Saturday, July 26, 2014

Judging Israel differently  
By: Diane Sori

In defiance of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's and his brethren's goal of trying to finish off what the Nazis started...yesterday Israel's Security Council unanimously rejected...and rightfully so...John 'Swiftboat' Kerry's week long cease-fire proposal that favored Hamas and would do NOTHING but allow Hamas to regroup and rearm.

However, Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to a short 12-hour so-called 'humanitarian cease-fire' to send in food, water, and such to hard-hit civilian areas. But even with this Israel will still face condemnation NOT only on the world stage for their rejection of Kerry's cease-fire proposal but also here in the U.S., as witnessed by Harry Reid and his Democratic ilk's unmitigated gall of trying to tie in Israel's $225 million emergency funding request for their Iron Dome defense system to an immigration bill that would fund the ILLEGALS entering our country. And they're doing it for NO other reason than come election time they can say Republicans who voted against the bill are either anti-Israel or anti-children.

Nice huh...playing politics at the expense of the expense of the the expense of children.

Proposing a $3.6 billion bill that would address the border crisis...most specifically addressing the issue of unaccompanied children entering ILLEGALLY...Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), the bill's author, chose to include the funding for Israel...and to include monies needed to fight wildfires of all her proposal so that a rejection of the bill would amount to cutting all monies Israel needs to defend herself against those wishing to wipe her off the map.

And sadly, among those who condemn Israel every chance they get is the U(seless) N(ations). In fact, in the days just before Israel's rejection of Kerry's proposal, they launched an international inquiry on the Palestinians behalf into what they call Israel's human rights violations and crimes committed during this Gaza offensive. But the UN really needs to stop calling the kettle black as they are the very ones who have allowed Hamas to store its rockets and bombs beneath their United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) schools for displaced children.

But even sadder was the vote tally on said inquiry...which became the resolution the Palestinians wanted. And while the U.S. did vote NO on the resolution, 29 nations voted in favor of condemning Israel, and 17 nations abstained including all nine European Union members on the 47-member panel.

Never mind that Hamas deliberately stores their missiles under schools, hospitals, and civilian enclaves...never mind that they know Israel tries its best NOT to harm children or civilians...never mind that when any of their human shields are hurt or killed Hamas will parade their bloodied and lifeless bodies in front of the international media as they cry on cue for the cameras that those lost are victims of Israeli aggression...never mind all this as placing the blame on Israel is all that matters.

And Hamas uses these deaths for propaganda as the dead are worth more to their cause than are worth the lives of the living. Reasoning in their own disturbed minds that their actions are done in the name of allah as per the Hukm al-Tatarrus (the current islamic law on using human shields) which states in part that muslims are to “accept the idea of sacrificing the shield and engage in a fierce war using weapons of mass destruction," Hamas claims to be God's holy warriors...allah's warriors. But they're warriors in their minds alone...warriors who seek revenge against the Jews for their (self-perceived) injustices against muslims, but what they really are is cowards for when one hides behind women and children a holy warrior is something you are NOT.

And those western nations that vote against Israel time and again, as well as Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself, do NOT care about any of this for Israel's demise is their collective goal. This resolution vote, as with all previous votes against Israel, boils down to choosing to side with barbarians over choosing to side with the Jews. And there are only two reasons for this lack of support for Israel...the obvious being the UN and Obama's muslim ties and sympathies and the other involves the old hatreds...for the fact is many still blame the Jews for the death of Jesus. These are the same people who forget that Jesus was born, lived as, and died as a Jew...they forget that Jesus the Jew knew NOTHING of the Christians who came after...they forget that God could have stopped His death if He so chose...and they forget that only by Jesus' death could Christianity be born.

But NO matter as the bottom line remains that the destruction of Israel is Hamas' goal as witnessed by their very actions. Instead of fighting with those who only want to live in peace, Hamas could have chosen to use their abundant monetary resources to build schools, to pave roads, to build hospitals, but instead they chose to build shoot rockets...choosing to fight a battle that in the end they will surely lose. And remember, each time Hamas asked for and got a cease-fire they and they alone broke it.

So while Israel will sadly continue to lose its sons and daughters in this current battle...that is unless they go forward with all guns blazing so to speak...the civilized man understands this is a fight to the death...a fight for Israel's very survival...a fight that allows for NO compromise with the enemy nor does it allow for negotiations with those who side with said enemy. And know that this is NOT a battle about the small sliver of land that is Israel, but is about Hamas' self-perceived call for revenge over events that happened during the time of the Old orchestrated by the hand of God before the time of allah...even if it means that to seek that misguided revenge they have to kill their own people and blame it on Israel.

And that is indeed evil personified and the saddest thing of all.


  1. It seems like I saw a line on a Drudge Report lead that said that Hamas was demoralized. If that is true, then maybe Israel is breaking their spirit. I think Israel has shown great restraint up to this point. They need to root out Hamas and destroy everything they had (all their rockets.) Going forward they need to insure this never happens again! Israel basically owns the Gaza Strip, but gave it up to the Palestinians. What has Israel gotten in return for that generous gesture? Bombs reigning down on their heads!

    Unfortunately for Israel, this madness will never end! I would find a homeland for the Palestinians in other Arab countries such as Jordan. Once they are placed and told: THIS is now your home hopefully they will stop harassing Israel. I look on Palestinians about like I look at our own African Americans: a people constantly looking for a free handout, or sympathy, or something to whine about.

    1. The own brethren do NOT want them and that is the problem.

  2. the way Diane, the fact that Jesus was a Jew does indeed benefit Israel!
    The fact that many percieve Him as the Son of God and He was also a Jew is a BIG plus for Israel in Christian lands. A good Christian would do nothing but help the Jewish people (and deservedly so because they are a decent people who want only peace.)

    For those who believe the prophets, all of this was fortold. Israel turned its back on God and suffered all these bad things because THEY chose to put other gods.

    This will end when Christ returns; until then, the Jewish people will continue to suffer. Jesus Christ is the God who will rescue Israel His people. When they see the scars in his hands, they will realize they were wrong about who the mesiah was! (I know...this is all faith based stuff!)

    1. Jesus is only the Savior if you believe him to be so...the Jews do NOT and that is their right. Israel has NOT nor NEVER turned its back on God the Father...they just do NOT believe Jess to be the Savior as in Jewish law when the Messiah comes there will be peace on Earth...and guess what...there is anything but peace on Earth. And BTW...Jews have NO other God before them but Gd the Father.

    2. Even in the days of King Solomon, the Jewish people accepted other gods before them. King Solomon had many wives and some of them had other religions; yet, even King Solomon followed after some of them. This has – according to the bible – displeased God.

      OK…Diane…I’m looking at this from a Christian standpoint; not a Jewish one: it is true the Jewish people say there is ONE God, and on that point, I would say they are right (depending on their definition of god.) However, no matter how they define “god”, it is there right to worship god as they please.

      I – me personally – believe the godhead is composed of three individuals: the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

      The Jewish people are STILL waiting on the messiah as promised by the prophets of old; but many Christians believe that the messiah was Jesus Christ and the Jewish intelligentsia of the time failed to recognize him. I believe it will be the “Son” of God who will rescue Israel in a future war. The “Father” has given much to the Son to do.

      It is foretold in the bible, that Christ will save the nation of Israel in its most disparate hour. At that point, they will realize their ancestors made a mistake. This is MY understanding of the bible. I don’t mean to offend any Jewish person because I know they are every bit religious and spiritual and any other group. However, I believe it will be Christ that saves Israel; not Obama, or Kerry, or anyone else.