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Military Appreciation Night

From my friend Andrea Plecsia.  Andrea and her husband are deeply involved in military, veterans, and POW/MIA issues.  If you're in the area please stop by and lend your support to our POW/MIA families. 
Please join us. Frank will be representing the DAV and National League of POW/MIA Families when he dedicates the POW/MIA flag at 5:30pm. We are working on getting both previous POW's and Honor Flight participants (our WWII heroes) to be on the field too. 
Desensitizing The Military To Make War On Americans
by / Personal Liberty Digest

Desensitizing The Military To Make War On Americans
First responders administer aid to simulated patients during a mass casualty training exercise in 2012.
As President Barack Obama and his warmongering neocon enablers stir civil wars and arm anti-government (al-Qaida and Islamist) fighters in previously stable Mideast and North African countries, they seem to also be surreptitiously working to desensitize the U.S. military in preparation for a war on Americans.

Personal Liberty has obtained documents outlining an upcoming Joint Mass Casualty Training exercise at Grissom Air Reserve Base in Indiana scheduled for Aug. 4. The introduction to the drill scenario lays out the meme that hundreds of innocent Americans have been killed or wounded at the hands of individuals and extremist organizations over the past decade — with some motivated by religious belief, some by animal rights, some by support for Muslim extremist organizations and some by personal reasons. It is rife with propaganda like this:
Although many Americans would believe that the majority of the attacks against Americans are from Muslim organizations, in reality the majority of the attacks were influenced by other motivations. [emphasis mine.]
And this:
One terrible terrorist example involving Americans against Americans is the Fort Hood shooting… The Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies have classified the shootings as an act of workplace violence. [emphasis mine.]
The upcoming exercise is titled Operation Rudy Strong. Under the heading of “Situation, Enemy (Fictitious)” is the following narrative:
Over the last year, the Indianapolis based (sic) FBI counter-terrorism office has reported a Miami County resident as researching improvised explosive devices, anti-war activist organizations, and US (sic) borne militias. His recent email conversations to the Indiana Hoosier haters, and Anti-government militia, were intercepted. The Hoosier Haters have recently built up their supply of weapons and ammunition and according to the Department of Homeland Security have been researching Improvised Explosive Device construction through website resources and with other extremist organizations.
There are approximately 100 Hoosier Haters in operation across Central Indiana with at least 20 operating within Miami County. The Indiana Hoosiers are suspected of possessing Russian and Chinese made weapon systems including AK47’s, AK74’s, PKM’s, RPG’s (sic), and grenades. In addition, they have acquired American Claymore Mines and 60mm mortar rounds.
Intelligence reports indicate the Hoosier haters have trained to operate clandestinely and individually. They are dedicated to their cause and will quickly sacrifice themselves as a Martyr if necessary. Their most likely course of action would be to attack the main gate with a vehicle born (sic) IED. Their most dangerous course of action would be to utilize contacts within the Grissom Air Reserve Base to plan a more extensive attack against a large crowd during normal training period. This attack would probably involve an IED and other types of weapon systems in an effort to discredit the bases and countries (sic) current security posture and militaries (sic) ability to safeguard its personnel and equipment.
The exercise involves a suspected member of the Hoosier Haters attacking the base. The suspect is described as a veteran who is the brother of a Marine recently killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire.

The fictional suspect worked as a laborer for the air base and was fired for attempting to spread an anti-war ideology and for stating after a mass casualty exercise that it was” too bad the base wasn’t really attacked.” Following his dismissal, the suspect is described as having participated in anti-war protests and having been recently arrested after he was found to have unregistered firearms and bomb-making materials.

For the exercise, the shooter and several Hoosier Hater accomplices make their way onto the base and attack during a graduation exercise, killing five people and wounding 10. Only one Marine is on the base at the time and he has no access to the armory, so he notifies base security and local law enforcement. After the shooting, the attackers hole up in several buildings and possibly take hostages.

The entire scenario is ludicrous on its face. All militia organizations are infiltrated by the FBI and no attack like this could take place without the FBI’s prior knowledge — and probably assistance — as even The New York Times has admitted that the FBI is behind most of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Undercover agents locate weak-minded patsies, propagandize them to amp up their ideological hatreds, plan the attack for them and provide them with the means and weapons to use. Brave agents then swoop in and save us at the last minute.

Recent successful attacks on military-related installations on U.S. soil — the June 1, 2009, attack on an Arkansas recruiting office and the Nov. 5, 2009, attack at Fort Hood, Texas — were both done by Muslim Islamists, not “right wing” extremists.

In January, I told you about a report from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point called “Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far Right,” that lumps limited government activists into three categories it claims are responsible for 350 “attacks initiated by far-right groups/individuals” in 2011: racist/white supremacists, anti-Federalists and fundamentalists.

It’s all part of an ongoing campaign to paint conservatives and gun owners as wild-eyed lunatics planning attacks on America, when, in fact, it’s the psychopathic elected class and government functionaries — which appear to have spread into the military brass — that is making war on Americans every day.

Operation Rudy Strong is just one in a string of similar operations designed to desensitize the military and grease the skids for an operation pitting it against Americans.

Boston Marathon jihad bombing victim: "A Muslim terrorist bombed us, and people need to start talking about that more, instead of being so politically correct"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

Common sense. "Bombing victim calls suspects’ mom ‘vile,’" by Christine McConville for the Boston Herald, June 19 (thanks to Paul):
A Boston Marathon bombing victim hospitalized for weeks after the blasts lashed out at the mother of the accused bombers, calling Zubeidat Tsarnaeva “vile” for her jihad-laced rants and denials. 
Michelle L’Heureux, a 38-year-old John Hancock consultant, told the Herald yesterday it’s time to stop being “politically correct” and speak out — making her one of the first victims to stand up to the terror-talking Chechen family.
“I feel a little bit of hatred towards her. I think she is a vile person,” L’Heureux said of the mom. “If you don’t like our country, get out. It’s as simple as that.”
L’Heureux lost most of her left knee in the blasts, and 30 percent of her hearing in her left ear. Her left arm is riddled with shrapnel scars, and there’s a piece of metal still inside her leg. She was 8 feet away from the first blast on Boylston Street. She came to the city to see her boyfriend cross the finish line.
“To come in and hurt all these children and people. ... I don’t know any other religion that kills for their religion and think they are going to heaven. That part’s tough to understand,” she said.
Still, L’Heureux says she feels mostly pity for accused 19-year-old bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
“I’m not mad at him. It’s more pity. ... He’s a child. You’re not born with that much hate. You’re indoctrinated into that,” she said.
“I’m anxious to hear what he has to say what his reasoning was. I can guess what it’s probably going to be, but I want to hear it,” she told the Herald.
L’Heureux, who can only walk a few steps each day, hopes the bombings lead to more open lines of communication.

“A Muslim terrorist bombed us, and people need to start talking about that more, instead of being so politically correct,” L’Heureux said. “The more politically correct we are, and the more ‘Oh, let’s not hurt their feelings,’ the more they’re going to be able to do these type of things.
“If I ever have children, I don’t want to be afraid that something like this is going to happen to them in our country,” she said. “We’re a civil society. We shouldn’t have to worry about walking your children down Boylston Street, and being blown up by a bomb.”
L’Heureux said her dad spent 30 years in the Navy and Army, including during the Vietnam era, “then his daughter gets hurt by this.” She said it’s time for the U.S. government and police to get their acts together.
“It’s very frustrating to me that our government is not talking to each other,” L’Heureux said, referring to dropped intelligence about slain bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. “It looks like it could have been prevented, or something could have been done to help this situation. I hope we learn from that, so that there are not more people like myself.
“That’s what I hope comes out of this more than anything, that nobody else gets hurt like this, none of us deserved these injuries.”

And these are the ones Obama wants to negotiate with...

Qatar "peace" talks: Taliban declare restoration of caliphate, humiliating U.S., enraging Karzai, shaking talks

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

The naive fools never for a moment expected that the Taliban would act like...the Taliban. "Taliban Pulls a Fast One in Doha, Claiming Rebirth of Califate, Humiliating Karzai," by Lori Lowenthal Marcus for the Jewish Press, June 20 (thanks to Bob):
The Taliban surprised and angered the US and Afghanistan with a poster proclaiming its new office in Doha was for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, rather than a political office for peace talks. The move may have scuttled the talks. 
Day One, dealing with the Taliban as if it is just another player on the world stage.
On Tuesday, June 18, the Taliban and the United States were set to engage in historic peace talks in Doha, Qatar, the goal of which is to begin to wind down the war that has been dragging on in Afghanistan. The U.S. is on the threshold of withdrawing from the region. The goal is to have Afghanistan and the Taliban work things out nicely together.
But the ceremonial opening of the office in Doha by the Taliban, was to have announced “the political office of the Taliban in Doha,” as had been agreed – or so the U.S. and Afghanistan had understood. Instead, it featured a large poster reading “the opening of the political office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Doha.”
The difference is huge – the name on the poster is what the Taliban called Afghanistan during the era it was in control, between 1996 and 2001, and was popularly understood by al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists to have been the nascent rebirth of the Global Califate.
In the State Department’s daily press briefing on Wednesday, this was the first item discussed by the Spokesperson, Jen Psaki. She explained that Secretary of State John Kerry had spoken with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who had immediately denounced the Taliban’s move as a deliberate provocation.
The Qatari government issued a statement clarifying that the name of the office is the Political Office of the Afghan Taliban and had the sign with the incorrect name in front of the door taken down.
Nonetheless, the Afghan government issued a statement suspending the U.S. bilateral security talks because of the Taliban’s efforts to portray itself as, once again, a sovereign nation within Afghanistan.
In addition, feelings were ruffled in Kabul because the initial talks in Doha were scheduled to take place between the U.S. and the Taliban, rather than between Karzai and the Taliban.
The press conference became testy as media representatives suggested that what happened is that the U.S. is in a hurry to get out of Afghanistan, it has failed to ensure that the Afghan government is situated to assume control of the situation, and that what had original [sic] been a precondition for talks – the Taliban agreeing to stop terrorism and to cut ties with al Qaeda, suddenly became a future goal.

Without intending to -- and perhaps without even realizing it -- the normally cautious Fed head Ben Bernanke may have launched a major tightening policy during his news conference on Wednesday. The de facto policy shift immediately sparked a rout on Wall Street, with stock, bond, and gold prices all plunging. And it’s going to shake up confidence even more, perhaps even slowing the already anemic recovery.

Mr. Bernanke has stumbled into a major policy mistake.

While Wall Street was debating about exactly when the Fed would slow its quantitative-easing bond-buying program, Bernanke set out a plan to completely end the new cash-generating QE in roughly one year or less. Wall Streeters were speculating about a September or fourth-quarter tapering of bond purchases. Then the Fed chair indicated that QE will start winding down later this year, and that it will end when the unemployment rate gets to about 7 percent sometime next spring. And since the chairman also offered a relatively upbeat economic outlook, investors began discounting an even faster end to the Fed bond-buying operation.

The idea of a 7 percent unemployment target to end QE next spring is new information, and it has completely spooked all the financial markets.

After dropping around 200 points the day of the news conference, the Dow plunged 350 points the day after. What a rout. Gold dropped nearly $100, and the 10-year Treasury note jumped to over 2.40 percent. That marks a near 70-basis-point year-to-date increase for the 10-year. But the rate rise has happened fast. It really began in early May, and it picked up steam after Bernanke’s congressional testimony two weeks later. Then, of course, it jumped after Wednesday’s news conference.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Fed’s balance-sheet-ballooning operations. But I have acknowledged in several columns and on the air that I was completely wrong two years ago when I said the Fed’s money-creating program would lead to higher inflation. (See “Another Round Goes to Bernanke  .”) In fact, the Fed’s favorite inflation indicator -- the personal consumption deflator -- is rising only 1 percent year on year. On top of that, bond-market indicators of future inflation are falling. Plus, the gold crash.

You can almost make a case that the Fed is too tight, not loose. Deflation is in the air.

While the Fed’s balance sheet was exploding, bank reserves were not circulating through the economy. So the M2 money supply has been growing around 7 percent, in line with its long-term trend. Meanwhile, the lack of cash circulation has pulled velocity down by about 3 percent. So nominal GDP is growing around 4 percent, which is at least 1 to 2 percent too low in total spending for a real recession recovery.

Real GDP is only growing around 2 percent. Manufacturing over the past three months has declined 2 percent at an annual rate. Core capital-goods investment by businesses -- a surefire job creator -- has been rising at an anemic 2 percent pace. And while jobs are climbing, the monthly average for the past three months is only 155,000, compared with over 200,000 for the prior three months.

The best part of the story is housing. Existing home sales in May ran 13 percent ahead of the year-ago period, with single-family median home prices rising at 16 percent. And new housing starts have been rising about 7 percent year on year, although the pace has slowed over the past 3 months. Long-term mortgage rates are going to go up now, but probably not much higher than 4 percent. It’s still a cheap rate for a home.

But a mountain of tax and regulatory barriers to job creation is looming over the economy. As Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson has written, the federal register for regulations has exploded to 78,961 pages, with a price tag of $1.8 trillion. That’s a surtax on the whole economy. And Obamacare is a job-stopper.

Monetary policy cannot solve our fiscal problems. But it can provide a cushion. On the other hand, lower money-supply growth and rising interest rates will not help anything.

Bernanke jumped the gun this week, and markets are in revolt. They’re trying desperately to tell the Fed chair to go slow, not fast -- perhaps even to wait for pro-growth tax reform and additional budget restraint out of Washington. As clumsy as the QE process may be, it still looks like the economy requires more money creation. Big Ben made a mistake. The training wheels need to come off slowly.

All it takes is one crack for a stone wall to start crumbling. Nine months after the deadly 9/14 raid on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, the families of two fallen Marines may finally get some answers. Real accountability, of course, is another story.

A formal internal investigation into lax security at the base -- a British-run NATO compound that adjoins our Marines' Camp Leatherneck -- is now under way. A few members of Congress are putting pressure on the administration for the truth. And a couple of mainstream reporters are digging deeper.

More, please. And faster. Camp Bastion belongs in the bloody scandal lexicon with Benghazi and Fast and Furious. This trio of national security disasters under the Obama administration didn't just involve run-of-the-mill corruption and cover-ups. It cost American lives.

As I've been reporting in a series of columns and blog posts over the past year, the Taliban waged an intricately coordinated, brutal attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan last fall -- three days after the deadly siege on our consulate in Libya and after months of prior security incidents and warnings.

Fifteen jihadists disguised in stolen American combat fatigues penetrated the complex. They used rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles and other weapons to wipe out nearly an entire squadron of Marine Harrier jets worth an estimated $200 million.

Along with the most devastating loss of U.S. airpower since Vietnam, two heroic U.S. Marines -- Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell -- were killed in the battle, and nearly a dozen others were injured. Military officials refused to release details of the fateful budget and strategy decisions that led to the attack. But Deborah Hatheway, aunt of Sgt. Atwell and the family's spokesperson, and other Camp Bastion families learned on their own that their loved ones were left vulnerable to attack by military leaders who outsourced watchtower security on the base to soldiers from Tonga.

The neglect of security at Bastion was widely known. Nick Francona, a former Marine Corps Ground Intelligence Officer with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines, who served as a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander in Helmand Province in 2011, recounted on Foreign Policy magazine's The Best Defense blog in April: "It was obvious to even a casual observer that many of the posts were unmanned and were comically left with a 'green Ivan' silhouette target as a halfhearted attempt at deterrence."

Francona added: "The attack only occurred because of an egregious failure in basic infantry practices. ... It is painfully obvious that this attack would not have been successful, or likely even attempted, if not for multiple security failures at Leatherneck/Bastion."

The families zeroed in on Maj. Gen. Charles "Mark" Gurganus, who recently returned to the U.S. after commanding coalition forces in Afghanistan, as the man responsible for shortchanging security at Bastion. Gurganus was the same one who ordered Marines to disarm -- immediately after a failed jihadi attack on then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last year -- because he wanted them "to look just like our (unarmed) Afghan partners."

The Camp Bastion families are not the only ones scrutinizing Gurganus' decisions. A few weeks ago, Washington Post reporter Rajiv Chandrasekaran reported that the U.S. military has finally launched a formal probe into whether Gurganus and his subordinates bear responsibility for lax security at Bastion. A planned promotion for Gurganus has been put on hold.

Chandrasekaran confirmed that watchtowers were indeed left to Tongans (notorious at the base for sleeping on the job). In addition, reports Chandrasekaran, "Security patrols of the perimeter, which were conducted by the Marines ... had been scaled back substantially in the months leading up to the attack." Simply blaming the Tongans, however, is not accountability. U.S. staff decisions "made it easier for the Taliban to reconnoiter the compound and then enter without resistance," according to Chadrasekaran's sources with direct knowledge of the incident.

While U.S. Central Command investigates, there is now movement on Capitol Hill to help Camp Bastion families whose information requests have been stymied. Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Ind., has written Marine/CENTCOM leadership on behalf of the victims' families. (Sgt. Atwell and his family are from Indiana.) Rokita told me in a statement this week: "This is about transparency and accountability. I want to make sure that Sgt. Atwell's family, Lt. Col. Raible's family and the American people get the full truth about the Camp Bastion attack."

It's a start. But as with Benghazi and Fast and Furious, getting the truth about Camp Bastion is only half the battle. Truth without consequences is a recipe for more dead Americans.

The wisdom of Solomon...needed then and needed now   
By: Diane Sori                                                              
Trying to portray themselves as the ‘good guys’ the Taliban have offered to release POW Army Spc. Bowe Bergdahl but with a caveat…the US must first release five senior Taliban operatives currently being held at GITMO.

Five barbaric brutal terrorists in exchange for this one brave American that our Commander-in-Chief, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has left behind.

And while Taliban spokesman Shaheen Suhail said Spc. Bergdahl “is as far as I know in good condition” Bowe has spent four years amongst demons from hell…so what’s his condition really…what horrors has he endured for the Taliban are NOT know as gracious hosts as the few who have escaped their clutches have told.

And these barbarians are the ones Obama has said his administration will sit down and negotiate with…but…and this is critical…could sitting down and talking to the enemy actually bring Bowe home.

America leaves NO one behind but should America now cave in to terrorists to bring one left behind home…only the wisdom of Solomon can solve this one.

America has a policy of NOT negotiating with terrorists…ever…at least we did until Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president, but now that will change and why NOT for this president has already told the enemy when our troops will be leaving, thus allowing them to bide their time and wait until we’re gone to retake the countries our brave troops sacrificed so much to free.  I guess Obama figures since we already gave them this why NOT acquiesce and give them the rest of what they want...five brutal terrorists who will now be free to kill Americans yet again.

I have a problem with this but apparently our miserable excuse of a president does NOT.

But knowing how easy it is to play Obama, the Taliban are using the prisoner exchange as item number one on their agenda before they'll even agree to negotiations.  The Taliban have actually played the game well and taken control of what will or won’t happen…and played it by using Bowe Bergdahl as a pawn in a game that has NO real winners.

Taliban spokesman Suhail put the Taliban’s conditions for talks on the table…and now it remains to see if Obama will play…”first there has to be the release of detainees,” Suhail said in a recent interview for the Taliban “want to build bridges of confidence.”

And building bridges of confidence to the Taliban means one American POW for five Taliban terrorists.

And while Bowe’s family was “encouraged by the hopeful new development” as were all of us who have worked so hard keeping Bowe’s plight in the public’s eye, the question still remains is getting Bowe home worth the shame the United States will indeed endure for caving to blackmail…for that is what this is…blackmail at the hands of the enemy.

As a mom myself I CANNOT fathom the pain Bowe’s mom and dad must be going through every waking hour…the worry of NOT knowing is their son really alive…how is he being treated…all the horrors the families of former POWs have suffered.  So with that my heart says YES…bring Bowe home now…give the enemy what they want to get Bowe home.

But, if I distance myself from being a mom and from my heart’s emotions, and just look at this as an American patriot I wonder what Bowe would want…would he want to come home knowing the conditions of his release…would he want to come home knowing that his release could cause many others to die at the hands of the five that he was traded for...

But can one really distance oneself from being both a mom and a patriot…NOT for me as the two are intrinsically tied together into who I am. So is the answer as a patriot and as a mom that I would rather bury my own son than watch other families bury theirs...

The wisdom of Solomon is so needed now.

Bowe must come home, we all agree on that, but at what price to America, for if we give in to terrorists now will these terrorists kidnap even more Americans and demand even more from us for their release…will the Taliban threaten their lives to hold America itself hostage…I think we know the answer to that one.

Or do we stand strong and say in a loud and clear voice that America will NOT trade five vile, evil, terrorists to bring even one American hero home.

You know there is an answer, maybe an answer NOT using the wisdom of Solomon, but an answer nevertheless…an answer that both brings Bowe home and says ‘screw you’ to the enemy at the same time…we need to go in and get Bowe ourselves…something that should have been done long ago…and in NO way do I believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn’t know where Bowe is or approximately where he is.

We can do this…we can bring Bowe home on our own…we just need the ‘go order’ to get it done, and the collateral damage to the enemy in the process be damned.

Rest assured, Bowe, we patriots will NOT let you be left behind.