Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lies, lies, and more lies...

Obama's Benghazi lies, illustrated

From: Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


Ramirez cartoon thanks to Benedict.


  1. 10 27 12 Judge Jeanine Piro Libya US Ambassador U-Tube VIDEO:
    My father & grandfather were part of Americas Greatest Generation both WWII Veterans. At home they didn’t talk too much about the war they didn’t have the benefit of satellites, the sophistication of drones or audio and video and real time of where they were going.
    They just went in and did their job proudly and honorably
    Hello, and welcome to Justice I am Judge Jeanine Pirro: tonight is a sad night as Americans come to the realization that not only was our Ambassador denied the security he needed but also the CIA was denied the help they asked for during the massacre in Benhgaze.
    And if weren’t so deadly serious it would humorous how the Obama administration has pleaded incompetence as their excuse “I was not personally aware of any requests.”
    Leon Panetta “We did not know it was really over before we had the opportunity to know what was really happening.”

    How could you not have known the Brits got out, the Red Cross got out but you left Americans there so you could say Libya was normalized. So you could spin the tail that AlQuida was on its heels?
    Last year you gave Libya $130M --our money: but you could not give a Marine Detachment to our Ambassador where everyone was getting danger pay.
    You cannot secure the perimeter of our consulate. And then you cannot even leverage those millions to get our investigators into the county to investigate for almost a month
    And Hiliary you tell the father of the Navy Seal who pleaded for back up and ultimately gave his life that you are going to arrest the guy who made the video?
    Did you also tell Ty Woods father that a life fed of the attack was being funneled to the White House the State Dept and the Pentagon?
    Did you tell Ty dad that people watch as Ty was told to stand down, that people watched as he pointed his lazer at the very mortars that ultimately killed him and Leo Dougherty.
    And Leon Paneta “There is a lot of Monday Night Quarterbacking…the basic principle is that you do not deploy forces into harms way without knowing what is going on without having some real time information about what is taking place?”.
    Whats is better than life feed than of what is taking place the audio the visual in harms way?
    What do you think war is?
    My GOD you the Pres and VP were in the White House as the email and the live-fed was coming in. There was no problem with communication.
    Delta Force was on the ready F-16’s, AC130 were waiting but it all happened too fast.
    The fight went on from 9:40PM until 4 AM in the morning.
    Mr. President you show up at a campaign rally this week with all your power and might with Air Force One as a backdrop for votes: why couldn’t you send an AC-130 or F-16 as a backdrop to protect American lives?
    Mr. President with all due respect to the office you hold: you call your opponent a B.Sr.
    My Dad and My Granddad and members of Americas Greatest Generation watch you silently and they know.

    Get this U-TUBE statement: and put it out as an ad, Ltter to the Editor: read it on your public radio, call into the TV stations: get these inhumane TRAITORS prosecuted...unconscionable EVIL Clintistas, The Kenyan god king, Panetta leftover from Slick Willie, Biden who voted against making English our Official Language twice with the Dems as Senator: Dial#2 for Spanish welcome our Open BOrders Criminal Illegal ALiens continued sob stories "no have no money, but have babies, you take care of them & me from womb to tomb" no matter you go bankrupt,,,DREAM ACT...or just dump em at the US Border with Mexico.. We take in 2/3's pop increase alone just from Mexico S L A V E S bankruptcy is being staved until after the election THEN WHAT?

    1. I was watching when this was said and I agree with everything Jeanine said.