Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today, Wednesday, February 25th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig, Diane, and CPR CEO Michael Collins-Windsor will celebrate RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS one-year anniversary of their bringing to the public the truth this administration wants kept hidden.

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  1. Hi Diane,

    We cannot afford to wait while the US military capability is being dismantled by Obama. We must use every means available to stop the attacks on the Constitution and we need a Commander in Chief urgently.

    It is possible to commence legal actions against all attacks on the Constitution and while that is running its course, it is possible to involve the People and to inform the People through referendums in every state to stop any religion from interfering with the freedoms of the Nation.

    It is also necessary to commence impeachment on one of the following grounds:

    1. Dereliction of duty in not sufficiently defending the Constitution of the USA as he swore to do.
    2. Deception on major budgetary initiatives such as Obamacare and Border control. Pick two.
    3. Dereliction of duty in not sufficiently informing the Nation on the threat of Islam.
    4. Association with enemies of the State such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Valerie Jarret, or
    5. Increasing racial tensions.

    If you need my help in anything, just let me know.


  2. Marty...your thoughts on this matter are not unique! There are many people who share your concerns and doubts about our government.

    I don't know about you, but I believe the leadership in the House and Senate are doing a lousy job. They are letting everyone down who voted for them and spoke their minds on election day.

    Let me ask you, could we have any bigger pussies in the Congress than we have right now? They are SOOOO afraid they might seem racist to the liberal media; they are SOOOO afraid they might not get the Hispanic vote. Earth to Conservatives: YOU WILL NEVER GET THEIR FUCKING VOTES DUMBASSES BECAUSE THEY HATE WHITES: that is the reason the Democrats keep IMPORTING coloreds from 3rd world countries! Do you or anyone else believe Obama cares for MEXICANS? (Rhetorical question....I know how you feel about the matter.) Obama is bringing in these illiterate, disease infested people for their VOTES only. A judge ruled against Obama....but where is Boehner to back up the Constitution? Obama says: I'm going to do what I want and fuck the what the judge says (which is contrary to the law); and guess what, our so-called leaders in the Congress are acting like PUSSIES and don't do a FUCKING thing to counteract Obama's edict. NO wonder the left laughs at us! No wonder people don't want to vote anymore for a DO NOTHING Congress. Diane...please...give me ONE fucking reason I should vote for these goddamned assholes if THEY fuck this up! IS it that are not getting the message? Maybe we are too quiet!

    Now here we are at a crossroads: do we continue down the path of communism, or do we fight for what is right? It would seem that most so-called conservatives don't have the balls to stand up to the left wingers and fight for what they KNOW is right. They think that somebody else is going to do it for them! Things don't work that way! If WE don't make things happen, then they WON'T happen. I think this is what your message was about Mr. Vink.

    I noticed Dianne has nothing to say!

    Tell you what Diane: this country is going down the toilet and fast! There is a point where words don't work anymore.

  3. Hey Diane, Wake up girl! I can't give my sage opinions if you don't post stuff for me to comment on! I made a few comments for Perry the platypus and others...enjoy!