Saturday, June 6, 2015

Climate Change Skeptic: Greenland More Proof There's No Global Warming

Cathy Burke / NEWSMAX

Don't talk about global warming to residents of Nuuk, Greenland's capital city, where record cold is keeping the city still buried in snow, climate change skeptic Steven Goddard writes.

Normally by this date, around 20 percent of Greenland is melting, the Real Science blogger contends.

"This year the area of melt is less than 2 percent – the latest start to a melt season on record," he writes, noting: "Temperatures have plummeted over the past decade."

Northeast Greenland also saw its coldest May on record since measurements started back in 1949, while the island as a whole is colder than normal, the Daily Caller reports, citing Danish Meteorological Institute data.

"Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow and ice since September," Goddard writes.
But climate experts will see it differently, however, Goddard warns, saying they'll "take pictures of glaciers calving into the ocean, and claim that it is an indication that Greenland is melting down."

The controversial skeptic's perspective comes in the wake of U.S. scientists' report in March that Arctic sea ice levels last winter recorded their lowest peak since satellite monitoring began in 1979.

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