Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaked 'in error'...NO I don't think so 
By: Diane Sori

NO longer is there even one iota of a doubt as to where Barack HUSSEIN Obama's loyalties lie in relation to Israel, as this past Monday it was disclosed that the US government has leaked classified information detailing a top-secret Israeli military installation that this administration knew Israel wanted to be kept secret in fact that the Israeli military will NOT give or confirm its exact location even to the Israeli people.

Leaked and published on a federal business opportunities website (that contractors usually prepare bids on) was NEVER to be released information detailing the location, design, and specifications of a launch site we were to built for Israel’s new Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system (a defense system that can intercept incoming ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere at a range of up to 1,500 miles and can maneuver in midair to chase them...missiles that were expected to be online by sometime in 2015)...information divulged that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with bidding on this or any contract.


The details, the Obama administration says, were leaked 'in error', and even worse than the aforementioned site specifications leaked were... and this serious folks...highly 'sensitive' information regarding Israel's plans to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions that was supposed to be between Israel and Washington only.

NOT good...NOT good at all.

And Israel's military is fuming and rightly so for while Israeli and American contractors have worked together for years, and while Israel knows there's always been a slight risk that some information might inadvertently be released 'in error', Israel also knows that some information released means a few pages NOT over one thousand pages of highly classified detailed descriptions of the project and NEVER to be released military plans...and over one thousand pages was what the Obama administration leaked...and I guarantee you they were NOT leaked 'in error' for Obama and crew know exactly what they're doing when they're doing it.

Leaked in convenient is this coming just when talks are soon to begin on the problems in know the same Syria that says they will retaliate against Israel if Israel continues to bomb their weapons storage warehouses (even though some of those weapons have Israel's 'name' on them).

Leaked 'in error' the IRS putting conservative and Tea Party groups under the microscope 'in error'. Leaked 'in error' like releasing details of the bin Laden take-down and giving away the identity of the Navy SEALS involved thus getting them killed by the Taliban soon after that intel was leaked 'in error'...

NO I don't think so...I don't think so at all.

"If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide...This is more than worrying, it is shocking," said an Israeli military official who had to remain anonymous because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the facility.

And how many enemies of Israel now have that how-to guide thanks to the Obama administration's leak 'in error'.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama...enemy to America and most assuredly enemy to Israel, and NO photo-op trip can change his true feelings for the Jewish state. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who doesn't have time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu because he has to appear on 'The View' to feed his narcissistic ego...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who wants Israel to return to her pre-'67 now indefensible borders...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who expects Israel to give up lands fairly taken in war and give it to people who refuse to recognize the Jewish state's right to exist...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who wants the now and forever Israeli capital of Jerusalem to be divided giving the so-called Palestinians East Jerusalem as the capital of their oh so wanted (but hopefully never gotten) Palestinian state...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who gives weapons to Israel's enemies...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who ties Israel's hand in retaliating against those who want to wipe her off the map...and we are now expected to believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his miserable administration leaked intelligence information about Israel's defenses 'in error'.

Again, I don't think so.

NO WAY...NO HOW...for this security leak comes right on the heels of a report by Israel Radio that Obama administration officials apologized to their Israeli counterparts for releasing and then confirming that it was Israeli military aircraft that was responsible for the early May airstrikes on the Damascus airport warehouse...airstrikes that Bashar al-Assad thought were coming from the rebels and would have continued to think so if the Obama administration...if Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself... hadn't deliberately stirred the pot exposing that it was Israel who did the airstrikes putting them in even more danger than they were already in.

Putting Israel in even more danger from his collective muslim brethren.

NO, the pattern of animosity towards Israel and the Jewish people coming from Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his miserable administration is too well documented to be anything but deliberate. And this newest development adds more fuel to the fire of Obama's hatred for the Jewish state for you can bet that in NO WAY did NO way did BiBi Netanyahu...ever expect this bid to show up on an open government website in the public domain. Israel would have assumed that a complex with this much security attached to it...with Israel's very survival depending on it...would be given out in a private bid to only a select few of the most trusted American defense contractors.  And this would have been the case under a different president...but Barack HUSSEIN Obama's loyalty to his muslim brethren trumps Israel's safety...trumps Israel's very right to exist.

And if this is indeed what happened, it's NOT only a serious breach of trust between 'supposed' allies but is also in-your-face aiding and abetting an ally's enemies, making it scandal number four...or is it five...or six...and counting...and a scandal and knife in the back that Israel most assuredly will NOT take kindly to.


  1. I am no fan of Obama's but before you feel too sorry about what the US (Obama) did to Israel please remember that no other nation on this planet has double dealt the USA more than Israel.
    - They sell our nuclear secrets to China
    - They have been caught spying on us more than any other country
    - They have sold advanced weapons systems that we gave them to our enemies
    - They have fired on our ships, killed our citizens, bombed our buildings and are a part of every false flag attack on this country in the last 100 years.

    1. anonymous are full of sh*t! Next post gets deleted.

  2. Jonathon Pollard. Stole American secrets and gave them to the Israelis. After he was caught, for many years the Israelis kept denying he was on their payroll.

    If Israel is a friend of America why are they spying on us and stealing *OUR* secrets.

    You may consider yourself a Patriot. But its not very patriotic to favor another country over your own.

    (BTW, I am not the person who posted the first comment. But feel free to delete if you can't argue the point)

  3. I wrote the original comment and I would love to engage in a conversation on this topic with you or anyone else because it's clear that you you may not be aware of some of the ways that Israel (Zionists) have demonstrated their loyalty and friendship to the US.

    Everything I listed above and much much more they have done to us...this doesn't excuse Obama selling out their secrets to any other group of people because once again his actions reflect poorly on the character of this country.

    Tell me specifically what I said that you don't think was true and I will supply you with source documents proving otherwise

    1. "...his actions reflect poorly on the character of this country."

      Umm. It used to be called treason. Once upon a time, I'm sure you're too young to remember, when a person was convicted of a treasonous act it got you put in front of a wall and shot until you were dead.

      His actions do not simply REFLECT poorly on our country. They are ruining our country.

      If you didn't vote for Obama twice I will eat my hat. It's an old Red Sox ball cap. Bet it's older than you are. I'm not questioning your political leanings but have you considered the treatment of women in the middle east? My wife attended medical school in Israel. She was admired and treated with respect on the street. When visiting Egypt she was physically assaulted every time she walked a street. Be very, very careful choosing your friends and allies, Ms. Thagara.

    2. Crispina of Thagara (and that is NOT your real name so you're still hiding behind a phony moniker proving you don't have the courage to stand by what your convictions), I don't engage in discussions with anti-Semetic, bloviating blowheards who do NOT have credible facts but make up nonsense to suit their leftist anti-America, anti-Israel, pro-Obama agenda.

  4. I dont understand why U.S. Jews are not more outraged. They still seem to have this President's back regardless of what he does..70% of U.S. Jews voted for Obama, that is mindboggling to me.

    1. YES it is but slowly that support is eroding.

  5. If need be, I would be on the front line of fire defending our way of life, but only against true enemies. Terrorist are real enemies; Obama is an enemy of American way of life, and maybe our constitution; but for the context of this blog, Israel is not an enemy, but an international friend, somewhat comparable to England. It doesn't take much reasoning to determine, what constitutes a "friend" between countries is not, in its entirety, comparable to a personal definition of friend, which is how people define the word. Furthermore, sometimes secrets are sold by bad or confused people "simply" because that is the only way they see left to make needed money. Justifications for conducting clandestine operations are very complex; seldom driven by the obvious that makes the news or the computer of you or I; making it a bit to broad for the "average" internet conspiracy theorist. Its for those reasons and others not in my privy, I do not believe the populous needs to know the rational for spying on International friends, which we undoubtedly do as well.

    1. Spying on our 'friends' is one thing...disclosing classified secrets involving a country's security is quite another.

  6. Yes it's all about you crispy lol

    1. 'Crispy' doesn't have the guts to post who she really is making everything she says says pure bullsh*t and irrelevant..