Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wishing all my blog followers of the Christian faith 
a beautiful and peaceful Easter.


  1. I also wish everyone a Happy Easter! It would seem that America is under attack from the left and from Mother Nature. Average people are under assault from both high food prices and high taxes. We can’t stop Mother Nature, but we can surely stop the high taxes levied against our people by the Obama regime.

    For the leftist out there: if you work for a living, have you noticed the government is now taking more of your money; money that you could use to feed your family, or pay your doctor bills? The bad news is this: the money is being spent on leftist lamebrain ideas like Solyndra, or given to terrorists in Egypt and Pakistan. Literally billions of dollars are wastefully spent by the democrats.

    What does Justice Scalia say might be the remedy: tax revolt (not unlike the tea party years ago.) The mere fact he is bringing this up leads me to believe he is suggesting the same!

    We now have a repressive regime in power that seeks to undermine the Constitution.
    The regime of Obama is now picking winners and losers by their own bigoted opinions. It would seem white people and Jews are the prime targets of this abomination. To say that Eric Holder and Obama are not bigoted is to have your head in the sand!

    Who are Obama’s heroes? Al Sharpton; the New Black Panther Party; and welfare recipients. This warfare is being dealt on multiple levels: race, class, ethnicity, and even sexual orientation.

    One bone I have to pick with Tea Party people is this: you are simply too nice! You need to call a spade a spade. Several demographics have chosen who their masters are and no amount of remonstration will change that fact. When the NAACP endorses a white republican man, hell will freeze over! Those are the facts…and they will not change!

    I was heartened to see the militias in the west stand up to a repressive government seeking to take land from the people. It was nice to see greedy Dingy Harry have to eat humble pie. He says he and the feds are not finished; well neither are the militias JACKASS.
    If I lived out there, I would have taken my rifle and stood beside them!

    It is pretty sad state of affairs when a person has to take arms up against their own government: A government that uses the IRS to attack them financially because of their political opinions, and an Attorney General who with his president chooses what laws to follow or not follow.

    It is sad when the Congress we elected is seeking to undermine the will of the voters. I’m speaking of John Boehner and his madness concerning adding millions of illegal aliens to America’s already bloated welfare lines. He talks about job being lost because of the oil pipeline; well, how about the good jobs being taken by foreigners who don’t even belong here?

    They talk about new laws on immigration: do they think Obama will follow that NEW law BRAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HELL NO, STUPID!

    Obama is a coward when confronted with real power. He thinks tea party Americans don’t have the balls to stand up to him. I hope he is wrong, because if he is NOT wrong, this great nation is going over the cliff people! All those groups who get benefits from the government are in for a BIG surprise when the bus hits the bottom; may that will stop them from singing Kumbaya!

    I feel better now after speaking my mind!

  2. Oh more thing I just thought of that is a big waste of taxpayer’s money: Obama and Mooshelles vacations! Millions to go over the Africa and China while average Americans suffer. That is a true outrage! Hey NAACP people out there: those of you who are not on welfare are paying for this! How do you feel about that…stupid? You voted for him!

    This is what I have seen your president do: get on TV and make a statement like he cares about the situation (example: Russia better stop the aggression or we will put sanctions on six of its citizens), and then the idiot buys a slurpy at 7-11 and goes on vacation for two weeks.

    A hard day’s work and a cold drink of water would kill most of HIS people.

  3. I just started looking at the news for today. I thought I would share this from one of Obama’s and Holder’s people…you know… the kind of people who look like them if they had a son:

    A note to white men and women out there: this kind of behavior is pandemic in America (happens DAILY). It is impossible to tell if a person is good or bad simply by their looks. Sadly, and this is mostly for women, you need to leave black men alone. For you own safety don’t associate with them. I would carry a gun and USE it!

    A thug recently killed an Indianapolis jogger with a big grin on his face, but not a peep from Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, or Holder (unlike Trayvon when the entire black community was involved). You indifferent white people better wake up soon!

    There is only one answer to violence, but I will let the reading audience figure that one out!

    Happy Easter!