnog high...while the New Year's Eve ball will be lowered to non-existing Time Square crowds who've been ordered to stay home and watch it on TV like the multitudes of we non-New Yorkers do year after year. It is and will remain COVID season after all...and on New Year's Day we'll all be reminded of just that.

And sadly, while all I stated did indeed come true on Halloween, on Thanksgiving, and on Hanukkah too, the Christmas and New Years scenario I just laid out does not have to be for “We the People”...we conservatives at least...can make our own holiday miracle happen by uniting together and saying “no...we've had enough” wearing of masks, social distancing, and other such mandated balderdash and won't continue to do so over what's left of this now abbreviated holiday season. And while the election-stealing incoming powers that be will surely extend this nonsense through the whole of next year, including their ordering us to again all “shelter in place,” a nasty little politically weaponized virus from China allows them to think they can do as they wish.

So with that I say we instead flex our conservative political and spending muscle by “shopping 'til we drop” with purchases happily made from the local “Mom and Pops” still open for business, and that we also start frequenting local restaurants again. And to that I add that we go “all out” with our Christmas decorating this year by “decking the halls” with boughs of holly and surely a whole lot more; that we set up a creche in our front yards if we so desire; that we light up our house fronts with lights galore; that we trim our trees until they sparkle and shine bright; and that we sing Christmas carols even if we're slightly off key.

And let's not forget to enjoy both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner with us alone deciding the number of family and friends we can invite; and that we go to Midnight Mass (if we can find one that is) at the church of our choice before we relish in our children's glee when Santa appears with gifts for all the good little girls and boys. And last but not least do enjoy a glass of the "bubbly" if one so desires as together we ring out this old most horrendous of years and ring in what we pray will be a better new year.

And so I leave you with this...may your holidays be bright, may your prayers be answered, and may God Bless and continue to watch over America again. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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