Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri...the Truth Most DO NOT Want to SEE
By: Diane Sori

OK people let's get something straight...a Grand Jury WILL indeed indict Officer Darren Wilson simply because he is white...as in payback for Trayvon Martin. The 'supposed' black leaders will call for the death penalty simply because Darren Wilson is white.. NEVER mind new evidence shows that the 6' 4" almost 300lb. black thug, Michael Brown, was 'charging' at him. 

Obama's speech of yesterday fueled on last night's resumption in rioting and violence, because in NO way did he condemn the 'animals' using this situation as an excuse to steal from innocent business owners. Obama is in cohoots with the race-baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson because he hates whites (even though he is half white) as much as they do. 

Obama's now sending Eric Holder to Ferguson is being done just to stir up the pot even more for had it been a 'black' officer taking down a 'white' thug NOT a word would have been said by the media... NOT a word would have been said by anyone. And, by the way, if the media would just stop reporting on this incident ad-nauseum, the 'animals' would lose their audience and this story would go back to being a local story...which is really what it is.

All this 'orchestrated anger' over a thug is just an excuse to riot and loot (as in yippee more 'free stuff'). Destroying their own town in the name of a black thug being killed in the line of duty by a white officer...means the only ones who will come out on top in this situation is the 'supposed' black leaders who will continue to rake in the profits by keeping the own people down.


  1. This thug was so large that Rush Limbaugh and others started calling him the gentle giant.

    Here is some of the purported damage the gentle giant did to Officer Wilson:


    Mike Brown’s grandfather wants to speak to OBAMA personally because HE voted for Obama! What will Obama say to the grandfather of this gentle giant: the police officer acted stupidly for stopping the gentle giant from killing him?

    I also think the officer acted like a racist and here is why:

    1.Since Brown fit the description of a robbery suspect (which he was indeed the person in question),Wilson insulted Brown by stopping him and implying he did anything; Officer Wilson stopped Brown while walking in the center of the road which was also racist. Wilson justly received a fist to his eye which broke his eye socket for having the temerity to question the gentle giant.
    2.Brown tried to leave the scene of the illegal questioning and flee the other way, but the officer drew his gun and ordered the gentle giant to halt. This enraged the gentle giant so much he felt the officer needed his other eye socket broken. Wilson shot “4 times” in Brown’s arm as a racist warning as he charged like a bull elephant, but this did not stop the ire of Brown and the indignity he suffered. Officer Wilson then shot this gentle giant in the head thus ending his ire.

    Obama, Holder, and the gentle giant’s grandfather will speak about how the market where the gentle giant took the cigars for free was a token repayment to the gentle giant and his ancestors for their work during slavery.

    Obama will emphasize the redistribution of wealth to his people could also be his sons or his daughters.

    Hey you white people, next time you see a black person, remember the gentle giant and all the black race has done for us the last fifty years since the civil rights movement; How they uplifted our neighborhoods, their peaceful disposition, and how they have increased test scores in the inner cities.

    Use Detroit as a beacon on a hill! A city we want all our cities to emulate! A democrat heaven for all the peaceful Michael Browns of the world! If Obama had a son, he would be Michael Brown. Can I get an AMEN!

  2. There is something missing in this editorial that came out: Officer Wilson's eye orbital was broken on account of the peaceful encounter with this gentle giant.

    This president and his attorney general are anti-white (just as Diane basically said)!

    That is all I will say for now, but I have LOTS of thoughts on the subject.

  3. Some posts that I have read indicates people think Obama (and the media) may be using this event to hide the fact he is about to issue another one of his ILLEGAL executive orders to legalize illegals (Illegally!!!)

    I'm sure the presidential asshole has pen in hand at this time to fuck over America!

    Holder can investigate a thug that deserved to be shot, but not investigate the deaths of Vets, or the IRS, or Benghazi, or Fast and Furious. In other words, the brass collar around Holder's skinny neck belongs to his democrat masters. He and Obama are uncle toms for the liberals.

    I wonder how many blacks think this young thug deseved anything but what he got. If the roles were reversed and a white thug got shot by a black police officer trying to protect himself and his community, I would give the black officer a medal for bravery.

    It just goes to show you how anti-white that blacks and the democrat party have become! They are going after a man in blue who shot a thug in self preservation, and because he shot a man who posed a threat to the community. These anti-white people thrive on this bull shit! They love when they can riot and get a few freebies.

    Do you remember how Brown had his middle finger pointed to his brain; that is where I would shoot ANY n(word) if he crossed my line! To be fair, I would also shoot any white n(word) doing the same.

    People...a thug is a thug...I don't give a damn what color they are! Shoot the bastards dead and celebrate their death! For God sake let's take this country back from the thugs!