Saturday, June 18, 2016

The people at the very top of America’s vast defense system are endangering the nation’s security.

It’s an astonishing warning from a national security professional who recently worked deep inside the federal government, former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney.

In a radio interview this week, Haney charged that President Obama has not faithfully carried out his duty to guard Americans against terrorism. Haney said he and his colleagues collected a vast amount of information on terrorist networks.

“We’ve done our job,” he told host Alex Jones. “But the administration literally, deliberately and intentionally has refused to acknowledge the existence of this information.”

Haney, author of the smash bestseller “See Something, Say Nothing,” once spearheaded investigations at the National Targeting Center, which provides information in real time to Customs and Border Protection agents making decisions about who to let into the country.

He specialized in finding the connections between different groups and individuals before they could strike. However, an investigation into a global network known as Tablighi Jamaat was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the DHS because of fears that it violated the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims. Haney believes that if the case he helped develop had been allowed to continue, it might have prevented Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando and the attack in San Bernardino, California, in December.


Haney described how the Obama administration dismantled the national security apparatus painstakingly created to protect Americans from terrorism after 9/11.

“The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, was founded to gather first-level intelligence information at the border,” he explained. “This means gathering information when you encounter people coming back from flights from overseas or when you’re preparing to depart, to go outbound as we called it.

“We have, within the border, a greater amount of authority than the CIA and the FBI combined to gather this kind of basic intelligence information,” he continued.

“And over the years, we have been handcuffed more and more to the point where we are barely capable of gathering the kind of information we could then share, let’s say, with the FBI, and collaborate with them for effective law enforcement.

Haney charged the president and other officials with dereliction of duty.

“It’s an abrogation of the basic responsibility of any elected official to uphold the constitutional mandate to protect Americans from threats both foreign and domestic,” he said. “We’re talking here about a macro-level abrogation that’s putting us all at threat. And as long as we stand by and allow the administration to misinform us and disinform us, then we’re going to see the same results we’ve seen so far over and over again.”

One attack per hour

Haney cautioned Americans not to make the mistake of believing they can appease Islamic terrorists. He further said America itself is not somehow more secure than anywhere else in the world.

“The global Islamic movement is not going to tell us ‘thank you’ for allowing them to make so much progress,” he warned. “Every step forward they take, they reinforce their position and look for a tactical opportunity to make another move forward. We see it all around the world, and North America is not immune from this force of gravity.”

He noted there have been more than 28,000 Islamic jihad attacks in the world since 9/11.
“That averages out to about one an hour. They are happening like lightning strikes all over the world continuously,” he said. “Again, America is not immune.

“Until the day comes when we are able to honestly and courageously have a discussion about the nature of Shariah law and how it is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution,” he said, “we’re not going to have the means to recover ourselves and stand up for the principles that this country was founded on. This isn’t really a civil rights issue at all. This is a basic survival issue.”

Haney compared his career in counter-terrorism to his previous career in entomology, describing the hunt for jihadists as one long effort to “find the nest.”

“Now, the administration is telling us ‘there is no nest,’” Haney said. “It’s about as absurd as it would be going around stomping on ants one at a time while pretending there is no nest.

“I would encourage us to re-evaluate the way we approach this problem. It’s not just individuals, it’s also networks. And these networks also exist in the United States. They’ve been built up over at least three generations, immigrants primarily. We’re not immune to the forces of Shariah law and the influence of Islamic life. We have to come to terms with this.”

Haney pointed to the connections that have been exposed in Orlando as a graphic illustration of how the networks behind each terrorist attack are not difficult to find if you know what you are looking for.

“The father of the shooter was the vice-president of the mosque, the Fort Pierce mosque. If you took him at face value when he started appearing in public, you got the impression he had no clue whatsoever what his son was doing. But he’s actually the vice president of the mosque.”

Loss of identity

Ultimately, what the United States is facing is deeper than a terrorist threat or the negative consequences of bad policies. Haney suggests Americans are losing their very identity.

“If you lose your identity as a person or a nation, you will die,” he said. “You cannot continue to function if you lose your identity. And that’s what we’re on the verge of doing if we’re not careful.”

Jones whispered: “You’re right. We don’t have an identity except political correctness, just a bunch of mindless fluff.”

Haney also pointed to the problem of Muslims not assimilating into American culture.

“We hear about assimilation as if it’s Americans’ fault that Muslims can’t assimilate or won’t,” he said. “But it’s not our fault. They have to make the choice to assimilate. But they are taught it’s an abrogation or violation of Shariah law to assimilate to a non-Islamic culture. They’re not here to assimilate.

“They came here with an understanding that if they come here and settle in a country and implement Islam and Shariah law that they will receive the same reward in heaven as the men with the gun. That is an Islamic theological fact. They know it when they come here.”

For that reason, Haney argues Americans need to reconnect with their own identity and also be honest about the nature of the enemy, especially its desire to implement Islamic law.

He compared the movement to water, which can pass through whatever holes exist to penetrate an obstacle. Just as water seeks to flow forward, Haney suggested, Islamic supremacists move forward relentlessly to implement their objective.

He turned to another metaphor to explain the threat.

“There’s a concept that I’d like to try and share with everyone and that’s this idea of viewing this whole phenomenon like a solar system,” he said. “All the planets in the solar system rotate around the sun. Yes, they are different kinds of planets and they have moons and so on. But the one thing they all have in common is the force of gravity that comes from the sun. It influences all of them. And the thing that is driving the whole global jihad movement, global Islamic movement, the one thing is implementing Shariah law.

“That is the macro strategic goal of the global Islamic movement. It isn’t actually jihad or terrorism or any of the other things we’re calling it. It is Shariah law. Terrorism and the rest are just tactics to implement the goal of Shariah law. It’s actually quite simple if you view it that way.”

And Haney had a chilling warning for those unwilling to confront that reality.

“If we don’t face this truth voluntarily, we’ll eventually face it involuntarily,” he warned. “It’s inevitable.”

See video "Alex Jones Interview With DHS Whistleblower  Philip Haney here:

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