Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The GAY Marriage Debate is NOTHING New
By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

marr 1Yesterday, friend and Right Side Patriots radio partner Diane Sori wrote and published an op-ed regarding the obtuse silliness regarding the leftist media’s line of questioning to Republican candidates…”Would you attend a gay wedding?”

It’s a great op-ed and worth the read but it got me to thinking…haven’t we been through something very much like this before?

Until about 50 or 60 years ago…wasn’t there an element of society that was dead set against ANOTHER type of weddings?

Indeed there was.

It was deemed by some, mostly by those on the far uber left and by some on the far fringes of the uber religious right to be…unnatural…an affront to the natural course of things and something that people of good standing ought NOT to participate in.

Why…it was hard…nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get some bakeries to provide a cake for such weddings.

It was hard or nearly impossible to find a photographer to record such an event…and in many cases…churches were REFUSING to hold such ceremonies in THEIR places of worship.

But people got married anyway…

Sometimes they had to resort to a justice of the peace and once married, they lived with the scorn and ridicule that society…those individual bastions of righteousness had to hurl at them...

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  1. I am really happy to see this article published on one of my favorite web sites. I am straight, and very conservative (Tea Party) and once, homophobic. Then I met the performers at a local theatre and realized that these people were mostly gay but they were really very talented and good people. I came to realize that asking them to be straight is like asking me to be gay - it ain't gonna happen, nohow! So let them live, let them marry, how does that hurt me? I was at a Republican summit this last weekend and two of the speakers were conservative AND gay. I welcome them. If they want to come to us, we should all welcome them.

  2. I so agree...a conservative is a conservative NO matter whom they love.