Monday, June 17, 2013

Anyone who doubts that the Republican Party can attract black voters needs only look south to Louisiana.

At a conference held in Baton Rouge at the end of May, called @Large and aimed to attract black conservatives, black Democrat Elbert Guillary, a member of the state legislature, announced that he was switching party and becoming a Republican.

Less than two weeks later, just up the road in Central City, Louisiana, black Democrat city councilman Ralph Washington – who attended this same @Large conference, made the same announcement – he’s becoming a Republican.

It’s really not such a mystery. The mystery is why this is not happening more often.

I’m asked all the time why, when it is so clear that blacks are damaged by the left wing political agenda, black voters so uniformly and consistently support candidates – Democrats – who advance this agenda.

My answer is that Republicans need to start acting more like the businesspeople they claim to be.

Any businessman convinced that his product is the best doesn't blame customers for not buying it. He doubles down on his efforts to understand these potential customers better and how to sell to them.

There needs to be more appreciation of the differences in the black population.

A Gallup poll done in 2011 showed that whereas 39 percent of whites say they are “very religious,” 53 percent of blacks do. A large percentage of “very religious” blacks are conservative and very different from blacks on the left who identify with the NAACP.

The @Large conference, where I was a speaker, was hosted by pastor C.L. Bryant, who tells his own story about leaving the left-wing black establishment in his new film “Runaway Slave.”

Bryant was president of the NAACP chapter in Garland, Texas, but his relationship with the NAACP soured when he refused to speak at a Planned Parenthood pro-abortion event.

His eyes began to open and see that his traditional Christian values – protecting the unborn and promoting the traditional family, individual freedom, and dignity – were out of whack with the political agenda blacks were automatically signing onto.

Elbert Guillary is now the first black Republican in the Louisiana state legislature since reconstruction.

Listen to him to understand why a conservative black leaves the Democratic Party.

He called the Democrats “the party of disappointment” and expressed disillusionment with Democratic policies on abortion, gun control, education, and immigration.

Democrats “have moved away from the traditional values of most Americans,” he said. “Their policies have encouraged high teen birth rates, high high school drop-out rates, high incarceration rates, and very high unemployment rates.”

Or listen to now-Republican councilman Washington:

“…the value system I was raised up with, it really doesn’t side with the Democrats...Some of the things I see happening today, with the entitlement programs, we have to change. We can’t continue doing the things we are doing and survive.”

Everyone understands that black American history is unique and complicated.

But wallowing in the past is never an answer to anyone’s personal challenges.

The challenge is clarifying right from wrong and acting accordingly moving forward.

It has always seemed pretty clear to me that traditional values and personal freedom and responsibility must be the agenda moving forward for every American of every background.

Black Americans, like every American, need less taxes taken out of their paychecks, need to be able to choose where to send their children to school, need to be able to pick freely a health care plan that suits their needs, and need to save for retirement instead of paying payroll taxes.

You can’t sum it up any better than what Elbert Guillary and Ralph Washington have said. There are many, many Guillarys and Washingtons out there in black America.

We need more efforts like the @Large conference to reach them.

I always believed that giving to a good cause or helping victims of a disaster was a noble thing to do.  I mean, “There but for the grace of God go I”, right? With the recent uncovering of scandals within the government, more and more investigators are digging to uncover other cases of fraud and mismanagement. Is nothing sacred anymore?  

A recent investigation exposed by CNN, The Center for Investigative Reporting and the Tampa Bay Times have found that there are dozens and dozens of charities that basically do next to nothing for the causes they raise money for.

50 of the worst charities were looked at and it was concluded that they received 1 billion dollars over the last ten years, but the charities received only 50 million.  Where did the money go?  Well, the majority of the funds collected went to solicitors.  These are the people who go out and raise the funds and collect the donations.  This basically amounts to them raising money to pay themselves.

There are still many, many charities that actually distribute the majority of the monies collected to the intended recipients but these days it is wise to look before you open your wallet.  For instance, one of the worst charities listed is an organization called “Kids Wish Network” that is supposed to collect money for terminally ill children and grant their wishes.  Sound suspiciously familiar?  The name is awfully close to the very legitimate “Make A Wish Foundation” which promises the same thing.

This is where the donor can be conned.  Many people are told the names of these organizations and they feel that they have heard of them and what they do, so out comes the checkbook.  Unfortunately they don’t realize that the “Kids Wish Network” raised $127 million dollars, paid their solicitors $109 million, paid their employees most of the remaining funds leaving less than 3% for granting wishes!

The 50 worst charities give less than 4% of donations raised to direct cash aid.  One diabetes charity raised almost $14 million dollars over a ten year period and gave about $10,000 to patients.  Another cancer charity paid a company owned by the president’s son almost $18 million dollars over eight years to solicit funds.

The specific kinds of charities that pay for-profit corporations to raise the majority of their donations regularly give their solicitors over two-thirds of the take.  Good charities should spend no more than 35 cents to raise a dollar.

So the reality is that the “50 worst charities raised more than $1.3 billion over the past decade and paid nearly $1 billion of that to the companies that raise their donations”. Out of $1.3 billion dollars the charities received less than 4%.  Had that money gone to the charities in the correct way it would have been able to build 20,000 Habitat For Humanity Homes, 7 million wheelchairs or provide nearly 10 million uninsured women, mammograms.

There are hundreds if not thousands of these “bad” charities that are taking money from sincere donors who faithfully believe that their hard earned money is going to the people it was intended for. Particularly disheartening are the Veterans organizations that “pretend” to send aid to disabled vets.   The sad part is that many Veterans organizations ARE legitimate and they have to defend themselves because some other dishonest charity has poisoned the well.  

In the wake of the IRS scandals, one would think that the “red flags” would have been raised on these organizations when their papers were filed every year.  That however was not the case.  The IRS was too busy targeting “Tea Party” and conservative groups to check on the American people being ripped off by the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The bottom line is we live in a world where fraud and deceit are running rampant.  These “rip-off” charities have no qualms about taking our money and keeping it for themselves.  Before donating, do your due diligence and check out the list of the 50 worst charities.  Our money should go where we intend it to and if the government won’t help monitor this situation then like everything else, we have to do it ourselves.

FBI knew earlier of Boston jihad bomber

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

These politically correct, reeducated Keystone Kops did nothing -- after all, why should they have done anything? He was a jihadi, and their Obama-mandated training told them that jihad was a beautiful interior spiritual struggle. "FBI knew earlier of Boston bombing suspect," by Josh Gerstein for Politico, June 15:
Deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the attention of the FBI on at least two occasions prior to a Russian government warning in March 2011 that said he appeared to be radicalizing, FBI Director Robert Mueller said in Congressional testimony this week. 
The earlier references have led some lawmakers to question whether the FBI acted too quickly in closing an assessment of Tsarnaev's potential ties to terrorism done in response to the Russian request.
In a little-noticed exchange before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday, Mueller acknowledged that the Russian alert was not the first time the elder Tsarnaev brother crossed the FBI's radar.
"His name had come up in two other cases," Mueller said in response to questions from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). "Those two other cases, the individuals had their cases closed. So, he was one or two person [sic] away."
When King asked Mueller if it was reasonable to say that the Russian letter "refocused" the FBI on Tsarnaev, Mueller replied, "Absolutely."
Mueller did not elaborate on the nature of the prior investigations where Tsarnaev's name had arisen. However, an FBI official told POLITICO they were not related to terrorism.
The official, who asked not to be named, also said the agent who conducted an "assessment" of Tsarnaev in response to the Russian warning in 2011 found the previous references and was aware of them.
Former House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.) said he believes the prior mentions of Tsarnaev in FBI files should have resulted in greater scrutiny of the Russian-born U.S. resident who allegedly went on to carry out the April 15, 2013 bombing that killed three and an ensuing crime spree that left a police officer dead.
Tamerlan was eventually killed in a shootout with police a few miles away from the bombing scene. His brother, Dzhokhar, survived the shootout. He has been charged with the bombings and is in a federal prison hospital near Boston.
"What are the chances of the Russians reporting on someone who's pretty obscure and the FBI checks him out and finds out his name has come up twice before?" asked Peter King. "Wouldn't it have warranted keeping the investigation open longer or at least going to the Boston police and warning them?"

At Thursday's hearing, Mueller defended that inquiry as thorough, even though it resulted in no further action.
"I do believe that when we got the lead on Tamerlan from the Russians, that the agent did an excellent job in investigating, utilizing the tools that are available to him in that kind of investigation," the FBI chief said. "He did all the records checks. He went out to the interview persons at the college where Tamerlan was there for a period of time, ultimately interviewed the parents, interviewed Tamerlan himself, sent the information back to Russia. And on three separate occasions we asked the Russians for additional information that might give us indications or evidence that he was a terrorist."
Other U.S. officials have said the Russians did not respond to those requests for more information.
Mueller suggested that there simply wasn't enough of a legal basis to do anything else at that juncture. "At that point in time, I do not know that there was much else that could be done within the statutes, within the Constitution, to further investigate him," the FBI director said.
Peter King said local police could have visited Tsarnaev's mosque, for example, something he said FBI guidelines would not have permitted. "They never went to the mosque, never went to the imam....I just find it of some concern there were two references to [Tsarnaev] before and they still didn't think it merited keeping the investigation open," the New York Republican told POLITICO Friday.
Steve King, who asked Mueller about the FBI's full history of knowledge of Tsarnaev, said it's important to establish how much of the early information on Tsarnaev came from Russia and how much was produced by the U.S. government.
"I thought it was important to ask: 'Who first flagged you?…How did he first come to our attention?" Steve King told POLITICO Saturday. "The Russians seemed to know more about Tamerlan than we did, including that he had traveled to Utah to compete in the Golden Gloves."...
Steve King said his most urgent concern is that Chechens in the U.S. may be winning asylum without anyone in the U.S. government checking with Russia about whether the individuals have terrorist ties. "My concern is how many terrorists are coming into the United States and are receiving asylum?...What's the total number of others who might have come in under that same window?" the congressman asked.

Are You An Enemy Of The State?

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Are You An Enemy Of The State?
The massive and hyper-Orwellian nature of the surveillance state as revealed by Edward Snowden and The Guardian seems to have caught the majority of Americans by surprise.

Even some of the criminal class in Washington, D.C., responsible for writing the laws that established the surveillance state, claimed surprise and feigned outrage, though many of them endorsed it and went on the attack against Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the story. The reaction of the psychopaths who inhabit the D.C. cesspool under the mantel of “public servant” is indicative that they covet power above all else and to them the U.S. Constitution — which they swore an oath to defend — is a meaningless and antiquated document.
Representative Peter King (Fascist-N.Y.) said he believes journalists involved in reporting stories about the surveillance programs should be investigated.

Weeper of the House John Boehner called Snowden a traitor because what he did was “a giant violation of the law;” Senator Diane Feinstein (Communist-Calif.) also invoked the “T” word. Senator Barbara Mikulski (Socialist-Md.) wondered how someone who didn’t finish community college could be “exposed to some of our most significant secrets.” That the politically opposed criminal class would side with one another on blatant violations of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments and against the American people is evidence that government is an enemy of the people.

What Snowden revealed is not new and certainly not surprising. In fact, reading about it reminded me of something I wrote in October 2001 for publication in my printed newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in November 2001:
It Was War On Drugs.
Now It’s War On Terrorism.
Both were created by the U.S. establishment and both never intended to be won.
Both were designed as esoteric war on the American people under a mask of “patriotic” war fever.
Is there a hidden power, a shadow government behind the Pentagon and Trade Center Towers attack — a force using an Arab terrorist mantra?
The vast modern military operation to ferret out and bring to justice “Arab terrorist” Osama bin Laden and company is a comical production sold as real by the controlled media and bureaucrats of the establishment. The “success” of the charade will be the beginning of widespread terrorism and fear hysteria on the American people…
The terrorist scare is providing the excuse, as expected, for new police powers against the American people. There will be a massive surrender of what we have left of liberty.
This drama against us is quickly unfolding. All phases of our public and private lives are at stake. Manufactured crises always provide the cover for seizure of human rights. Phony patriotism is strong leverage against a population ignorant of the ways of treason by “our own government.”
Osama Bin Laden, U.S. ally and a CIA contract agent in Afghanistan, is now branded a super villain worthy of a comic opera.
The art of war is that all warfare is based on deception and that rulers must cultivate the appearance of moral rightness in order to rally the people and persuade them to fight. It works!
In the blink of an eye the people have stopped blaming the government for the worsening economy and shifted the blame to the “terrorists.”
The government of the United States has reasserted its power over the American people.
It is now stronger, much stronger, because of the “terrorist” attack. Any student of history would know ahead of time that government power is strengthened by horrendous attacks such as we have seen on our own people.
Who really benefited from the attacks? The answer is the U.S. government is now ready to wage a simulated war on the Arabs and real war on the American people.
History is full of governments which perpetrated monumental frauds upon their own people to trigger a war. Governments have to create the illusion that they were attacked first. Sacrificing the World Trade Towers, a billion dollars, and seven to eight thousand lives is nothing to the great chess game of power politics and oil under Arab lands.
The U.S. intelligence apparatus has been mining data and compiling a list of “subversives” since at least the 1980s. The list is kept in a database called Main Core.

Christpher Ketchum of Radar Magazine reported in 2008 about the existence of the Main Core data mining operation while covering a rift in the George W. Bush White House that led to the resignation of James Comey, John Ashcroft’s second in command at the Department of Justice in 2005. Comey resigned after Bush overruled him and re-certified a program that involved massive computer data mining of Americans and their compilation into a list of possible subversives. Ketcham writes that former government employees and intelligence sources with independent knowledge of domestic surveillance operations, “say the program that caused the flap between Comey and the White House was related to a database of Americans who might be considered potential threats in the event of a national emergency. Sources familiar with the program say that the government’s data gathering has been overzealous and probably conducted in violation of federal law and the protection from unreasonable search and seizure guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

“According to a senior government official who served with high-level security clearances in five administrations, ‘There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.’ He and other sources tell Radar that the database is sometimes referred to by the code name Main Core. One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.”

If the Main Core database contained 8 million American “enemies of the state” in 2005, how many more are now listed considering the greater technological abilities and increased budget and emphasis on mining data? The NSA now collects 2.1 million gigabytes of data per hour and is currently building a $2 billion facility in Utah to store it all.

So who is an enemy of the state and likely to find himself in the Main Core database? The criminal political class has made it quite clear it is not al-Qaida, which it has funded and armed in Egypt, Libya and Syria. It is not Islamic extremists, who have been given blanket immunity from government spying.

It is not the criminal elected class and government functionaries. It is not the parasitic “taker” class too distracted by bread and circus, Hollywood antics, amoral lifestyles, reality TV, and sporting events and too easily swayed by slick oratory, fancy suits and promises of government largess to recognize totalitarianism in the regime of the undocumented usurper and his Congressional enablers.

It is Americans who believe in the rule of the law, the Constitution and freedom.

And since this information is neither new, nor surprising to anyone paying attention, one has to ask what is the purpose of its newfound celebrity and the vilification of Snowden and attacks on the 1st Amendment and Greenwald, who works for a mainstream publication and whose “findings” would not have been revealed were it not in the interests of those who control the message?

It is no doubt part of a new campaign — as was the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups — designed to suppress and intimidate anyone who dares oppose the growing tyranny. It is aimed especially at any journalist or blogger or potential whistle-blower as a reminder that the Constitution is not a protection against the psychopathic criminal class in Washington or their globalist masters.

TREASON...thy name is Obama

By: Diane Sori

Scandals…scandals everywhere…DC is awash in them and I’m sure more will be coming, but even with all these scandals charges of impeachment will NOT be brought against this most miserable excuse of a president, for this is a man with the gift of gab who seems to be able to talk his way out of anything as he easily plays the scandal cast of characters like a fiddle. Or so he thinks for even with all his bloviations, and while TREASON is NOT a word usually associated with a President of the United States…TREASON is indeed a word befitting this president for Barack HUSSEIN Obama is guilty of TREASON making all the scandals pale in comparison.

Defined in our Constitution in Article III, Section 3, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason,but no Attainder of Treason, shall work Corruption of Blood or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.”

Giving ‘aid and comfort’ to our enemies in a time of war is called treachery or perpetration…and as America has been at war with islam since 9/11…and YES we are indeed at war with islam when all the political correctness nonsense is thrown aside…if you attempt to aid and/or are caught aiding an enemy in wartime in any way, you are subject to either being sentenced to jail for over 100-250 years, shot on sight, or hung…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in-your-face guilty of treachery and so should be charged, tried, convicted, and sentence carried out. After all, if any of ‘We the People’ gave ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy we would be brought up on charges of TREASON…or would we be as the enemies of America are Obama’s allies and friends…just something to think about.

And as in the case with all those who have previously been charged with TREASON against America, TREASON requires traitorous intent meaning the acts done were done on purpose, and in the case of Barack HUSSEIN Obama this falls under numerous headings including ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ (while a bit different than giving ‘aid and comfort’ it is still legally recognized grounds for TREASON charges as the two go hand-in-hand) for while Obama might NOT have personally carried out the traitorous acts himself, our legal system states acts by which the person committing treachery include having another person carry out the illegal act as they are an agent of the charged party or they are working together with or under the direction of the charged party…meaning Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Meaning Benghazi…meaning secretly shipping weapons to al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria from Libya through Turkey…meaning the MURDER of four Americans…meaning watching those same four Americans die in real time and doing nothing to help them…meaning giving orders to ‘stand down’…meaning trying to cover up the truth…meaning trying to slander, defame, and dishonor the whistleblowers…need I go on.

And there are other cases for charges of TREASON being brought against this president for by ‘adhering’ to our enemies by NOT only giving them ‘aid and comfort’ but also by ‘aiding and abetting’ them by giving them the very arms this president has…knowing full well that they will be used against Americans (and our ally and friend Israel) in the NOT so distant future…this president willingly and knowingly armed an enemy of America…as in the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egyptian government…armed them with F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks that ‘We the People’ unbeknownst to us paid for with our taxpayer dollars…and this is TREASON.

‘Aiding and comforting’ the enemy takes on heightened meaning when right after the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Saudi national, who was here on a student visa, was detained on suspicion after being superficially hurt has a hospital visit by Michele Obama (which in and of itself raises major red flags) as this young man had, since 2009, been a guest at the While House on numerous occasions, attended the same mosque as the Tsarnaev brothers, and who after Obama has a non-scheduled meeting with Saudi officials, is ‘suddenly’ released from the hospital and deported with NO charges filed against him even though his family has terrorist connections, and is connected to wealthy important Saudi officials.

Hmmm….’aiding and comforting’…more like aiding and giving with malicious intent a ‘get out of jail free card’ to the enemy…TREASON.

And this president’s decision to tell our enemies our timetable for withdrawing American troops from the Afghan and Iraqi theaters, has taken the very people our brave troops gave their lives and limbs to free right and delivered them right into the hands of the enemy…the Taliban…for now all they have to do is sit and wait until we’re gone to take away the freedoms we gave to those people. And if that’s isn’t TREASON through treachery against those people and against those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice I don’t know what is.

Now add in that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA willfully and knowingly violated Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8, of the Constitution which states that “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, or Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State”…when he accepted the position of Chairman of the U(seless) N(ations) Security Council, for by accepting leadership in an organization that is most assuredly at odds with the Constitution is grounds for TREASON charges being levied against him.

And there are so many other TREASON charges that can be placed upon Barack HUSSEIN Obama…charges too numerous for a standard editorial piece but briefly…charges like violating ‘The Wars Power Clause’ of our Constitution (Article I, Section 8, gives Congress the power to declare war by stating, “Congress shall have Power…] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water…”) when he got us involved in Libya, a country we NEVER declared war with, a country who posed NO threat to America, and by doing so started the entire Arab Spring turned horrible Arab Winter process in motion...TREASON...

Charges like willfully and knowingly placing six Muslim Brotherhood operatives, who did NOT need Senate approval, into positions of power within our government (Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships)…TREASON…

Charges like having Linda Sarsour, the director of the Arab American Association of New York, who has on-the-record defended, condoned, and applauded terror suspects and their actions…a woman who claims and lectures about the underwear bomber being a CIA operative…a women vehemently anti-American who has been a guest at the Obama White House seven times within the past year…and for what purpose would a president meet with someone, entertain someone, someone so opposed to this country…for NO other reason than to fraternize with the enemy during a time of war…TREASON.

There are just so many charges of TREASON that could be brought against this president…but I leave you with this one, an extremely serious one happening right now but going unreported by the media…for Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT only once again lying to the American people about NO boots on the ground in Syria, he is again trying to circumnavigate the ‘War Powers Clause’ by getting us involved with a county that is NO threat to America yet he has fully committed our country to the side of armed rebel groups with ties to al-Qaeda…and al-Qaeda is most assuredly our enemy…for now almost 3,000 American so-called ‘advisers’ are in Jordan, ready to go up against, if need be, the 4000 Revolutionary Guards Iran just pledged to send to aid Assad’s forces…TREASON…

TREASON for getting us involved in yet another war as we wind down from the current wars…an independent country’s civil war that we have NO business being involved in…a war in a country that poses NO threat and is NO friend to America…and this president doesn’t care for by siding with the ‘badder guys’ (see my previous op-ed) who are his brethren, Barack HUSSEIN Obama proves his loyalties lie with America’s enemies as he dishonors and thumbs his nose at the laws laid down in the Constitution, and that is indeed TREASON.

Now if only someone in Congress had the guts and courage to NOT fear the race card being used against them, and would do what they know needs to be done…sigh…………..