Monday, October 15, 2012


Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the catalyst for Middle-East disaster
By Diane Sori

As the dominoes of Arab countries continue to fall and burn, as the violence spreads even further, Barack HUSSEIN Obama still doesn’t believe, or want to believe, that terrorism is involved even after being ‘forced’ to utter the ‘T’ word for the sake of salvaging his re-election chances.

The Middle-East is heating up even more as Al-Qaida leader and vile mouthpiece, Ayman al-Zawahiri, contends that a simple little film did indeed mock the 'prophet' (gagging on that one) mohammad, and that that film proved to the world that Washington was waging a "crusader Zionist war" against  muslims and islam. Calling for more protests of American embassies, and singing the praises of those who took part in the violence and killings in Benghazi, he reiterated the usual rhetoric for instigating a jihadist ‘holy war’ against both the US and Israel. 

And then add into the mix that just the other day Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey will retaliate with full force if its border with Syria is breeched again by Syrian weapons, and now you have the flames of discontention being fueled even more.

Oh what a tangled web the Middle-East has become with Benghazi seeming to be point zero for it all.  

And now with Pat Smith (the mother of Sean Smith, the Information Officer who was murdered in Benghazi along with Ambassador Stevens and the two SEALS) speaking out against Obama, saying she does NOT believe that he didn’t know this attack was forthcoming especially with the eleventh anniversary of September 11th looming, the cover-up known as BenghaziGate grows deeper.  Mrs. Smith even went on the record saying that when Leon Penetta told her, as he looked directly into her eyes, to ‘trust him’ to tell her the truth about her son’s death, she knew at that point they were all lying.

The fire in the Middle-East is now further being flamed by all their lies.

And now that fire is spreading beyond the confines of the Middle-East.  Yesterday, our consulate in the Indian city of Chennai was attacked because the ‘oh-so peaceful’ muslims claim that stupid little film again defamed their ‘oh-so wonderful’ (gagging again) prophet mohammad.  In this instance, a group of more than 2,000 muslim protesters threw stones and smashed the windows of our consulate, but thankfully none of our personnel was killed or injured.

The question that must now be answered is why...why is this all happening and why now?  I’ll tell you why it’s NOT’s NOT happening over a two-bit little film that’s for sure.  

But it is happening because our president and his minions let it happen is why.

Starting with the ridiculous rules of engagement Obama has our military fighting under, as in little or NO collateral damage in apologize for our troops every chance you in encourage and fuel an Arab Spring gone so horribly in blame Israel for everything simply because they in...well you get my drift.

Al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban are now all alive and well in their attempt to co-opt sporadic violence as a cover for planned and coordinated terrorist’s attacks against our interests in the area, against Israel, and even against us here at home. 

These groups once thought to be waning are resurging with new vitality and strength because our president sits back and does NOTHING!  Where is the retaliation for Ambassador Stevens and the others...there is none.  Where is the retaliation when roadside bombs go off killing and maiming our troops...there is none.  Where is the retaliation for all the damage perpetrated on our consulates...there is none.  There is NO retaliation for anything because we have a weak president who sides with the enemy instead of with America.

The muslim world respects and honors one thing and one thing only...STRENGTH.  Under the stewardship of Barack HUSSEIN Obama our beloved country is now seen as weak, NO longer a super power to be feared and admired for instead of showing strength this president shows weakness.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a weak leader if he’s a leader at all.

And at the bottom of all this is the question does Obama really want to bring positive change to the Middle-East or does he even really care if change happens at all?  I think NOT for if he did he would NOT have gotten the US involved in Libya, as its uprising was a civil war posing NO danger to America, and if we had not gotten involved the domino effect would NOT have even been put into place...all of which lead up to the Benghazi slaughter and now in its aftermath...the cover-up.

But the point of all this is that these people do NOT want an open and free society; they do NOT want democracy; they do NOT want a free speaking media or freedom of speech, and they sure as hell do NOT want our Western values and morals.  What they do want is to be left alone to live like backwards barbarians, and until change comes from within their own societies I say let them live like backwards barbarians but let them do it in their own cesspools of countries NOT here in America.

And by the way, since Barack HUSSEIN Obama considers them his brethren he can go live over there with them and start packing on November 6th.


  1. I hope obama moves to the Middle East just as soon as he finishes his prison sentence.

    1. I believe there is another possible sentence for TREASON, if not then moving to the Middle east is fine with me.

    2. You have nailed it Diane as Usual. You are saying things that we have all been thinking, but haven't articulated. He has no one he cares about but himself and what game he gets to play next. He seems irritated anytime he must act Presidential or do something that requires him to make a decision. The funny thing to me about all this is that this man may not even be 1/2 black, but his black followers do not seem to question that. If he is, as some say from Saudi Arabia, and is a Prince as he said in college, then where does the black part come in? This an enquiring mind wants to know?