Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obamacare continues to be profoundly unpopular with the American people, and its approval ratings continue to plummet. Just 28% of Americans support the law, a new Associated Press poll finds, compared with 43% in opposition

But another part of the AP poll revealed something that speaks to the way that the law disrupted the health insurance market and failed Americans over and over again:
More than one-third of those who said they or someone in their household tried to enroll, were ultimately unable to do so. For the White House, it's an uncomfortable reminder of the technical problems that paralyzed the website for weeks after it went live last fall. ...
The pattern illustrates why the health care law remains a favored target for Republicans seeking a Senate majority in the midterm elections.
28% support, 43% oppose, and more than one-third of people had someone in their household attempt to sign up for Obamacare and fail to do so. As the AP notes, it's no wonder why Republicans have made the law a favored political target: Americans hate it, and it has failed them.

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  1. Another great show today, Diane! Craig hit the nail on the head with Obama’s feigned reverence for any veteran and what they sacrificed for this nation. Obama was so unctuous he could have supplied more oil than the Keystone Pipeline.

    As a veteran of the Air Force for four years, I can say his words were repugnant considering how he treats our veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome and other ailments related to their service.

    To give the SOBs who attacked us on 911 better healthcare than the vets is an abomination; all they deserve at Gitmo is a bullet in the head.

    You know what is funny? Obama can’t even close Gitmo! He has not fulfilled one stinking promise to his lackeys; yet they support him because he has “some” African blood in his veins.

    If you can get Pam Geller, that would be great! Seems she has some ragheads after her. That is alright; they bleed too! I liked the way she said she was armed and could shoot straight. I don’t think they will give her any trouble.