Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama pulls ‘a Biden’
By: Diane Sori
At Friday’s White House press conference Obama made a political misspeak the like of which makes Joe Biden’s faux pas seem like a walk in the park.

With six little words, Barack Hussein Obama made the day for Mitt Romney when he said, "the private sector is doing fine."

Just what planet does this man live on!

As Obama continues true to form in blaming everybody but himself for the flailing economy, including Congress, and even saying that Europe's economic policies are causing his own domestic economic policies to fail, (hey, he forgot to blame Bush), Mitt Romney asked "Is he really that out of touch?" 

Yeah, he is, and Obama has now opened himself up to being seen as the one who is truly out of touch with reality NOT Mitt Romney.

Good for our side for sure, and we didn’t have to do a thing...his own stupidity is doing him in. 

With the nation's current 8.2 percent unemployment rate (after 40 straight months of the rate being over 8%); with 23 million Americans unemployed, underemployed or dropped out of the labor force; with the economy growing at a meager 1.9% in the first quarter; with the median income dropping by 10% over the last four years; and with record home foreclosures, Barack Hussein Obama still just doesn’t get it.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face that Obama just does not even want to understand how this or any economy works; nor does he want to understand the simple basic economics 101 lesson of you cannot spend more than you take in; nor does he want to or even care to understand that his failed policies continue to impact the economic struggles that ‘We the People’ face on a daily basis, all the while continuing to say that Congress needs to act to help boost jobs, ignoring the fact that it’s the Democratic controlled Senate that knocks down each and everything the Republican majority House proposes.

Partisan politics at its worst and most shameful.
Adding insult to injury, credit agency Standard & Poor’s stated last week that neither the private sector nor the public sector was prospering, and that the long-term credit rating for the United States will remain at AA+ with our future outlook remaining negative.

Not good, not good at all.

With more and more voters now becoming convinced that if this president is re-elected out of control spending and taxes will indeed go up, Obama insists on continuing singing his tired old song that the ‘haves’ do not do enough to carry the ‘have nots.’

What Obama really means is that the ‘haves’ are starting to refuse to carry the 47% that pay NO taxes...the 47% who will vote for him because they know he won’t cut off their free ride.

That’s all that Barack Hussein cares about...getting re-elected so he can continue down his twisted, perverted path of totally destroying our nation’s economy, and then rebuilding it in the socialistic model he so admires.

To that, ‘We the People’ say, ‘NO WAY’!  We’ve had enough of Barack Hussein Obama and his programs, policies, laws, and sneaky Executive Orders that go against everything our Constitution stands for.  But at the rate Obama keeps going we’ll be able to sit back a bit and enjoy the ride as Obama’s own BIG mouth continues to do him in.

I guess he’s been hanging around Joe Biden a bit too much lately.


  1. You hit the nail on the head Diane.

  2. He is correct on one account...Congress does need to act to help save eliminating the EPA, whose policies are shutting down industries left & right.

    1. The EPA amongst others, like the Dept. of Ed, which should go to the states, etc...

  3. What he's doing to the economy is front and center Diane. And you're absolutely right about how he's handled it. The other thing is that in terms of our situation in the middle east, he's planted some really big time bombs. Think when Jimmy Carter withdrew support for the Shah in 1978. And how Iran's been nothing but a powder keg from 1979 on. Fast forward to modern times and look at how he's losing the victory we scored in Iraq and leaving them at the mercy of the Shiites in Iran. Then there's the so called "Arab Spring" in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, ect. The price we've paid for Jimmy Carter's presidency in terms of destabilizing the region is going to be at exponential levels. I do not envy our new President: Mitt Romney for what he's going to have to deal with there, nor our soldiers who'll ultimately have to clean up the mess.

  4. Political Airwaves you are right on all accounts and the Jimmy Carter fiasco I have posted briefly on on many FB sites, but I will do a full Op-ed this week on just how Jimmy Carter's failed foreign policies destabilized the entire Middle East.

    BTW, if I was to do a piece on ALL Obama's failed policies both at home and abroard it wouldn't be an would be an entire book!

  5. Dick Morris, David Limbaugh, and now you Diane!